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Today's False Prophets

There is a great deal about false prophets recorded in the Bible. For clarification purposes we will refer to today's false prophets by using the modern terminology of Psychics. We need to be aware that there are false prophets in the land today and not to be ignorant about this issue. If you believe there are false prophets operating in the world today, then you should also be open to the reality that there are true prophets of God.

The biggest problem with the prophetic movement of today is that most Christians assume they know all about the functions of a prophet.

Now is the time to bring the true prophets of God into the forefront of today's mystical encounters. For years the prophets of God have been afraid to exercise the power that God has given them. The biggest problem with the prophetic movement of today is that most Christians assume they know all about the functions of a prophet. I hope to give a more definite and profound description of the prophet's functions.

For years people in the church have been looking under the pews for the false prophets. There have been many unqualified accusations made against fellow Christians accused of being false prophets. Now the false prophets (psychics) have come out of the closet and have revealed themselves boldly. There is not a day that goes by that you cannot find psychics advertising their services on television, in newspapers, magazines or billboards. However, we still have Christians looking for the false prophets within the church.

We can no longer allow ourselves to be seen chasing our tails. We must come to the place of maturity and understand what God is doing today. Our Lord has been grooming a people who will allow themselves to be vessels for Him to speak through. Yet it is still very difficult to find the support from the body of Christ when it comes to networking the prophets of God. As long as we, the church, continue to falsely judge the prophetic vessels of God, the psychics will succeed in harvesting souls that should be cultivated for God. The prophetic move of God should be the strongest evangelistic gift to win souls for Christ today. Yet we are still hindering this move of God through our ignorance.

But if all prophesy, and an unbeliever or an uninformed person comes in, he is convinced by all, he is convicted by all. And thus the secrets of his heart are revealed; and so, falling down on his face, he will worship God and report that God is truly among you.
1 Corinthians 14:24-25

A prophet’s greatest enemy is not the psychics, but rather the religious Pharisees and Sadducees of today. Prophets on the other hand are a threat to the ego of those who desire to control the body of Christ. Anytime a prophet comes and reveals the truths and secrets of God, the human spirit will become uneasy.

Over the years many church leaders have felt inadequate to compete with the spiritual gifts of a prophet. The people who have witnessed the power of a prophet are drawn to this power quickly, leaving others intimidated. Some prophets have used the gift unwisely and have flouted their power hurting many and setting the prophetic movement back. The struggle is still on going between those who want to control the church and God’s prophets. If we cannot learn to submit unto each others gifts and callings, we will never see the ultimate power residing in this age of the prophetic movement.

The psychics have shown a greater unity with one another than the body of Christ.

The psychics have shown a greater unity with one another than the body of Christ. With this outward demonstration of unity the psychics have set a course and direction that has been unfortunately successful.

Now is the time we should set aside our puny indifference and point our cannons at the real enemy. This battle will require great sacrifices of tangible resources in order to be successful. The psychics have invested millions of dollars to reach people who are looking for spiritual direction. What amount do you think the church has invested in the prophets to make their prophetic gifts available to lost souls?

In 1992, I was asked to be part of a presbytery meeting of apostles and prophets. I was very excited about being included in this meeting of such powerful men of God. On the way to the meeting in Dallas, Texas, the Lord said these words to me, "Keep your tongue to the roof of your mouth and I will send one who will defend you." I was not real sure of what I was about to enter into but I knew from the Holy Spirit what I was to do. It wasn’t very long before I found out why I had been asked to join the meeting.

I was the one who they had decided to barbecue. For about three hours I heard from 40 different ministers how I was defiling the order of the church and ministry protocol. I was prophesying over the radio without the oversight of an apostle; advertising mail order prophecies through Charisma magazine; starting churches without the approval of an apostolic group; and holding conferences without having a pastor present to conduct the services. I was guilty in their eyes of unworthy deeds.These men were from various parts of the United States and gave oversight to many churches. It was the consensus of this group that a prophet could not function in his ministry without the oversight of an apostle.

Then one of these apostles stood up and reported that when he had prayed to God about these problems, God asked him a question.

Then one of these apostles stood up and reported that when he had prayed to God about these problems, God asked him a question. He was very angry while praying about a specific prophet. This prophet was advertising that if you would send him an offering he would pray for your lost loved ones and send you a piece of his prayer T-shirt in the mail. As the apostle prayed, God asked him, " How many prophets do you have on your church payroll?" The Lord rebuked the apostle for coming against the things He had commanded the prophet to do in order to support his family. Well, that silenced the criticism toward me for prophesying on the radio and by mail order. However, the majority of the men began to rebuke me for starting up churches without the oversight of an apostle.

During lunch one of the men ran into an old prophet from California. Everyone had great respect for this man of God and he was invited to join the meeting. During the meeting I was once again raked over the coals about starting churches without the oversight of an apostle. Suddenly, the old prophet, who was sitting next to me stood up and said, "I do not know this prophet you are rebuking for starting churches, but I would like to say that I have started five churches in California and there is no apostle appointed to oversee me." No one was going to contest Leonard Fox, for they all knew he had great favor with God.

The Lord did what He had promised me. He sent a man to defend me and I kept my tongue to the roof of my mouth. Thank God for those whom He sends as defenders of our faith.


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