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Apostolic Decree

Horn of Favor

"Prophet's Anointing Oil"

In preparation for the coming year, 2016 our Father has sent His angel to instruct me, Kent Simpson to have our ministry team, Prophetic Ministries Today to prepare His people for a very turbulent year.

He has given His people three declarations with a promise for those who believe.

Apostolic Decree vs Personal Prophecy

Prophecy vs. Apostolic Decree - What is the difference from Kent Simpson on Vimeo.

"I AM your Judge and I will remove those who harm you in any way."

With this new Anointing Oil, the Horn of Favor and the Handkerchief of Impartation and Deliverance you will be covered and protected from these offenses. The Horn of Favor shall be applied upon those who have been harmed, disrespected, falsely accused or slandered. 

Father says;
"Come to Me with your grievance and plead your case before Me in prayer. Release all your emotions and frustrations. Violently vent your disgruntle feelings upon Me until you have emptied yourself of all vengeance. Then I will take all your anxiety and fear into Myself and send you My word through the Prophet who will tell you what will happen to those who have come against you."

"I AM your Great Physician protecting you from sickness and disease."

With this Anointing Oil, the Horn of Favor and the Handkerchief of Impartation and Healings you will be covered and protected from sickness and disease. When you have received a bad report from your doctor and begin to have sickness in your body. 

Father says;
"Come to me in prayer report all that has been spoken over you. Tell Me what you are feeling in your body. Continue to pray that the prophet will receive My Word without hindrance. He will inform you how I will take care of you. Send for the prophet's oil, handkerchief and your apostolic decree. I will instruct him what needs to be done for you to receive your cure."

"I AM your Treasure ready to multiply what you have until it's more than enough."

With this Anointing Oil, the Horn of Favor and the Handkerchief of Impartation and Deliverance you will be covered and protected from the lack of your vital needs or loss of job and wages. 

Our Father says;
"If hard times have knocked upon your door forcing its way in to your life crushing your dreams and trying to take your life scream out to Me in prayer until you know your prayer has been heard. I will mount My Word upon the wings of My Angel sending him like a screaming eagle to the prophet. The prophet shall declare My Word on earth as it has been spoken in heaven. At that time dozens of angels shall be dispersed in search to find your needs through work and by other means for the Horn of Favor shall do its work."

Hear God's declarations for the year of 2016

Each spoken declaration will be sent as an Apostolic Decree from our Father to You.

Each Apostolic Decree will give you specific instructions on how to use this Sacred Handkerchief of Impartation and Deliverance that is anointed with the specified anointing oil, ‘Horn of Favor’. It is important that you understand that these Decrees are more than a personal prophecy. An Apostolic Decree is a Formal Order of Spiritual law commanding your circumstance’s to change.

Each Apostolic Decree cares the eternal purpose of GOD and is foreordained to exact heaven's angelic force to do His Word for YOU!

How to Request your Personal Apostolic Decree:

Send an email to telling me what your area of need is. However, before you send me your email order your Apostolic Decree on CD with your Handkerchief anointed with this oil of grace and favor, “The Horn of Favor”. Your offering of $77.00 and your Email describing your need are required before I can go into prayer to find God’s guidance and direction for your miracle for the grace and favor of God.

(International orders are $87.00 due to additional shipping cost)

United States

All Other Countries

Your Apostolic Decree on CD

Your Apostolic Decree on CD will be sent via United States Postal Service. It usually takes 4 or more weeks to be delivered depending on how far you live. If you live outside of the United States it could take much longer.

Prophetic Counseling & Personal Financial Freedom

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From the desk of Steve Shultz:

I am pleased to recommend Prophet Kent Simpson to you. I've known Kent for 22 years. Let me tell you that Kent is one of the most accurate prophets I've ever known.

Kent prophesied over me by cassette tape in 1991, before I ever met him in person. Now, many years later, my friend Kent from time to time still prophesies over me. I send financial support to Kent's ministry because I believe in what he does for the Body. At my request, every few years, Kent still seeks the Lord for me and sends what he has heard in the form of a prophecy on audio CD. These prophetic words on my behalf have been a TREMENDOUS HELP and BLESSING FROM THE LORD through the last 22 years.

This article by Kent will give you some very encouraging instruction on how many of you can sow into your children and grandchildren's future through a "word of prophecy" given to them. Ask your local pastor or a local prophet who is passing through your area if he or she would pray over your son or daughter, sister or brother, your grandchild and friends. Be sure to write down what is prayed or prophesied and date the prayer and prophecy. If at all possible, please try to record the prophecy.

I encourage you to support ministries such as Kent Simpson's prophetic ministry.


Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher

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