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Robe of Many Colors

Our world in changing and so is the calling upon many ascension gift ministries. One of the most notable changes is within the apostolic ministry. Over the years we have witnessed an increase in the number of men and women who have claimed to be apostles. However, it has been difficult to tell the difference between the apostle and the pastor.

Now as the New Apostles of our day are beginning to come forward we see them operating in a much different capacity.

Now as the New Apostles of our day are beginning to come forward we see them operating in a much different capacity. Just as Joseph of Old wore a robe of many colors so do the Apostles of today have a variety of gifts for serving the Body of Christ.

Jesus commanded Peter to “feed the sheep”, this commandment was more than just preach to the flock of God but to also see that they were physically feed as well. Joseph of the Old Testament is known for his insight in preparing for a draught that lasted years but his people did not starve.

In the book of Acts we read where the Apostles commanded the people to sale what they had and bring it to them to oversee. This too was a God given revelation that all would soon be lost to the Romans. Therefore, the Apostles took all that was brought in and distributed it as there was need so all would have plenty.

Connected internationally God’s church will be unstoppable as we submit to one another’s gifts and calling. Where will you fit in this new move of God?

Robe of Many Colors

The New Apostles of Our Day

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