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Testimonials from PMT Partners & Supporters

  Archived Testimonials :   2013   |   2012   |   2000 - 2011

Dear Man of God

I thank God for the gift that you are to the body of Christ. The church and the people in general truly need the word of the Lord as this word has become scarce and difficult to obtain. I wanted a prophet to give me a word from God and I had to pay $1000 to get the word - money I could not afford. You have made the true, tested word of the Lord to be available to anyone who needs it, and for this I give God the glory for having made you available to the body of Christ. Very clearly you have not traded seeking the Lord for a true word from Him, for anything else, and very clearly you take the time to hear from God concerning the lives of His children. I should stop writing this but I am tempted to continue, because my heart is rejoicing so much. You are not peddling with the Word of the Lord, and so be it forever, for the glory of God, and for the welfare of His people!

I am thankful to God dear Servant of the Most High. The word was spot on and I will hold on to it.

In His Service,

Dear Kent,

Thank you so very much for your C.D. of prophetic Word to Becki and Ranko Goronja. Of course, at first they were so taken back to hear these things on C.D., but Becki said it really helped soothe and encourage them in their situation, especially when they listened to the C.D. a couple of more times and digested it. She said it was definitely a sign to renew their involvement in the Bosnian community when they returned home shortly after they listened to your Word from the Lord and there was a wedding invitation to them from another Bosnian family. Becki said she had neglected these ties for a couple of years and they were all but erased from their Eastern European community's consciousness, but this was such a sign to them to renew their ties. Becki was so grateful, and they are not losing heart with the present jobless situation. They are grateful for your uncompromising directness that a new job would not happen necessarily too soon for Ranko, but they would have to be patient.

Of course Guy is worried to lose Becki to moving to another area, she has become indispensible as an employee. They are dear, dear people who have very good work ethic and character. They have had a rough road.

Lisa and Guy

Hi Kent,

Thank you for your Word every week. I still believe God for the fulfillment of a word that you accurately gave to me about moving north to the Carolinas. One day it will happen. I have wanted to be a part of Morningstar ministry for many years. Without knowing the desire of my heart you said I would be part of a house that is led by a prophet of the morning star. You said I would move north through one state maybe two. I live in Florida, how accurate is that? The church is located in Ft. Mill, SC I go there several times a year when I visit my children.

Four years ago God miraculously moved my son, wife and 3 children from Southern CA. Two years ago my daughter and her 3 children moved there too. You said "for the hills of the Carolinas have your name on them." Yes, they do!! Two of my children live there and I will too.

God bless you,
Donna Russell

Thank you, I am happy!

God bless you! The word over my son really came to pass, he finished school last year and will soon be 20 years old - my own life has taken a turn for the better and God gave me a wonderful job this year! I am still single but trust that God also very late in my life has the right companion also - many shall be blessed by the testimony that God gives me, so this is indeed His work over here! THANK YOU!

Sabine, Austria


I just wanted to let you know that Carla and I are seeing a lot of what God spoke through you coming true right now.

Some of what you said is that God was changing my doctrine. Well He did and is. And I have felt the effects of men who don't agree along with those who do.

Plus there were things said about me sending my resume out wanting to preach. And God kept saying wait. Well, that part has been going on.

I will be in Texas the Sunday after Thanksgiving to preach at a friend’s church. This is something that just came up out of the blue.

Praise God for all He is and all He does. Amen!


Lisa Trengove-Jones Posted on Your Wall.

Lisa wrote:

"Hi Kent, Thank you so much for counseling me today. I had such confidence and hope, and immediately there were results! (Funny how that happens like a magic key!) God is able to just cut through all the nonsense! Thank you for speaking to me, taking the time, and listening so well! What a lifesaver!

Brother Simpson, You say by the Holy Spirit (in my last prophecy) that I will get a dream. YES I get a prophetic dream. I try to tell you in English (In Dutch it is on: The dream started with that God promises in His Word that He protect His children. Next I came from the one to other very terrible situations but in every situation I thought what God says in His Word and I say in every situation: I trust God and His Word that He protect me and... Yes I say He protect me in every situation. Once I say after me a great wall of water (hurricane) came to me but I felt the peace of God and no fear. I turned my head to that water and saw that God protect me. Once I say that everything where broke by earthquake and that God protected me. And there was more but in every situation: He protected me because He does what He says in His Word. After that dream I felt no fear but Gods peace and holy presence. The next day I asked the Lord about that Bible verse. I open my Bible and read: Psalm 138:7!! In the church I get from someone a new magazine and when I open that magazine I saw on photos that were in my dream!!

God bless and loves YOU!!!

Sieberen Voordewind, from the Netherlands

Hey Kent,

That word was so awesome! This is confirmation and direction for sure... I needed this so much and as always it came right on time. Thank you for being such a good friend when I need it the most. I know you are so have to be.

Now that God has revealed and confirmed that something is being planned, I will know more of what to look out for. You know how I love investigation...I even took a course on it once, I may even be a part of uncovering what they are doing since you say God is waiting on them to fall and there will be publicity... who knows.

I'm going to listen to the word over and over and put things together like pieces of a puzzle. Thank you so so much! So glad that things have turned around so for you and Savannah... God is Rock'en Awesome like you say!



Dear Prophet Kent Simpson:

In the Year 2004 and 2005 God gave us a prophetic word through that we were going to be blessed with a home but this is a season to wait and if you wait you are going to be glad that you waited because you can name your price.

Further, we just closed on a 4 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage home at a 3.5% fixed interest rate. This house originally sold for $250,000.00 in 2004 and we just purchased it for $72,000.00 and just as the prophetic word spoke it came to pass, we are glad we waited; we did name our price.

Finally, thank you Prophet Kent Simpson, for obeying the Most High and moving in the prophetic ministry because truly the prophetic anointing on your life has been a blessing to us.

May you and your family have a blessed and prosperous New Year.

— Jerald and Sophia Hooper from Florida

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