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this is the Christian way.
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Your Personal Prophecy
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Prophetic Ministries Today has begun networking and training those of you who share the vision of becoming an Internet Prophetic Minister.

Our Prophetic Ministers are Ordained Ministers who have completed the School of Prophetic Knowledge and received personal training under the oversight of Pastor Kent Simpson, founder of Prophetic Ministries Tabernacle, Prophetic Ministries Today.

Begin today making a change in our world by becoming an Internet Prophetic Minister.

Real people hearing the voice of God...

Real stories of how one word from God changed their lives forever.

Each week we impart faith, hope and love into your life with inspiring newsletters to help get you through your day.

Whether you are in business, have a ministry or simple have family members you care about, you will see just how much God cares for all your needs.

When this light within your soul turns on you begin to see clearly what is around the corner of your tomorrow.

Sign up today. Don’t miss the wonderful stories of the greatness of God’s love in his people’s lives.

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Need help launching your ministry? PMT can help!

Many qualified writers have something to say but few affordable platforms from which to launch their work.

At we are
"Setting the Pen Free to Speak"

With this new website, we provide many categories and libraries where you can share your material with our subscribers, publishers and a world-wide audience.

Our Vision - To Be Your Launching Pad.

With our focused marketing campaigns, we want to provide endorsements of your creative thought to those looking for you.

Whether it's for your book promotion, writing opportunities or ministry, we want to be a powerful resource for you.

Come and see what is all about.