Pray, Hear, and Obey
this is the Christian way.
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Prophetic Messages

Read special teachings prepared by Pastor Kent Simpson.


Understanding the Anointing

By God's Anointing »

A prophetic utterance comes by a spoken word or through the written word
or even on a billboard down the road. But in it comes your call.

Called For a Purpose »

There are times when we are used of God in a place that is not fun and is not glorified.
It can even be very ugly. It may be costly to us to be used of God, yet, we know that
is what God has called us to do.

Laying On of Hands »

What had happened when the prophet laid hands on me? How was it possible
for me to now hear God's word any time I needed to? I began to ask
the Lord to teach me what had happened.

Power of Anointing »

When you are under the power and anointing you can do all things.
However, when the anointing has lifted, you are vulnerable.

















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