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The Sunday TYM.E.S. (Meditations, Encouragement, and Sharpening in Him)

Dear Readers,

Ty Boye

Greetings again, and welcome to Chapter 9 of my adventures getting started hearing God’s voice. This week’s segment is long, but it serves as a necessary “set-up” to some very interesting prophetic training that the Lord planned for me.

The Lord did not hand me a “five-year syllabus” and tell me to set personal goals for hearing HIM. Thank God He coached me at a pace I could handle, with some occasional fallow periods according to His timetable. Training was simple in the first year or so: I prayed, journaled, and bought a few books which the Holy Spirit used to lead me into a deeper study of scripture. I did not have many contacts who knew about the prophetic, so I interacted with Kent by way of listening to his audio teachings, emailing a few questions, and calling him a handful of times. There were so many divine surprises- and confirmations- along the way that the Lord left little doubt as to the path I was to follow, as He pointed it out step by step.

It was always during periods of “waiting” (“nothing” happening) that many doubts would assail me. But it was also during those times that He would allow my hunger for HIM to deepen. During one such period, the Holy Spirit piqued my interest in visions. In time, I felt moved to ask for a vision. What He gave me was a mental impression, an inner vision, which was to prove essential in the next step of my training.

The Lord is always faithful to respond when we “ask, seek, and knock”. HE wants us to learn to hear Him. He give us not only the revelation of Himself that we need, but lots of encouragement, confirmation, and, dare I say, ” fun” (ok, JOY) in Him, beyond all imagination.

Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.”

Habakkuk 2:2

Praise HIM,
Sister TY

A Fish on a Platter

You may recall that at the end of last week’s installment I was just beginning to relate how the Lord spoke to me in an early morning journal session. He was posing some questions, and suddenly I heard Him ask pointblank:

“What do you think the greatest moment of your life has been?”

I scribbled down a few personally significant dates.

But His reply floored me. HIS thought on this matter was different from my thought!

He said: “T, it was the moment you tried to seek my face as a teenager-remember?”

My mind flipped back to late 1971 or early 1972, when I had a very profound experience in prayer, seeing His face in an inner vision. At that time, frustrated at not being able to “hold on” to the vision, I often tried to recapture that moment, searching again for His face and yet wondering if I was going about it correctly. I had not thought about this incident in years. But HE remembered it, and it was dawning on me how much the Lord values our desire to have an intimate, face-to-face relationship with HIM. At some point in my early life I had given up trying to press in to know Him better personally; I can’t remember when and why I stopped trying. At what point had my prayers turned more toward defining my problems to Him rather than simply seeking Him? The Holy Spirit spoke tenderly to me through these journal experiences, drawing me into closeness with the Lord. He is so merciful and gracious to us.

In some future TYM.E.S., as HE leads, I will share some more passages from my journals. But for now, so as not to interrupt the flow of the story, I will move on with the plot!

Confirmations of my journal revelations trickled in each day. Some were amusing. At times He would tell me in the morning of a phrase I would hear or a person I would see that day. It was so exciting to hear in this way, and then wait for HIM to demonstrate that I had done so accurately. Several times I heard I was prophetess. Not wanting to be cast into a slime pit-at least right away-I did not immediately go out and broadcast this news to the world. In fact, it would be another year before I would even mention it to my husband! But in a second telephone call to Kent, without my asking, Kent just blurted out matter-of- factly that I had a prophetic gift. Whew! It was a relief not to have to ask. But it had been on my mind, especially since I had lately heard it in my journal. It would be a while before I understood that acknowledging a prophetic gift did not mean being prideful; rather, it is simply a recognition of a particular gifting to serve the body of Christ in a particular way.

In early December of ’08, a few things I had written seemed not to come to pass. My emotions were deeply invested in these matters, and events had turned out the opposite of what I thought I heard. The feeling that I had “missed it” led to discouragement and doubt. Why continue to try to hear, if the hearing was inconsistent? What good was this doing for anyone? The enemy persisted trying to discourage me. As we seek His face, there will come opposition. In fact, there were many personal trials, of unbelievable proportions, which buffeted me during this time, but I will spare you recounting them here. Let us just say, the enemy puts forth every possible reason to give up this quest as he tries to make us believe that seeking Him is of no use. But we know He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek HIM. Praise the Lord, who redeems our life from destruction.

In December of ’08, I wrote to Kent for a third word. I will not share it here, but it was a true prophetic word, and much of it has not come to pass yet. The word spoke of HIS resurrection power coming upon me. After all the dying to self, the coming of His resurrection power was GOOD NEWS. The Lord used this prophetic word to buoy me up as He helped me survive the holidays with the faith to continue on my quest to seek His face.

By late February, I continued on but I felt like I was in a holding pattern. Some days it seemed the words were perfect, other days it was all struggle and strain. Why should this be? I studied Kent’s CDs and ordered a few more books: Kim Clement’s Call Me Crazy, but I’m Hearing God’s Voice, and James Goll’s The Seer and The Prophetic Power of Dreams, Visions, and Open Heavens.

After reading these, I wondered about the visions. Why was my visionary ability so limited. I remembered “seeing” His face briefly that one time, and HIS approval of it. Where was all this going? I hungered for more clarity in my communication with HIM. I prayed. I wrote to Kent some of my issues. He responded: 3/7/09 to me

It is obvious to me, Tyane, that you are being groomed by the Holy Spirit for a special ministry. Like all things God does it takes some time. You will be tested to either serve Him or Man along with other issues that separate those who are called and chosen from those who just follow.

So I was being tested. It seemed like a very tedious test. Well, I was no stranger to long hauls. In my natural calling, teaching the violin had acquainted me with difficulties and frustrations of all sorts including waiting a long time to see any result. I was ok with waiting, yet sometimes I did feel as if I was about to burst if something didn’t change, soon! …But the Lord is faithful to encourage us, if we will receive it. A few days later, an old friend called. Gerald is a prayerful guy who probably wouldn’t style himself as a Christian mystic, but he is. We had known each other since the early 80’s when we were involved in a ministry together. Now and then he would call me with the latest political issue which had him up in arms, but on that day in March ’09, his heart was running along different lines.

Gerald began sharing how he had recently read an old book, a Christian classic from the ’30’s. The title was God Calling, edited by A.J. Russell. It was the true diary of two British women, nobly walking out their Christian service in the depths of poverty in Britain during the Depression of the 30’s. This pair determined to meet together each morning to pray and to write down what the Lord said to them personally. As I recall the story, they had only about half an hour for this purpose. (For a complete synopsis and more information, visit Gerald’s passion for the story lifted me out of the doldrums and excited me once more with what God was doing. Suddenly I saw my activity, which had become quite time-consuming, as having a historical precedent. I ordered the book immediately, and it proved a source of great inspiration. The two women, who in humility never disclosed their names, had faithfully recorded daily, for years, what they heard the Lord speak to them. I found that so many of the themes, so many of the ways of expression, were exactly what I was experiencing in my journals. It would appear our journals had the same Author. And now the Author was plugging one of His other books through Gerald. It was wonderful to have this confirmation of my activities, unwittingly, through an old friend.

Next I read a book called 101+ Ways God Speaks and How to Hear Him by Sandy Warner. There were many sections on the Lord’s ability to communicate through images. Now, my husband has always been the colorful and artistic member of the family. He does many crafts and hobbies and has painted and worked in various artistic media. His dreams are Spielberg-worthy. My dreams had always been dry and unmemorable for the most part. I felt my imagination was likewise boring. My sensitivity to color is so low that I have even been accused of wearing unmatching clothes…Let’s just say I rely heavily on others with a more artistic eye. If I was going to “see” any communication from Him, it would be a miracle. Yet I received the faith from HIM to ask for more vivid pictures. The Lord could do it. I knew I could not. Like a kid, I wanted the Lord to show me a picture.

On April 1, I seriously felt led to pray for a vision. It would add to my ways of communication and confirmation with HIM. It is important to sanctify even our imagination to Him. After praying, with pen in hand ready to write a description, I closed my eyes. What I saw surprised me. I saw a giant fish leap out of a lake and onto a large platter. Its silvery body draped over both sides of the white platter.

That was it. No word of explanation, nothing. The Lord was silent on what it meant.

I had no clue as to how the Lord would ever use this gift to bless anyone but me. I did receive words for people but He did not lead me to share them. Also, I was not recognized in my local church. That spring, I received a very strong word for a woman from church who had just gone through a family tragedy. I wrote the word out, and tried to send it to her. My computer actually froze, and the message did not go through. (By the way, the computer was almost brand new at that time. I do believe this was the Lord’s doing, to keep me in check.) The time was not yet. I gladly held back from delivering that word. This time in secret with the Lord alone was important. The Lord tests our hearts toward Him and with regard to the motivation for the desire for the gifts. All must be done for His glory. Of course, it is wonderful just to spend time with the Lord. But the gifts are given to express His love, not only for us, but through us. For we know that there is a lost and dying world waiting to hear, and time is short…

Now and then, I still spent a morning surfing through the prophetic sites. One day I I visited to a “free prophecy” site, one I’d seen before. In early ’08, I had almost written for a prophecy from this site, but backed out of it. There was a great validity and standard set by what I had experienced through the Lord’s words I’d received through Kent, and I did not feel a need for any other words. But this time, I felt the Lord leading me to write in to the free site, for HIS purposes yet unclear to me, so i did.

Bios were posted of the prophets and prophetesses who operated on this site. My request would be answered “randomly”. I always get excited by the Lord’s ability to work through “randomness.” Maybe the Lord would send another prophet or teacher along my path. At the very least, it would be interesting to see if this person’s word confirmed any of what Kent had written to me. Would he/she identify my gift or calling? What would the Lord say to them? I felt in some way there would be a corroboration. Would the Lord one day use me in this way? I submitted the request and then went about my day.

On Friday, June 12, 2009, a prophecy arrived anonymously in my inbox. It began with a prayer as follows:

We love you the Great I AM. Please continue to lead, guide and direct us in all your ways. We hid not our left or right hand, for you can have it all! Show us how to walk in purity and holiness. We want more holiness and purity. Fro you said the pure in heart shall see you, Father. We need you! We need you now! We will not settle for the mundane Christian walk that 90% of the bride engages in. Lord, we want the Enoch and Moses walk! We want the intimacy…we want to be true children of the King. Amen.

Then followed a prophetic word:

For the Lord shows me a…

What followed was the most astounding confirmation. A divine connection was struck in the very first line. To be continued!!

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Prophet, This was so touching to my core. Yeah, I am an easy going person and I love to live and laugh out loud. Some saints are so dry and they try to witness and why would any listen if their life is sad! Yes, I will continue to let the Lord lead me into all truth. Thank you dearly for your precious time and effort.

Brother Frank

Dear Sister Tyane,

Sorry I have taken so long to reply.

Thank you so much for this wonderful word. Thank you for taking time out of your day to wait on the Lord on my behalf, a stranger, and to give me a most precious gift.

This word was so accurate for my current situation, and the last news letter you wrote really resonated with me as well. I used to be very confident in hearing God’s voice, too confident and arrogant as a young christian. Now years later, I have fallen to the other side where I don’t trust myself to not warp His words with my own emotions. But this word was so encouraging and it gave me alot of confirmation that I am hearing Him not just running off my own steam.

I am not currently attending church, and it is such a blessing to be able to receive a beautiful word from God through you, and to remember that He sees me even when I feel like He doesn’t. I shouldn’t sound too forlorn, I am actually very spoilt by Him! Especially at the moment.

I just really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and let you know how much of an impact your ministering had on me.

Thank you x 1000

(Sydney, Australia)

“But Peter explained it to them in order from the beginning, saying: “I was in the city of Joppa praying, and in a trance I saw a vision, an object descending like a great sheet, let down from heaven by four corners; and it came to me. When I observed it intently and considered, I saw four-footed animals of the earth, wild beasts, creeping things, and birds of the air.”

Acts 11:4-6
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