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The Sunday TYM.E.S. (Meditations, Encouragement, and Sharpening in Him)

Sister Ty Boye
Dear Readers,

Hello again, and welcome back! Thank you to all who have emailed blessings and words of encouragement. Not surprisingly, many of you recall thoughts and feelings similar to mine when you were first “getting started” hearing His voice. What He has done before, He will do again, and more so!

Today I will share a few secrets from my past as they pertain to the events surrounding learning to hear HIM. I hope to show how the Lord spoke in a very private language of numbers related to my past in order to confirm His prophetic calling in my present and future.

You may remember from last week that I had been wallering a long time. The Lord was aware of exactly how long, as you will note today. When we are in a “dry” place, it is helpful to ask that He would reveal Himself in a way we can understand. “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7. When what we want is more of Him, we will need to wait on HIM, be it long or short, but in the end we will find that He is always ready and willing to answer us. Thank You, Jesus, for Your blood shed for us!

You will see how in this personal instance, the LORD truly met and exceeded all my expectations in His ability to communicate Himself. Be encouraged, as Jesus Christ is indeed “the same, yesterday, today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

“Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord.”

Psalms 31:24

Praise HIM,
Sister TY

A Blast from the Past

For those of you who do not know me, I must preface this chapter by saying that I like numbers. Not math, just numbers. I make associations with numbers and think of them not as cold symbols but as friends. As a kid, I used to watch my stockbroker dad as he scoured the financial pages of the S.F.Chronicle, scanning the columns of tiny ciphers and noting the Dow Jones ups and downs. He knew the stats on every stock, and did I have fun “testing” him! Later in life I played in a band whose director numbered every song, and I memorized each title and its corresponding number till my ability was a running joke with the other musicians. Recurring numbers and anniversary dates also intrigue me. There is a day in March on which many of my significant life events occurred, including my baptism. I am not superstitious, but I just see numbers as one more way the Lord speaks in my life. As we know, He speaks to each of us in ways that we can understand.

So as I stared at the label on Kent’s first prophecy CD, what struck me was the date: April 29, 2008. In my distraction and excitement, I had missed this critical detail. Kent’s prophecy had been recorded on the 22nd anniversary of possibly the most devastating event in my life. It was the date of my beloved Granny’s passing, which occurred quite unexpectedly at 5 a.m., April 29, 1986 due to a medical error. And something else equally significant had happened on that day. Suddenly a faded memory burst forth in high definition as the Holy Spirit quickened it in an instant. On that same April 29th morning, three hours after my Granny went home, a prophetess named Minnie Johnson called my home telephone “out of the blue”. Her voice was matter-of-fact. She said the Holy Spirit just told her that my Granny had gone to heaven that morning. Born in Louisiana on a sharecropper’s cabin in 1910, Minnie didn’t phrase it exactly that way, but I will allow Sandy Landry to elaborate, as the book we are writing deals extensively with the colorful life of this prophetess named Minnie.

So this realization hit: April 29th was the anniversary of the day the Lord had first spoken prophetically to me, through a prophetess named Minnie. There was no way Minnie could have known of my Granny’s brief final illness. The Lord used Minnie’s timely word as a life raft of comfort in what was then a sea of grief that lasted for years. There was no doubt HE had prompted her to call on that fateful day in 1986. In that moment years before, through Minnie’s word, HE had ALSO given me proof of the operation of the prophetic gifting in our day. I had just never considered trying to find out more about this wonderful gift.

It is incredible how memories with deep spiritual import can get eroded over the years, especially when we are intensely engaged in the busy life of the soul! Minnie’s word was a genuine tribute to the Lord’s care for me in the midst of tragedy. But it never occurred to me to take it a step further, to ask Minnie HOW she heard it, even though I had prayed for the gift of prophecy and had had hands laid on me in 1983… Now, 22 years of wallering later, here was this word from Kent Simpson, telling me I was going to learn to follow His voice, and this word was delivered on the exact same day, April 29th, possibly even close to the same hour… There was no way this was a coincidence. This was the hand of the Lord. The Lord had set up a memorial in time and was saying, in effect: “Note this! I am speaking to you through another prophet… again! This is real! Pay attention!” I felt I was being given a “second chance” to receive a calling… So it was that the Holy Spirit used this synchronicity as a powerful confirmation that He wanted me to learn to hear Him- the way Minnie had.

As Kent might phrase it, the Lord had “baited” me years earlier, on April 29th, 1986. I had not picked up the bait then. Now, this older and much hungrier fish was biting on another April 29th. The Lord, who knows exactly what it takes to “tune us in” to His voice, used my remembrance of this anniversary of my first “prophecy” as a confirmation that it was indeed the receiving of the gift of prophecy that was in question here.

Further study into the prophetic was now a joy. I would hear Him calling to me in short sentences. Sometimes I would awake with a jolt in the middle of the night, only to hear a few key words from HIM, always delivered in that same matter-of-fact way that Minnie had spoken. Trying to raise doubt and skepticism, the enemy countered: “Are you sure this isn’t just your imagination or some weird egotistical temptation? Isn’t it enough just to love and serve others?” Readers, as we pursue the deeper intimacy with God, the enemy rushes in and implies that we are vain and selfish in our motives. And of course, we who are honest before the Lord already know that we are flawed in all of those ways and more! But we must learn to stand on WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST: His righteous redeemed ones, gifted by grace through faith. 2 Corinthians 5:21: “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

How I dislike giving airtime to the enemy’s lies, but I do want to encourage those of you who are bombarded with such insinuating and condemnatory questions. You are not alone in these temptations! The enemy fights hard to divert us from pursuing this prophetic gift which is the very testimony of the Lord Jesus (Rev. 19:10). Prophetic gifting functions in many ways, among them to strengthen , encourage, comfort and edify the Body of Christ. Anyone who is called to it and studies to flow in it will seek and find a closer and closer walk with the Lord. It is this closer agreement with the Lord and the release of His presence which threatens and defeats the darkness. (Praise is of the utmost value as well. Praise the Lord, who desires to complete the work He has begun in us!)—Anyway, this time I wasn’t swallowing the lie and I took the LORD’s bait. I let Him catch me.

Kent’s “School of the Prophets” soon arrived in my mailbox, a few DVD’s at a time. It is an excellent overview and resource for prophetic people at all levels, and I recommend it. As I watched the DVD’s, it was apparent that Kent Simpson was no cave-dweller; he seemed approachable and even surprisingly “normal”. I hoped to be able to speak to him one day and bombard him with all of the questions that were burning in me. Thankfully, it was nearly summer and my work load had thinned out, so I had lots of time to listen to the discs and gain some inspiring insights from someone with a ton of practical experience.

By mid-June I was convinced that I was hearing HIM better. Now I really longed for another word of confirmation. Visiting Kent’s site again, I calmly submitted another request for a personal prophecy. Now I felt I knew Kent like a personal friend; I had spent hours hearing his stories. And since Kent for his part didn’t know a thing about me, surely this word would be uncompromised by prior knowledge. Like everyone, I also longed to get some help on personal issues, but the additional confirmation of a prophetic calling was deeply needed. Our loving Lord does not tire of confirming His word to us!

The June 26th CD arrived with the banner slogan “God Has A Word for You”. Again I eagerly spun the disc to hear that now-familiar voice say these words:

Dear Tyane,

“As our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has revealed much about you, there are portions I will hold back and refrain from speaking at this time… The prophecies that are spoken… it is according to Psalms 103: 20-22 “the angels go out and do the word that is spoken” on earth as it is in heaven. So shall it be the same for you.”

My heart sank in disappointment. Why, Lord? Why can’t he tell me? Why the secrecy? So Kent heard a lot about me, but the Lord didn’t want him to tell me? Or did Kent not want to tell me? Was that bad or good? So the Lord is saying the angels were released… for what?? Couldn’t the Lord at least hint why?? How was that fair, not to tell me, especially since I had ordered the prophecy. I prayed over this. I acted in faith. Why this silence? (For further revelation of the fairness and justice of the Lord, and similar topics, please ignore my rantings and just ask the Holy Spirit and His Holy Word!)

True, this new prophecy delved quite accurately into many of my personality traits and interests. It told me about who I already knew I was. Thank God, but these miraculous words of knowledge were not what I was looking for… The voice droned on.

The Lord adjusted my attitude….I suspected I knew the answer for the “secrecy” in my spirit already. SINCE I was called to learn how to hear HIM, and hear HIM for others, the Lord wasn’t allowing His spokesman make it easy on me by spilling ALL the beans. The Lord wanted to tell me HIMSELF, as I was learning to refer everything back to Him, waiting on Him, asking Him things and receiving answers in His time. (I am still learning this, by the way.)

However, Hallelujah! My ears perked up when finally, in the last minute of the prophecy, Kent spoke a piece of information that gladdened my heart at and made it all worthwhile. The Lord had seen fit to include one golden nugget. This one nugget would have to suffice. Even if the Lord had used Kent to say only this one thing, this was the confirmation needed for the next step.

Next week, Lord willing, I will relate to you this word of confirmation which the Lord spoke through Kent Simpson. And as many of you have experienced when receiving a word, the manifestation followed almost the very next day.

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Hoping you’ve been well. It been a while, and I hope you remember me.

Just wanted to keep you posted on my progress. I guess you recall the Word of Lord you gave me.

A couple of weeks ago, we had meet for a prayer meeting…we call it zonal prayer meeting. We had corporate prayerz, and the Lord a door of employment for me!. Itz a short contract job, but I know its a beginning of great things to come!.

I thank you Sis. Tyane for your prayers, and support. Kindly continue to lift me in your prayers.

God bless you!!
Joe N.M

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.”

Romans 8:14
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