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Before the last presidential election, it was revealed to me and a few other ministers that our Nation would be headed on a direct path for civil war. At the time Our Lord began revealing this prophetic word, we had little understanding about what He meant. Now that we are on the very Edge of a major breakdown in our society, we can see how this is all beginning to play out. The instigators of this civil war do have a purpose and that is to break down our present system of government. Not only is this civil war a racial war, but it is also a war of attrition, a breakdown in moral values, and an expression of hate toward those “One Per-Centers” who have more than the rest (99%) of the American populous. “So get Your House in Order.” For the past two years, another word that has been delivered concerns the stockpiling of enough food, fuel and daily condiments to last for at least 3 months. One of the greatest commodities for exchange in the near future will be any one of the three items listed: food, fuel and daily commodities. “Is Gold or Silver a Good Deal?” Well, there is a problem looming over the World Bank and the Currency Exchange Market Index. You see, it looks as though before the year is over we will see the International Market Index change the factoring that presently determines the strength of the US Dollar as versus the Chinese Dollar. If that happens, then we will no longer use any of the current formulas for calculating exchange rates for currency, goods and products. Even if you have gold or silver, the exchange rate that we use today will not be the same after the switch. So you could have $10,000 in silver today but it could be devalued to less than $1,000 after the switch. The thing is, if you have $’s in real hard product, you have an item that will exchange for a much higher rate than any currency or metal. If you have a warehouse full of beans, rice, canned goods, fuel, clothes, toilet paper, etc., you will be worth more than if you had the money in the bank. I know this sounds extreme but you might be surprised how much more you could make on these items. Inflation alone will drive up the value of all these goods. If I had the extra $’s I would be purchasing utility vehicles like the Kabato CUVs. This type of vehicle averages above 50 miles to the gallon, and they come with air conditioning, if requested. These vehicles are going to bring huge returns. Bartering is going to become the true measure of exchange for a 3 to 4 year period of time. “The Next #1 Selling Pick-up Truck 2013” There are other companies that make the same type of units for a lot less than the cost of a Kabato. These units are street legal in many cities. Gainesville has started allowing people to drive anything with headlights and tail lights in the city and throughout the county. Even golf carts are being used for daily transportation. Pick-up of the Future Ty Boye

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Sally Landry
Author & Teacher

The Holy Bible

by Sandy Landry

One of the simplest ways to hear God is through His written word. Remember when Moses brought down the tablets with the law and the Israelites didn’t want God talking directly to them because it was too scary? They acted like He was the mean giant of the mountain, ready to shout at them or burn them to a crisp if they got too close. It was fine for Moses to “go up there,” but they wanted an interpreter.

His Word that He has given to us is a love letter. Have we been “preached at and hammered with it” so much that we don’t expect to approach God through it and receive loving answers to give us faith in our struggles? It is the supernatural book of the ages. It is so powerful, there are places where it can only be had through smuggling, or if found, means imprisonment or worse. It is a two edged sword able to divide truth from lies. It is fire and passion, reality, promise, comfort, hope, salvation, instruction, principle, and the intimate whispers of a God who loves us and wants to point us to the WAY.

Comments and Testimonies

For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.      ~ Rev. 19:10b

Prophecy is the testimony that Jesus is not dead but Alive and Speaking to you and I.
Kent Simpson,
Prophetic Pastor

Dear Kent,

I am friends with Ian Haskell and he recommended I request a prophetic word from you. Well, as you know, I did as he recommended and quite frankly I was expecting a “warm fuzzy” word that would apply to just about anybody. But I was so hungry for the things of God and a word from the Lord I thought I would give it a shot. I also felt it strange that I should have to pay $30 for a word from the Lord but Ian explained that your ministry is full time and a workman is worthy of his hire. Well sir, I agree… a workman is worthy of his hire.

I got my word the other day fully expecting that warm fuzzy word but I was shocked to hear what the Lord had to say to me through you. After I heard the word I called Ian and said “You have to hear this…Kent NAILED ME.”

Kent, everything you said to me was spot on… well what is to come to pass yet is completely beyond me but the things you said of my past and what is happening right now was dead on. So I can only presume that the future things will come to pass as well.

Kent, after many, many years of being “called” to be an apostle I have finally been sent into the apostolic ministry God has in store for me. The Lord has been preparing me for about 20 years to walk in the apostolic. Through many years of ups and downs and many “false starts” (I have been known to run ahead of the Lord) I have finally learned that everything we do is from a position of rest and peace in Christ. From out of our deep personal relationship with Him comes the works. The works are a result of the relationship.

You told me that the depression will soon be passing. I have been clinically depressed for over 30 years as well as bi-polar. I believe the word you gave me was a promise from the Lord that He will deliver me from this debilitating disease so that I can finally do His will and walk out the ministry He called me into. I also deal with agoraphobia (an unreasonable fear of leaving the house) and also SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder, fear of crowds) I believe He is delivering me from these illnesses as we speak. I have spent many, many years in fear, but all the while the Lord has been preparing me for His work. Studying scriptures and ministering on the internet. My time to walk among His people without fear has come. Praise His Holy Name!

I want to thank you so very much for being obedient and giving me such an encouraging word.

Your Servant in Christ
John Milliron, from Canada

I Want to Be Your Prophetic Pastor

In the past I spent much of my time traveling to other countries, but ministering in distant places left me drained. I have decided to hang up my traveling shoes and focus upon those families who regularly support this ministry. It is time for me to develop a long term relationships with the people who have a real desire to learn more about what God is doing today.

From 1989 to 1995 I ministered to over 250,000 people via prophecy tapes. I receive hundreds of prophecy requests each month and I will continue to send out personal prophecy tapes and CD’s and Audio Emails to those who are seeking God.

In addition to the prophetic gift God has entrusted to me, the Lord has also directed me to become a Prophetic Pastor to those who will receive me. In this new capacity I can sow prophetic seeds into the lives of those who want to prosper with me. If you will allow me to be your Prophetic Pastor, I will commit to be there for you, and help you prosper in spiritual and financial health and wealth.

He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward. And he who receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.

Matthew 10:41

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

3 John 2

In recent years, it has become almost impossible to reach me; my home telephone rings day and night. For this reason I have started the Family Partners who will have a direct line to my private phone. My private phone number allows Family Partners to reach me during times of trouble or when they are having difficulty finding God’s will or when making tough decisions. When you call me, I will seek God’s direction for you and help determine how God wants to meet your immediate needs.

Family Partner’s

  • Receive Prophetic Counseling
  • Learning How to Know God’s Will
  • Making Business Decisions
  • Working Out Family Problems
  • DVD of the Month Ministry Gift
  • 2 Prophetic Teachings on CD
  • Prophetic Prayer & Counseling
  • Personal Training on How to Hear the Voice of God
  • Kent Simpson’s Private Mobile Number

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Prophetic Counseling & Personal Financial Freedom

  • Restoring Relationships
  • Forecasting Employment Options
  • Prophetic Prayer For All Needs
  • Guidance in Your Ministry
  • A Word of Knowledge
  • A Word of Wisdom
  • Prophesy Over Your Life
  • Solid Biblical Counseling

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In HIS Service,
Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor

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