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The Sunday TYM.E.S.(Meditations, Encouragement, and Sharpening in Him)

Dear Readers,

First, thank you for all of the emails in response to this column. I can “see” more than ever how much we have in common as we begin to hear His voice! Thank you for your prayers and support for this ministry as well; these expressions enable us to move forward, as we watch HIS Kingdom expand and see HIM be glorified– since without Him we can do nothing.

Today I introduce Nancy, a lady with a very specialized revelatory gifting. The Lord used her willingness to write and share her experiences to encourage and enlighten me in a lonely time. Nancy weaves in and out of the story, as you will see in future installments. Of all my local church friends, she was the one who “connected” the most with me. Ironically, the only times we talked face to face were the day we met and the day we parted company in anticipation of my cross country move. …Yet as it says in Philippians 2:4: “Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.” Such is our day and age that ministry is accomplished -sometimes exclusively- by email.

The Lord is so inventive in leading us to those we need to meet when we need to meet them. The Holy Spirit is the Master of networking! As we earnestly seek Him, we will find Him-and those that belong to Him- as well.

Now the Lord spoke to Paul in the night by a vision, “Do not be afraid, but speak, and do not keep silent; for I am with you, and no one will attack you to hurt you; for I have many people in this city.”

Acts 18: 9-10

What a blessing to discover that the Lord indeed has many of like mind and knows exactly where they live! Again, thank you all for sharing your thoughts and insights on these emails. There is much more of the story to tell. As I mention each week, Sandy Landry and I are in the midst of writing a book which will greatly expand on this theme of getting started hearing His voice. God bless all of you, as He already has, with an ear to hear and a heart to obey HIM.

Praise HIM,
Sister TY

So She’s a Seer

Last week, I was just about to share a particular line in the second personal prophecy I received from Kent Simpson on June 26, 2008. The line he spoke was:

“It is best for you to wait upon Him. And He shall begin to send the right people across your path, open the doors that are necessary in order for you to go through all the training the Lord will bring you through in order to acquire and be able to handle all that you shall be given. For where much is given, much is required.”

This was the needed confirmation that the prophetic training was indeed beginning. In fact, this word began to be fulfilled that very week, as the Lord sent the first of a long list of “right people” across my path. Shortly after the prophecy CD arrived, a friend introduced me to a prophetess at a church service.

One Wednesday worship night at our 7000 member mega-church, my violin and I were sitting onstage with the worship band. Nearby sat Wiley the flute player, a guy I’d known for roughly 20 years. He was tall, lanky man, a joyous servant of God who waved His arms wildly during worship and always had a kind word for everyone. While waiting for the service to start, he leaned forward and asked me how I was doing lately. The crowd was noisy, and I doubted we would have time to talk. But the excitement over my recent prophecy was burning in me and the Lord said ‘go for it’, so it was time to get real! “Well, Wiley, I know this may sound strange, but I am beginning to study prophecy. I mean, seriously, I think I have this gift…” I expected him to gasp in horror, accuse me of heresy, or at the very least, change the subject.

“Oh, that’s cool,” he said, offhandedly, “I should introduce you to Nancy; she’s on staff here and she’s a prophetess. In fact, I see her in the audience tonight.”

“What? There’s a prophetess at our church?” Who knew? There had never been any display or even mention of the operation of the gifts of the spirit in the three years I’d been there.

“Oh yeah,” Wiley continued, “We were in the Vineyard together in the 80’s. Nancy just got burned out on the prophetic, how everything was “all about the prophetic” in those days, and so she came here instead. But you should talk to her. Maybe she can help you.”

The Vineyard? I always vaguely thought that was a cult…He quickly enlightened me. I realized I had held many presuppositions which were just plain inaccurate.

After the service, true to his word, Wiley tracked Nancy down, and we all chatted onstage as the people milled around. Nancy was recovering from a mild stroke but was a beautiful lady in her late 40’s. She told me about how she used to spend every Monday in prayer to the Lord. In those Vineyard days, she and a few close friends worshiped together frequently and saw many visions. These Vineyard memories were very dear to her. What had happened? Why would anyone leave a church like that? I thought. Wiley just stood there, smiling and affirming her stories about the “good old days” in the Vineyard.

Finally Wiley took off. Nancy and I stood there talking as the crowd filtered out and the clean up crews took over. She seemed excited to meet someone with a budding interest in the prophetic. Her speech still slightly slurred due to the stroke, she seemed wonderfully invigorated just sharing all of these old memories.

Nancy explained how she prayed for those on staff at our mega-church. Her special gift was “seeing” houses in full architectural detail. When someone was seeking the Lord’s direction for a new place to move, this prophetic ability gave her a way to confirm their choice of apartment or home. She grieved over one time when she had “missed it” and disappointed a senior pastor…Otherwise, she said, her record was highly accurate. She also blessed and prophesied over babies. I wondered how it was I’d never met her or heard of her; she was so low profile for such a gifted person. Like a sponge, I tried to absorb as much as possible!

Nancy and I suddenly realized we already had “met” a few months earlier by email. She was newly assigned as my supervisor in the Encouragers Ministry, whose function was to call up new members and give them contact information for various ministries in the church. Since we were working together by email, Nancy promised to write to me again soon. She offered to seek a “picture” for me and also share more of her experience of the prophetic. I thanked the Lord for the opportunity to “pick the brain” of someone who had experienced prophecy firsthand. The idea of seeing “pictures” was exciting and curious to me. At that point, I had only received words and impressions, but not “pictures”, as she called them.

Below I have reprinted a few of our first email exchanges. All of our original misspellings are intact, just for authenticity. There is much valuable advice in the words she sent, and I took her suggestions to heart in those days.

Below is the first email she sent after our meeting:

Hi Tyane!

…just an FYI, I have been praying for you…when I see a picture that seems more “substantial?” I’ll share it. I just always get little “diddies” that I don’t want to bother you with. Like just now, I saw a black circle, then an eraser came to erase it, but before it could touch the spot to erase it, it turned to into sky. I also saw a pair of scissors cut a square, almost like a square sheet of puff pastry, then it folded it over into a triangle, then again another triangle.

This is why I haven’t been sharing what I get when I pray for you. But, I haven’t forgotten about you! Nancy

Dear Nancy,

…thanks for the prayer. Never discount any diddies, especially from a prophetess!

My husband JR is very artistic,details and fixes collector cars for a living and has many craft-y hobbies, and his father was an artist as well.

My thinking is very symbolic; in fact the Lord often speaks that way to me, in a way I can understand.

So your geometric visions are appreciated here! I will pray for the Lord to make the meaning clear, or clearer, in His time and according to His will. Some thoughts about what the circle and square may mean have occurred to me…


Thank you Tyane. I know that the way it goes is sometimes I get really bizarre pictures, have no idea what they could mean, but when I tell the person they know exactly what it means. I have countless stories like that. But, as the years go by, the Lord usually shows me what all the symbols mean and I know what pictures are about, but with you, I’ve not known any of them. So, that in itself is a pattern. And, it’s probably my pride that has kept me from sharing because I’m used to now wanting to give full words, with pictures, scripture and words of knowledge and wisdom all rolled into one little package, when I know better. I apologize. From now on, I’ll share with you whatever I get. And the Lord has really been pressing on me to position myself in a place where I can use my gifts.

As far as yesterday getting those pictures for you…. the spot was just on something, like material or a comforter or something, but it was a black spot. I saw this eraser approach it and then the spot turned into sky and grew. I had the feeling that God came, it was like a little spot of darkness turned into heaven.

Now I very clearly saw a pair of scissors begin to cut something puffy, like puff pastry, that quickly was cut into a perfect square. Then it folded over onto itself, forming a triangle, then again. I cutting out and folding, perfectly square, then perfectly triangular.

Just now, I saw you on a bicycle delivering phone books. You were having trouble pulling the books out of a basket on your bike and tossing them. You had to stop to perform this as it was just too complicated for you to ride along and toss them. The phone books had grown too big. This red car, like a mini Cooper, it was small, pulled up behind you. The driver stopped, put your bike in the trunk and gave you the keys. He told you that your ministry/service needed to grow so that you could reach more people/homes. The car was not for you to do the same thing in less time, but to go farther and reach more.

That picture was more understandable for me because bikes and cars usually represent your own ministry or walk with the Lord, as jets, ships and such represent larger ministries. I think your personal ministry might be too much for you now, awkward, unbalanced and so the Lord is going to bring you something that will upgrade it, set it in better motion, make it flow better.

Then, shortly after, Nancy wrote another email. Looking back through the emails, I realize now that I never wrote back to tell her that my husband actually did own a little red British sportscar, and that for many years, I often rode a collapsible bike which he would fold up and put in the trunk when he arrived to pick me up in his car. I should have confirmed this to her, for her encouragement! But the emails were flying fast, and shortly after that, she sent another:

Hi again,

Ok, I can’t spend a lot of time on this until after I finish my work, but as I read your email below, I saw that you were sitting with your paper and pencil, ready to hear from the Lord and write… waiting… then you scrunched up your face like you were forcing it. I see that the stiller you are, the quieter and not trying to hear from Him, but just being… then He’ll speak to you… a lot! Also, in the time right before waking, that half awake, half asleep time. On my best days, He keeps me there after a dream and tells me what it means, then when I wake up I’m like I’m still in that time as He is explaining what the dream means more and we are totally interacting together within the dream. Honestly, that time/place with God and I have been some of the most supernatural experiences in my life. it doesn’t happen often, but there’s nothing like it when it does. I think you are going to begin hearing Him there and then. I pray that for you, in Jesus name!


Dear Nancy,

Thank you so much for this incredible confirmation.

It came after I just read your first email and then began to pray for you.

He has been waking me up in the middle of the night and having things to say to me a lot of late. I have also been led to write them down.

At some point when He has fulfilled all He has said, I will beable to share exactly what is happening, but it is very much of Him right now.

Also, I tend to set the alarm and pray at 545-615 am each day. This morning He had A LOT to say. I was trying to write it down earlier, around 8 am or so, and probably did scrunch my face in trying to get it right, One thing He is impressing on me is to get it right, not to let my soul put my own spin on it, but just to write what I hear. He is teaching me a lot about that right now.

So thankful for you. Seek ye first the Kingdom, and all these things shall be added. May He bless you tremendously today with His presence.


Then Nancy wrote again:

It’s so hard to work…I feel like I could just sit and type all day to you…!

First of all, I forgot to say, YES, write everything down. That is the hardest thing for me and I only am faithful to write down about one out of every dozen good dreams, but yet I have a binder with at least a hundred of them and then I began typing them and I have a bunch cataloged, then I have this program on my Mac that I can tag them and categorize them. Someday I need to enter all of them and tag them all because God brings up some symbols frequently. I have typed up all words that I get for people, unless I’m praying for them in person, and if I’m at a prayer meeting they get taped, but I have no record of them. All I know is this, I’ve never seen the same picture over again, something new each time. Each one I think, I’ll never forget that, but I’ve had lots of people come up to me and say, “Remember that picture you saw for me…”, and they’ll describe it, and I don’t even remember ever praying for them, let alone what I saw. I do believe that it is honoring to God to write down all that you can. I need to transcribe the tapes of prophecies that I’ve received from other prophetic people too, like you did. It’s just a time thing for me, I have no time. I really hope that I can live past my kids getting out of school and moving away, then I love to think about me spending my time doing all that kind of thing. That’s my retirement dream…

I have tape recorder in the drawer by my bed that I used to use about 8 years ago. I bought a pack of little micro tapes to use in it and when they were all filled up with dreams I just stopped using it. They are all still on there, untranscribed…. Then I bought a pen that lights up at the tip at night, I used that till the light wouldn’t work, now I just tell myself I’ll remember….. and I don’t…. then I really feel like I let God down.

Talking to you has been a great reminder for me to just start again, try to spend some time everyday to write down what He’s told me. I have been journaling and doing a devotional for a recovery group that I try to go to when I can. If I could just have a few more hours everyday! Anyway, thank you for reminding me of the importance of transcribing tapes, writing down dreams and words and pictures, and mostly, taking the time to listen to God, who I believe, is talking all the time!

I just now remembered a dream that I had for…friend and a picture that God gave me for him as I was waking up! I’ll type it up now.

Thank you so much Tyane! You are good for me. I think that God just told me for you that it’s in a place of peace that He will meet you. It’s not just as you are “being”, that I said before, but in peace. When you are peaceful in your spirit, God is going to be talking to you.

Bye…for now,

As often happens in email correspondence, after a few more weeks of excited exchange, we reached a lull. Nancy got tired and/or busy, or she had less reason to contact me for the Encouragers Ministry, and so I didn’t hear from her at all for a few weeks. In a sense, the prophetic was a sideline to her; her duties in administration were hugely time-consuming. In a church of 7000, it was a privilege to talk to a staff person in that “in-depth” of an interchange. I appreciated the sacrifice of time she made to write even these few emails, especially in light of her health situation.

In the meantime, I had continued listening to Kent’s “School of the Prophets” and wondered if Kent Simpson had found it at all strange that someone from California had ordered the whole set of DVDs, a few at a time, over a period of several weeks. After watching the last disc, I felt as if I’d just graduated from one of those language immersion courses. Now I wanted to visit the country where someone spoke this language… so I could practice!

I scrolled through the Elijah List again and this time felt led to pick out an “R” prophet for study. Larry Randolph was the next prophet whom I studied. I watched some interviews online and was able to purchase a couple of his books, Spirit Talk and The Coming Shift. I was excited that my prophetic library now included another author besides Bill Hamon! Through reading Randolph’s books, I began to see that this prophetic movement didn’t just consist of a few scattered saints receiving an unction to move on, but rather that the Lord was shifting whole churches into new ways of thinking not only about the prophetic, but also about the very paradigms and organizational principles which had suppressed the spiritual gifts and their operations and even the network that should have supported them for centuries. My notions of what it meant to “equip” the body were quickly changing.

Missing Nancy, and realizing she was way too busy to deal with my questions and concerns, I longed for counsel from someone seasoned in his walk with the Lord, experienced in the prophetic, and patient enough to mentor someone like me. I did not know where to go locally for help, and the Lord was NOT urging me to leave our local fellowship. But HE made the next step clear. It was not to be a solitary trek in the desert, and there was to be no period of isolation in a cave in Silicon Valley. Next week, Lord willing, I will tell you about calling up Kent for the first time.

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Hi Ty,

I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude. This is a very accurate, directional and encouraging “now” word.


Sister Tyane, thank you so much for seeking God on behalf of both my daughters, we all cried tears of joy, I will send you another email to kinda feel you in on what is going on with each of them and the word that the Lord had given was right on it for each of them Blessings unto you for truly you have blessed us, you’ll be hearing back from me and I will explain more, Take care in Jesus name Amen


“If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God.”

Colossians 3:1
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