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I had just returned from Norway and the first thing I am told is that our creditors are demanding payment of almost $87,000.00. We were ministering daily on 8 different television stations and three radio stations. With these expenses it did not take long to find ourselves underwater. Christmas was just a few days away and we did not have enough to take care of the monthly expenses so I called the ministries attorney. After explaining our situation our attorney walked me down the hall and introduced me to their corporate bankruptcy attorney, this is when the miracle began to take shape.

As the bankruptcy attorney began to talk, I could see his lips moving but I could not hear a word he was saying, I thought I had lost my mind. Then God spoke commanding me to go home and write a letter to each one of our creditors and attach a check for 12.93% of what we owed them and write on the back of the check that their endorsement is an acknowledgement to the letter agreement that is attached to the check.

As I drove home from Dallas to Fort Worth I recited in my head over and over the words God had told me to write in the letter agreement. When I opened the front door to our home my wife began asking me, “What all did the attorney say?” I just put up my hand and went straight to my study and began to type each letter individually to each one of the ministries creditors. After prorating each creditor’s total balance due by the 12.93% and writing out each check I brought the balance down in the ministries checkbook to see what we had left, the balance was less than $2.00. Each letter and check was dated December 20, 1996 after mailing them express mail with return receipt I was totally set free knowing that God would take care of everything. Even though we had no money for Christmas God had given us a wonderful Christmas gift.

It was not too long before I started receiving calls from our creditors; four out of six thanked us and agreed that we were paid in full. However, the other two wanted to take the funds and sue us for the balance. After turning our account over to their corporate attorneys they quickly found out that because they had accepted the check for 12.93% of the balance that the account was paid and full. Later we received letters from the two law firms apologizing for the company’s error indicating that the account was paid in full and deleted from their books.

For a few years I shared this testimony and those who followed the exact plan were successful in becoming debt free. However, in 2009 our government passed a law that barred this formula from being effective. But God has the last word and He can out maneuver the system anytime He so deems, all you have to do is Pray, Hear and Obey.

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For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.      ~ Rev. 19:10b

Prophecy is the testimony that Jesus is not dead but Alive and Speaking to you and I.
Kent Simpson,
Prophetic Pastor


Received My Prayer Handkerchief,

Praise God, to God be all the Glory and Honor Thank you Father, Thank you, Thank you Father, Pastor Kent, Sister Debbie, the test was Benign!!! NO cancer present, that is the report of the Lord!!!! I don’t want to be like the lepers only (1) came back to say Thank you to our heavenly Father but ,I was at work when they called and I went into the bathroom and praised and Thanked the good Lord in Jesus Holy name. And you answered my email and prayed along with me you and Sister and I thank all of you I will keep in touch please keep me in prayer and you are in mine.

God bless you
Sister Abbie

In HIS Service,
Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor

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