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Testimonials from PMT Partners & Supporters

  Archived Testimonials :   2013   |   2012   |   2000 - 2011



Hey Kent,

Hey Sterling wants to send you a love offering and I don"t know your address. So if you would send it back to me. Thanks for sending Sterling a word he needed it and thats just what he needed to hear. If you could send Wes a word then I could send our love offering with Sterling Thanks again you don't know how GOOD that made my sweat son feel. I have always told Sterling he's special and now even God thinks he is.

Thanks for letting God use you !!!

— Vicky



Hey, this is Sterling. I got to hear Tommie's word and all I can say is "Wow." I have never seen Tommie as encouraged as she is now. I hate to bother you, but I felt lead to ask for a word for myself. I understand that you are a busy man and might not have time to respond. I simply felt the need to ask.

Thank you for being a vessel for GOD to speak to Tommie. Her renewed purpose is so powerful that it is inspiring me. Thank you for spending your time to help others. It does not go unappreciated.
— Benjamin Sterling, in Afghanistan


Thank you, brother Kent,

God is SO good and I'm so thankful for the prophecy given through you. Counsel from the Lord's heart, His spirit of Wisdom and Counsel was immediately released through you. I'm grateful you have a seasoned ear for the Lord's voice and understanding of what He speaks into your spirit.

God bless you brother, and all you touch in His precious name.
— Tim


Dear Kent Simpson,

I received the prophecy two days ago. As my wife is presently in Korea, she has not heard it yet, but I have. It is one of the most precise prophesies I have ever received, and I am not sure my closest friends could tell me these things that you have. A deep, heartfelt Thank You for what you have done for us, and I will certainly recommend your ministry to those that come across my path.

— Jens, Norway


Dear Bro. Kent,

About 7 years ago you had a prophecy, a word on tape for my son that describes what his profession is now in amazing detail. Describing a civil engineer which is what he went on to be (but at the time he was only in high school). Anyway, our family appreciates your accuracy.

— Mary Ann, from New Orleans, Louisiana


Dear Kent,

Thank you so much for the word that you sent. It was definitely on time and it seems like you were seeing things that were on the horizon as well, so it's definitely been a word of encouragement for the season that I'm in now. I thank you for your obedience to do what God has called you to do, it's a remarkable ministry. Also, the word for today was a onetime word for me. I'm in the middle of a storm myself. It's been interesting because though the weather is tough around me, God has been comforting me and keeping me at peace with everything that's going on. I know there are things that I could have done that would have been contrary to what God instructs us to do when storms come, but instead of choosing to do what I felt like doing I chose to do what would honor God. That word was really encouraging.

Thanks so much again. God bless you!
— Lauren from Massachusetts


Prophet Kent,

My birthday is on the 16th of January. Last year you had given me an extremely accurate prophecy with many events yet to unfold. But so much of it has already happened exactly as the Lord revealed to you. I need to know what the Lord has for me in 2012 spiritually & professionally and for my newly launched ministry - The Father's Love International Ministries in the land of Kuwait...there was terrible opposition, battle, slander & accusation just as you had mentioned last year for also mentioned that I should look at establishing myself in the U.S. as well...Please let me know God's will & timing for this event and how long you see me in the land of Kuwait etc...How do I go about this? My financial status professionally has also taken a downturn since 2007...and I came through some extremely painful & challenging times since then...May the Lord bless you your family and blessed prophetic ministry exceedingly abundantly beyond what you imagined.

God bless you Prophet.

In His Love,
Pastor Rajesh Y. Nath
Father's Love Intl. Ministries, Kuwait



Thank you for all of your prayers and support towards my daughters return. Praise God! She had returned on Dec 18th. But she was very ill. She had gotten a kidney infection while she was out there. She was wandering the streets with another runaway. I had just been with her yesterday night and this morning at the Dell Children's Hospital, here in Austin, Texas. They are monitoring her as I write this email.

I am very thankful to The Lord! That his mercy and great favor is upon our whole entire family! He is an awesome God!

Again, Thank You to you and your prayer team! And may the Lord richly bless your ministry!

— Gina J.



Oh wow!

PRAISE THE LORD, AMEN AND AMEN!!!! I am very happy to hear these beautiful words!!! Thank you sir! God bless you always and keep you safe!!!

You said the things that are true!! I am very happy.

— Sara, xox



Dear Kent,

Thank you for the prophetic word - it is definitely on time. Your prophetic accuracy and anointing is absolutely amazing and surely a blessing for many people.

Be blessed and have a wonderful Christmas!

Kind regards from Germany,
— Florian



Dear Pastor, Friend and Prophet

My stepfather who was not expected to live and flown to the hospital with half a lung, bacterial infection, pneumonia, and in need of open heart surgery was too weak to operate on. Less than about two weeks later he is now home and gaining weight and doing remarkably well. Praise be to God.

I'm so thankful for all your prayers.

— Patricia

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