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What’s Your Angel’s Name? Forward by Jennifer Ryan Forward Kent Simpson started talking about angels when angels weren’t popular. For some of us, it’s hard to imagine a time when supernatural things were too “out there” to preach on. The last 20 years have seen an explosion of super hero movies, vampire romance, and sorcery schools, all while having a mindset that this is acceptable to push our children towards. God knew this season was coming, which is why many years ago He started introducing into the Church the subject of angels. We need the experiences Kent shares in this book to equip us for the angelic and demonic encounters we should expect in the next era. I know for me, the encounters I’ve had during my lifetime have sometimes confused me. What did I see exactly? And what did it mean? When I hear stories from the “Professionals of the Faith” that have been around longer than I have, it helps me understand my Father even more. Especially when the experiences are told in story form, as Kent loves to do. When he shares them, the movie of his life plays in my head and it becomes an example I can follow. Kent has been a pioneer in the prophetic movement of the last several decades. I believe God has used him to ruffle a few feathers and to tip people out of the prophetic boxes they’ve put themselves into. Part of a prophet’s job description is to broach stretching subjects in the Body of Christ for the purpose of advancing God’s Kingdom. After all, if we call ourselves sons of God, being corrected and disciplined by Him (a lot of times through His vessels) is part of the package. “We have had human fathers who corrected us, and we paid them respect. Shall we not much more readily be in subjection to the Father of SPIRITS and live?” (Hebrews 12:9). God is our God, and He is also the God of the spirits. In His eyes, there is no segregation. We are all one big team, even when we don’t see it, and even if we refuse to believe it’s true. For the supernatural showdown that’s coming, it would be extremely beneficial to us to learn what God is trying to teach us in this season regarding angels.

Forward by Jennifer Ryan, an inspired writer and revelator who works in association with Kent Simpson and Prophetic Ministries Today.

‘Only One God’

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Eric Sepulveda, Prophetic Content Manager

It Is Written: “So G3D created Man in His own Image, in the Image of G3D He Created him” ( Genesis 1:27).

This verse, which was so important, that it was repeated twice, has been one of the most divisive and hotly debated subjects in Christian and Jewish circles for millennia. While an immature reading would incorrectly lead one to believe we might physically look like our Creator, like many Greek and Roman deities captured their pantheons in sculpted marble, a closer inspection helps us realize that Mankind was made in His Likeness, rather than his Visage.

The core of this is the fact that G3D is composed of three separate but equal parts, as manifested by the Trinity of Son, Father, and Holy Ghost. When Adam was made in His Likeness, Adam was also composed of a Body, Soul, & Spirit.

While seemingly simple and straightforward, the concept of the Trinity is something that still baffles even modern Christians today.  The notion that “G3D became the Son of Himself” is so mind boggling that most pastors would rather just skip these hard-scriptural models for easier topics to teach in their Sunday services.

But Prophet Kent Simpson instead chose to confront this issue head-on, with G3D’s personal message to him proclaiming “Get the Doctrine right, and My Power will manifest.”  After over three decades of studying the principles put out by different Christian sects and learning directly from G3D’s Voice, he has not only been able to understand how and why we are made in three parts, but more importantly, how this relates to our modern relationship to the Holy Spirit.

This concept of a sacred Trinity is not exclusive to Christianity and is seen in multiple religions and philosophies. The Celtic Trinity or Triple goddess symbol (Triquetra) describes the three life stages of a woman: The Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.  Hinduism likewise has a trinity of supreme gods represented by Brahma, the Creator, Vishnu, the Preserver, and Shiva (Mahesh), the Destroyer, which are the three stages of their regeneration/reincarnation cycle.

Some of these other religious trinities have influenced some Christians’ beliefs about the Holy Trinity. The Egyptian trinity originally contained a father Ra, whose daughter Maat was the consort or sister of Thoth. This divine family trinity is also seen within the Greek Pantheon of Zeus, Hera, and their son Hercules. Likewise, the Babylonian trinity consisted of Ninki, the mother, Enki her husband, and Marduk, their son. Especially within sects of Christianity which have been sympathetic and accommodating to modern feminist theological interpretation, the concept of the Holy Spirit serving as a wife to God and the Motherly Nurturer within the Holy Trinity has become recently popular and distorted the proper role and nature of the Holy Spirit.

Thousands of years later, many Christian theologians and secular philosophers have failed to fully understand how exactly G3D made us in His Likeness because they have tried to fit Scripture into a predesigned format which has caused mistranslations, miscommunication, and missed opportunities to truly connect with G3D.

Prophet Kent Simpson instead sought the Creator for the solution and then applied G3D’s Answer to his past experiences and his reading of the Bible. While the rest of the World has tried to come up with some explanation or version of the Holy Trinity, it is all a pale imitation of who G3D is, who we are, and what is happening in modern history.

Like our Creator, we are composed of Body, Soul, & Spirit.

This revelation has profound effects across the whole of Scripture.

The three mandatory migratory feasts that the men of Israel attended each year, which were fulfilled by Christ during His Earthly Ministry, are no long simple harvest festivals, but key moments in revealing the three different aspects of G3D. The Feast of Sukkot in the Fall, during which Christ was Transfigured on the Mount of Olives, was a public presentation of Jesus’ connection to G3D, in whom He was well pleased. Similarly, the declarations that Jesus made during this festival further point to God’s Essence as the Source of Living Water and the Light of the World.  Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, and Feast of First Fruits are the key festivals revolving around Christ’s Crucifixion, Death, and Resurrection, but play a greater role in showcasing Jesus as the Physical Body through which Christ manifested Himself on Earth. Finally, the Feast of Pentecost is not about Christ’s Ascension, but rather when the Holy Spirit came down on the First Century Believers. Each of these three feasts demonstrated one aspect of the triune nature of G3D.

Viewed through this lens, other series of three throughout Scripture also begin to fully come into light. Examples include the three metals used to construct the Tabernacle in the Wilderness: Copper, Silver, and Gold, and their respective locations relate to Body, Soul, and Spirit.  The three Temptations in the Wilderness that Christ undergoes also correlate with the three aspects of Mankind. The Shema, the first prayer that Jewish children learn, and considered by Christ to be the Greatest Commandment, boldly declares that we are to “love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all they soul, and with all thy might,” also dividing Man’s being into three distinct segments.

More importantly, this realization forces modern Believers into the seemingly uncomfortable confrontation that History is divided into three distinct Eras and the notable events fall into three separate Testaments.  The Old Testament records the events when God wanted His Glory to be the source of direction for His People, but they wanted a physical leader to rule over them. While He gave them Saul as King, several hundred years leader, G3D would send Jesus as the Physical manifestation of His Rule and Dominion. His miracles, life, and death on Earth and the acts and trials of the First Century Church were recorded as The New Testament. Consequently, those reading today are living in the Third and Final Testament.

Difficult theological discussions such as why blasphemy of Father God and Jesus would be forgiven, but the same crime against the Holy Spirit was unforgivable, quickly become comprehensible after realizing this. But it also gives greater hope to those who previously believed we are just waiting for Death and Destruction of the World to come.

Prophet Kent Simpson’s ministry Prophetic Ministries Today is known for its motto: Pray, Hear, & Obey; It is the Christian way.  It boldly declares that not only is the Holy Spirit moving in the lives of Believers today, but that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still operational and important tools in this Era. We are blessed to be able to fully experience an intimate relationship with G3D, which those in previous Era’s desperately prayed for a tiny semblance of.

Not only does this book fully explain how we are made in G3D’s Likeness, but also practical ways in which we can use this information to strengthen our connection with Him, and how we should operate in our own personal ministries.

As of the moment of the first edition’s printing, the World was looking at America and its 2020 political elections.  Prophet Kent Simpson was also receiving a series of corporate prophecies clarifying and expanding on the principles within these pages, as well as how they related to the historical world events.  Those who are trying to understand the ultimate aftermath of these incidents will be amazed to see how spirit-filled congregations all unified, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to manifest significant changes using the techniques outlined here.

Massive modern movements began with little to no understanding of the true source of spiritual influence behind them, but armed with the Truth contained in these pages, contemporary Believers will be able to fully tap into the blessings and authority that G3D intended for us.  Even more, understanding the Era we live in today will radically change the face of today’s Church and what the issues it concerns itself with.


Prophet’s Books

Available at these Locations – Kindle Barnes & Noble – Nook Apple iBooks 47 Christian Bookstores

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Called Out by God Endorsement: by Steve Shultz, Kent Simpson’s CALLED OUT BY GOD is for EVERY BELIEVER TODAY and it should also be in ever New Believer’s Class and “required reading” in every Bible College “Christianity 101” class. There is a lifetime of teaching in this book that will stir up the hearts, minds and even the gifts within every Believer who takes it seriously. I’ve known Kent Simpson, as a prophet and as a friend, for almost 25 years and in all those years, he has never disappointed me when he writes— he always invigorates my mind with what the Scriptures teach—truths to benefit me— that I had often overlooked. In the same way, in this book, Kent will have you asking, again and again, “Does the Bible really teach that for Believers today?” And again and again, you will discover that the Bible DOES teach what Kent says it does. New Believers, college students, and like me, long-time believers will be inspired and refocused on what it means to walk out and work out “your salvation with fear and trembling.” Some of the most SIMPLE BUT OVERLOOKED teachings and truths in the Church today for the Body of Christ are clearly laid out in this book. Believers worldwide need to be reminded what it means when you are “CALLED OUT BY GOD.” This is simply a MUST-HAVE book for every Christian today. Get one for yourself and one for a friend, I’d say! Steve Schultz Founder, THE ELIJAH LIST