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The Sunday TYM.E.S. (Meditations, Encouragement, and Sharpening in Him)

Dear Readers,

Sister Ty Boye

Today’s article, entitled “A Mail-Order Revelation,” is fifth in a series which began about a month ago. For anyone who may need to catch up, please email me at, and I would be happy to forward Chapters 1-4. As I have said before, I know this story will seem a little jumpy here and there, as most of my personal detail is left out. Sandy Landry and I are in the process of writing a book that will greatly fill in these details. For now, the topic here is “Getting Started Hearing His Voice”. It is the exciting adventure of getting to know HIM.

Most of you have at one time sought a prophetic word, whether formally or informally, whether from Kent or in a church service or simply from a prayer partner. Today’s installment deals with the expectations I had regarding my first personal prophecy. Perhaps you can relate to this story in some way, as you think back on receiving your first prophetic word.

My first CD from Kent did not include any spectacular words of knowledge. It did not speak of my health, family, friends, relationships, church, career, or financial situation. At the time, I desperately wished it had. Instead, the word spoke only in the broadest of generalities about moving on and learning how to hear God and understanding His timing. But please note how the Lord used the humble word “wallering” (“wallowing” for you non-Texans) to operate like a knife, “piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow.” (Hebrews 4:12). The “thoughts and intents” of my heart began to be laid bare. The Lord began to expose how it was that, even as a long-time Christian, I had been living out of the flesh rather than out of the spirit. As it turned out, this “simple” word proved to be the most profound word I have ever received in that the Lord clearly used it to set the stage for all that transpired afterward.

Today’s installment will also discuss some “intangibles” that I carried away from the experience of receiving the prophecy. The anointing and impartation of faith did exceed all expectation! These were gifts from HIM, by grace, as prayers of faith mingled with the hearing, believing and obeying the Lord. I pray that reflecting on these stories will bless you. Perhaps the Lord may even motivate you to revisit your own prophecies and to allow Him to refresh you through them.

“How precious are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand; When I awake, I am still with You.”

Psalm 139:17-18

Praise HIM,
Sister TY

A Mail-Order Revelation

Last week I paused in mid-sentence concerning the words Kent spoke on my personal prophecy CD which arrived in a padded envelope in early May 2008. I was about to say that his words were so ……humble and plain.

What had I expected to hear on this mail-order revelation? A shouting, ranting Old Testament-style prophet? A mumbling ethereal voice? A sermon disguised as a prayer? But Prophet Simpson haltingly put forth a few simple statements:

“It is clear that the Lord has given you an unction to move on, to go forward, and not to find yourself any longer wallering in a rut.”

Stop right there, I thought. My blood pressure rose a little. “Wallering”? Wasn’t “wallering” for hogs and hippos? Would the Lord say that? Wouldn’t He at least say “wallowing”? Am I like a…oh, never mind. Ouch!! However, I had to agree with the Lord. “Wallering” summed it up. I remembered crying out to Him in many desperate “get me out of here!” prayers, l-o-n-g before this phase had started. Feeling trapped by an endless cycle of overwork, even Christian “overwork”, I had begged the Lord to free me from, basically, myself. The life patterns were overwhelming, and there was no way out but Him. I was done with “figuring out” my life. After “wallering” most of my life in the mud pit of circumstance, I had only recently realized the Lord was still speaking to us Christians supernaturally and in visions. Yes, I needed to move on. Now this Prophet Kent said I had been given an “unction” that permitted me to do so. What was an unction? Hmm. More study needed…The prodigal son had “wallered”, too. Hadn’t the memory of the father awakened him and moved him on?

Kent’s warm voice droned on, and now the Lord was speaking:

“For I am not wood pulp and ink, bound in genuine leather. I AM the I AM. In the beginning I was the word. I AM the word…..And you will find as I begin to speak into your heart…you will find it will become louder, much louder, and unction shall become greater, and you will know that it is time to move, to move on and go forward and not continue to stand still.” The Lord says, “I will take you through it, and I will show you how to follow my voice, and I will show you how to begin to see that timing is everything. This is the way that I will begin to use you, to direct you, to lead and guide you. And you will follow me as you are led by my spirit. I will lead you out of this difficult situation, and you will find in the end you have accomplished much, but it is only because you have given an ear to hear.”

My spirit clung to these words: “I will show you how to follow My voice.” This was the way out of the “wallering”, and at the same time, it was more. Learning to follow His voice was the key to finding my destiny. “Hearing” in a personal way had not been emphasized in my Christian experience. Now in early 2008, with the supernatural vision and its aftermath, I had just learned that He could be heard and followed, that is, obeyed. And now I was open to hearing more.

Frequently revisiting this word from Kent, I received an additional impartation of faith. I finally believed I could and would hear Him. And soon I found myself doing so with more frequency and more “volume” than I had ever experienced before.

My life circumstances had not changed. In fact, the prophecy stated that a journey through a giant “maze” of obstacles lay ahead of me. I prepared for the long haul. By clinging to what I heard Him say and learning to follow His voice, I would make it to the end of the maze and finally know with assurance that something had been accomplished, on His behalf.

As days went by, I began to wonder: did this word mean I had a prophetic gift? Imagine questioning what a prophetic word meant! (Perhaps you have done so…) I needed to discover what was my next step. For as Kent says often, “It is not enough to hear God; you must also know what He means.” Should I try to contact this Prophet Simpson? I imagined him spending hours each day secluded in a cave or a basement, deep in the spirit realm. Perhaps my email would break his concentration and annoy him. I dismissed the thought of trying to get in touch with him. My story would take too long to explain, anyway.

I asked the Lord to reveal my next step somehow. The prophecy had said the Lord would teach me to follow His voice, right? He had already begun to lead me in a study of prophecy that was both practical and theoretical. But where was this maze going? I was impatient to get to the end of it already.

Slowly, shifts in my understanding did begin to occur. A greater revelation of HIM…I was beginning to “get it”. The Lord wants us to know personally of His love for us. Prophecy is yet another avenue for this. Kent has often spoken of the evangelical implications of personal prophecy: “You need to know who He is, yes,” he said, “But you also need to know that He knows who you are and where you live.” An accurate prophetic word flows in and from His love; He shows how well He knows us, and we are drawn closer to HIM. This word I had received was beginning to “take effect” in that I loved to seek Him all the more.

There was much to glean from Kent’s ministry. The April 2008 CD arrived: “Revelation to Manifestation”. At first I found it difficult to concentrate on the teaching; always there would be distractions and dead ends. It wasn’t due to anything unclear in Kent’s mode of speech; rather, it was due to the buzz of doctrinal “static” in my soul.

Yet finally the light dawned. Kent spoke of a “wall between the spirit man and the soul” and explained how we mistakenly depend on the soul to provide answers to our problems. Yes, even as a Christian, I had been “figuring things out” myself with only my soul and a Bible for years. I had not truly sought the Lord in Spirit to spirit communication.Kent continued: “But when the answers come from Spirit to spirit communication, it is revelation, the communication of the knowledge of God to the soul.” The Lord “did not just die, leave us a book and put us in charge.” I finally realized I had always lived this way. Kent’s next comment neatly summed up my 45+ years of church experience: “We are supposed to live as ones led by the spirit, but we are not as sensitive to the spirit man as we should be.”

How true! I needed “revelation” in my life in order to walk by the spirit, and now I knew revelation was available in HIM. Why had He started up all this in my life, so suddenly, and where was it all going? Did He want me to do all this study because I had a prophetic gift, or should I just relax and enjoy hearing Him better? Why, why, why? Perhaps my soulish understanding had caused me to block something in my prophetic word. I sought harder for some clue to my next step. Back to the CD player again. I prayed for more revelation. Was there a hidden message in it? A clue I missed? Wasn’t this word almost too simple after all? I wrote the prophetic word out. I nearly memorized it. And yes, I was tempted at times to doubt it.

Still it seemed He kept leading me back to this CD, and I would listen to it for the umpteenth time. Then one day I noticed something on the CD label which startled me and triggered a memory…Only the Lord could have known the effect this would have…An insight came to me as a revelation, and a very significant piece of the puzzle it would indeed turn out to be…Better stop here. Will chat again next week, Lord willing.

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Hello dear sister in Christ,

My name is Sarah and I emailed you around January, I hope you can remember.

You replied back to me after you prayed for me and you prophesied to me and part of your prophecy said that i will continue to study and work to make enough money to buy the things i want. I just want to say that your prophecy has come true. I am continuing my studies “Graphics Design” and i am also working a bit in a Graphics Design creative artist area. I had literally given up my studies and lost the passion for them and some time last week or week before something happened to me. I just woke up and i looked at my books and picked them up. I just said my God i really want to study right now! i just gained the feeling and passion for my studies again out of no where! it just came back into my heart that one day!!! really amazing how God did that.

God bless you for your true words from the Lord. All the praise goes to the Lord.

“When He had been baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and behold, the heavens were opened to Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting upon Him. And suddenly a voice came from heaven, saying: “This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

Matthew 3:16
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