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Interview With a Prophet

Receiving Prophecy

This interview between Pastor Ras Robinson and Prophet Kent Simpson took place in August of 1994. Its purpose is to familiarize pastors and laypersons with those who operate in the prophetic gifts. It is our desire to see the church allow freedom for the prophetically gifted to come into the congregations to minister to the saints.

The body of Christ has been instructed in the scriptures not to despise prophecy. Of all the gifts we are to pursue prophecy according to First Corinthians 14:1.

"Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy."
1 Corinthians 14:1

There are many questions about whether prophecy is really of God. How can we know it is of God? What do we do when we get a word from a prophetic minister? I hope you will find the answers to these and others question in the following interview.

What Does the Bible Say About Receiving Prophecy?

PASTOR RAS: I have always been fascinated by Paul’s instruction to Timothy about the prophecies made concerning him. "This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare, having faith and a good conscience, which some having rejected, concerning the faith have suffered shipwreck" (I Timothy 1:18,19). It says clearly in this passage that by following those prophecies Timothy might fight the good fight. Those prophecies were for direction in Timothy’s life. Paul indicates that Timothy, because of the prophecies given by the Elders and Presbytery, (I Timothy 4:14) could fight the good fight of faith and could stand up holding on to good faith and conscience. PROPHET KENT: I am glad you are the one that said that, and not me! Let’s face it, I am on the cutting edge here and a lot of times my face feels like an old plow hitting hard ground. In my position I have to be cautious of the things I say. Even if I was to use scripture such as in I Timothy it would appear as if I was trying to lead people by my words. When you get right down to it, if it is my word, nothing is going to come of it anyway. If it is the Lord’s word, who can stop it?

Timothy could have tried to war against what God said, but it still would have happened. It is better to go with God’s will for your life than to reject His call. I have seen people who have tried to reject their word but it still came to pass.

Paul told Timothy not to neglect the gift in him that was given to him by prophecy and the laying on of hands by the presbytery. The presbytery was made up of seasoned prophets and elders. Men perfected in their gift and established in their calling. They were not men just hanging around giving parking lot prophecies. They were respected by the church leaders and the congregation. Paul told Timothy to follow their words because they came from seasoned ministers who had been established. I would like to add that God gives gifts to men and women alike for there is no male or female in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Can Prophets Be Wrong?

PASTOR RAS: I have something I want to ask you. I know a person who is being trained to be a prophet. He came to me with a word supposedly from the Lord. However, because of self-centeredness or self-glorifying the word seemed disqualified. I am sure he believed the word was from the Lord yet, the word seemed a little contaminated. Do Prophets ever miss? How is an individual to judge that? What is an individual to do who has received a prophecy that really was not accurate?

PROPHET KENT: Those are good questions. First, I would like to point out that Prophets do sometimes misunderstand what the Holy Spirit is saying. They sometimes want to add to the word the Holy Spirit has given through them. It is an easy thing to do. Even John, who wrote the book of Revelations, was warned not to add to or subtract from the words given in the prophecy, lest the plagues written therein be added to him. The individual who prophesies must have a great understanding of the Holy Spirit. It is not enough to hear The Holy Spirit you must know what He means, for The Lord's thoughts are not our thought nor His ways our ways. (Isaiah 55:8) Accuracy of a prophet is one of the first areas in which he or she will be tested. Only then will his or her prophetic mantle be recognized.

A prophet must never be arrogant or desire self-edification. He must never appear to be building his own kingdom but rather the Kingdom of God. The gifts of the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers are given for perfecting of the saints. (Ephesians 4:11) They will bring us all to a measure of the fullness of Christ, that the whole body may be joined and knit together. When every joint is working effectively by doing its share it causes growth to the Body. A prophet must come with a heart ready to minister to the saints in love, desiring to see their situation change for good. He will want to seek the face of God for them that they may be delivered from hindrances and bondage’s that hold them. Prophets are merely servants who serve the body of Christ.

In answer your question of what to do when you receive an inaccurate word, as I said earlier in this interview, if an individual receives a word from a prophet and it does not come to pass do not fear him, he spoke presumptuously. God is not going to punish you because you received a word that was wrong which you thought came from a true prophet of the Lord. God is quite capable of dealing with anyone who knowingly gives a false word. I would not want to be in his or her shoes!


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