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Prophetic Teaching DVDs

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Now you can order Prophetic Teachings online. Listed below are titles of available DVD sets and teachings. For a description of the teachings and to order online, simply use your Credit/Debit Card, Check or PayPal Account.

Complete School of Prophetic Knowledge – Includes Ministerial License

$100.00 Rebate for the first 80 enrollies

Rebate issues 3 days after purchase

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The School of Prophetic Knowledge
Ministerial Licenses & Ordination Papers are included.

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Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet

Angels to Minister For You - 4 DVD Set

Once the prophets have His Word in them the angels will be waiting with great anticipation for the prophets to begin prophesying the words that were sent to them. Until the prophets speak the Word on earth as it has been declared in heaven the angels of God cannot do anything. They lay in wait for the hour, the day, the month and the year to be released by the word of the prophets. When the angels of the Lord come bringing the word of God in the form that the prophets can digest and understand, only then will they know the will of God and what needs to be spoken on earth in accordance with His Word in heaven.

Who is a Prophet? & Who Can Prophesy? – 4 DVD Set

When I was called out by God to work in the ministry, part of my duties were to teach people that God is speaking; for many had become dull of hearing. So, I thought it would be a wise idea to go to the churches and teach on hearing God. As I went to each church, I would ask the pastor if I could hold a Hearing Clinic in his church. Most of the pastors thought I would be offering hearing aids for sale. When I informed them that I was not selling hearing aids they wanted to know what I was offering. I told them I would be teaching the people how to hear the voice of God. As you listen to the messages on this DVD set our prayer is that God speaks to you and gives you the understanding that will encourage you to step out and walk in the manner that he has called you to.

God Became the Son of Himself – 5 DVD Set

This DVD set will help you understand God’s plan for mankind. It will take you on the journey of why he had to come to earth in manly form and the process of how he sacrificed himself for us in order to bring us back to him. This set will bring you to deeper depths of understanding how the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are one and how they come together to help us as believers operate in the same manner. As you listen to these messages may you be empowered to apply all that you learn to walk in a new understanding of Christianity.

Prophetic Gatherings – Complete Event DVD Sets

Prophectic Counseling DVD Set from October 23 & 24, 2015 Event

Annointed by Association - Full Canadian Event from September 2015 on 5 DVDs

Complete Event on 8 DVD’s Anointed by Association July 24-25, 2015 -
Irving, Texas

Complete Event on 9 DVD’s Anointed by Association April 2015 -
Norfolk, Virginia

Complete Event on 8 DVD’s Anointed by Association January 2015 –
Grapevine, Texas

Single DVD teachings below by Topic

Below is single DVD Teachings in order by topic. We encourage you to browse through the messages, as they all have messages that will help give more insight into the prophetic.


Angels and the Angelic

Becoming a Prophet of God

Faith and Hope




Power & the Holy Spirit


Prophecies & The Prophetic



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"Kent, I so appreciate your integrity and humility and your amazing and highly accurate prophetic gift. You have spoken so potently into my life using your revelatory gifts!! You are a blessing and a life example to me. Plus, you've been a prophet to me as well Kent, as you know. I'm so glad I met you first thru the mail after reading your ad in Charisma magazine back in 1991. Over the years, I've watched your gift only grow more and more and your articles that we post on the Elijah List are some of the most-read and most responded to —among all our writers."

Bless you Kent, In friendship and fellowship of the Holy Spirit,

Steve Shultz, Founder,