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Dear Readers,

Ty Boye

Greetings, again, and today’s installment is dedicated to our Lord, who is the Revealer of secrets(Daniel 2:27) and who is the Master of the unexpected revelation. At just the right time and place, He is always giving us just what we need to move on-provided we have the eyes and ears and heart to seek Him.

I did learn once again the “importance of being “earnest”- to borrow a play title!-that summer! There were many crosscurrents of influence, and as I strained to figure out where His tide was taking me, He was right there all the time, making sure I landed just where I needed to be.

The Lord would have me honor the extravagant way in which so many in the Body of Christ have shared their time, prayers, and love and concern for me-ONLINE-during this whole process. I can truly attest that the Lord raised up an unusual support and mentoring group for me, in a very confusing time, in a way that could not have been achieved by any other ministry in which I participated on a local level.

Kent, Adam, DJ, Sandy, and so many others—except for the internet, these were total strangers who did not know me from, well, Adam. So it is with Spirit-led internet ministry. However, we share His Holy Spirit and calling, and that’s all it takes for Him to make the connection as He does the work. It is amazing how He mutually strengthens and and equips us, defying barriers of time and space. These friendships have led each of us to a greater fellowship with Him and a greater empowerment in His love than we had when we started.

“And I have declared to them Your Name, and will declare it, that the love with which You have loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”

John 17:26

Praise HIM,
Sister TY

Chapter 12: Expecting the Unexpected

In case you are new to this series, this is an account of an incredible 3 ½ year season in my life during which the Lord explained a whole lot about the prophetic and my part in it. When we left off last week, I was in the midst of giving a violin lesson when something strange happened.

As best as I can describe it, I became very aware of the Lord’s presence and was suddenly filled with an intense desire to pray. After the lesson, I ran into the bathroom (which, as we know from Kent’s article last week, can often serve as a Tent of Meeting!) and started to pray and felt a physical sensation like tingling and heaviness and joy all at once. It was unusual and unexpected, as I had never had any physical sensation during prayer before. Whatever had blocked this manifestation, suddenly became UNblocked. It was wonderful to enjoy God’s presence and feel His love in this way.

One day that summer, the Lord brought before me some unfinished business from my past. I remembered that I once promised a Christian friend that I would write and publish her life story. She had been a street preacher in San Francisco in the ’40’s. Where was the manuscript? I had laid it aside in 1981. She passed away in 1989… Somewhere there were the original notes I’d saved from the ’70’s as well… Somewhere in the attic of our 1907 home, the manuscript still existed. Now I am no Indiana Jones. How I dreaded facing the inevitable cobwebs and rat droppings. I climbed into the attic crawl space and switched on the light and rummaged around. Found it! Right there and then I prayed over the old spiral notebook. If the Lord still wanted this written, it was His concern to make it happen. I was available. That was that.

You will recall I had mailed for a prophetic word from Rev. Adam Larson. I did not hear from him for a while, and I wrote to him wondering if he had received my request. His reply was a lesson in itself of the importance of being in God’s timing:

from: Rev Adam and Leza Larson

Date: Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 10:41 AM


Thank you! I received your letter and have been seeking the Lord about you. I was going to postal mail his word back to you. I was wondering why he had not answered me yet. Now I know he was waiting for this so I could just email it. Daddy is so funny. I love him so much. He has a great sense of humor. I will email it to you when he speaks to me.

God Bless You!

Rev. Adam Larson

I appreciated his candor and waited with expectation. (Scroll down…)

In a few days, Rev. Adam sent the word, and here is a portion of it:

“I hear the Lord saying! My child I wish all my children would look to me as you do. You are the apple of my eye!

You know you are called to minister forth his word. He has called you as an Evangelist…

I see college in your sights! I’m not sure what that means maybe you do!

You want to be safe, and I will give you my peace and my peace carries my safety with it.

Guard me as the apple of your eye. Hide me in the shadow of your wings.
Psa 17:8
God bless You!

Rev. Adam Larson”

This all rang so true. I did want to be safe, as all of this prophetic was uncharted territory, and I was intrigued by the “college” in my “sights”. I did not know what it meant but I loved the idea; it resonated with my spirit. It had been several decades since I had darkened the door of an institution of higher learning. Well, I was game if this was what God wanted. With the extra time available to me during summer vacation, I confess that I indulged myself trying to “figure out this word”. School started in late August or September. Was the Lord indeed sending me to Bible School? Or was there a prophetic school nearby, in California perhaps, that I just had never heard of…

For several weeks I researched to see if I could any schools of prophetic knowledge nearby that could be considered “college”. Geographically I did not feel led away from my work as a music teacher in California. Yet I knew there was something the Lord was trying to tell me in this, a direction to go, a new place of learning. Here I was surfing again, perhaps trying a little too hard to figure out a prophecy… looking for this “college” in my “sights”. However, there was lasting fruit to this search, as after a few weeks I found a school in Redding, California at a church called Bethel. They had a School of Supernatural Ministry, and the more I read and heard about this ministry, the more I found common ground with all I was experiencing and learning. I began to study books by Bill Johnson, and hoped for a day when I could attend his School. I was curious as to the exact address, and found that it was:

933 College View Drive; Redding, CA.

Discovering this address for Bethel, and having the confirmation from Rev. Adam’s word, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of God’s peace and presence. Bethel was, and has continued to be, a real “college” in my “sights”. But the Lord had even more ways to unpack Adam’s prophecy. In the fall of ’09, practically speaking, there was an even more intriguing fulfillment directly ahead, a new level of personal “college” training I never could have invented or “googled” if I had tried.

You will recall the “whale on a plate” guy, DJ! He had a way of showing up in my email inbox quite unexpectedly, even dramatically.

This is DJ
Servant Of The Creator

to me


Hello my friend. How are things? How are you doing? What is the Lord doing for you and all through you? I sense this is a season of excitement for you. Yes, excitement, for why others are counting their losses and setbacks, you are counting your blessings!!! and the Lord is pleased and approved you for more blessings because you are thankful and humble… for He shows mercy on who He wills… He does what He wants and He says He shall show mercy on you. I see the Lord pick up a penny off the ground… The Lord says He is the God of multiplication. Many things do not make sense… for the miracle with the bread and the fishes didn’t make sense… and how I shall make your ends meet… shall not make sense to the one holding the calculator says the Lord. I shall come and I shall provide for thee. I shall provide for thee….I shall provide!!!!!!! (I feel the fire of God)!!!!!!

Certainly DJ had no way of knowing that I am one my family teases about finding pennies, stooping to the ground and picking them up, and not letting one go by. To me, picking up a pennies symbolizes finding a blessing in even the lowliest thing that crosses my path. I wrote back and confirmed this word. Then once again, this mysterious DJ disappeared…

By September I had begun occasionally to go into a trance, a very deep state of consciousness, when writing in my journal or praying. One Sunday I was a bit concerned and wondered if this was right or not. I began to research the subject. I found some articles online and started reading.

On that same Sunday evening, the Lord led JR and me to make an unexpected discovery: our next door neighbor, a mild-mannered landscape gardener, invited us into her home and disclosed to us that she did “trance-work” and that she had a degree in Celtic Shamanism. How uncanny that the Lord had led me into these trances and even study right before meeting her… I wrote to Kent after this particularly strange experience happened:

My Neighbor
Tyane B Boye

to emailhisword

Dear Prophet Simpson,

More prophetic activity and a question.

Last week I fell into a trance a number of times while praying. I often have had a swirling feeling but it’s gotten stronger. After one of them HE told me to research trances. That was Sunday morning–so I did, I researched Christian trances online for about 15 min.

On Sunday evening my husband and I were on a stroll and stopped to talk to our next door neighbor.We have prayed for her, but never knew much outside of her political views. She is always tending her garden in the front yard. This night she invited us in–said she had always wanted to do so. Her house was once a part of our property as a kind of granny cottage.

Immediately we saw masks, mirrors everywhere (even in the enclosed backyard), a degree in “Celtic Shamanism” on the wall. Basically I found out I am living next door to a practicing witch.

We passed by a bedroom that was entirely white but in my spirit I heard “Death”. Later we passed by it again and she told us she did “trance-work” there. She said it was “amazing how much information one could access.”

At about this time I was able to explain aloud (I had been praying inwardly) that as a Christian I was familiar with trances, had just read an article, etc. but this was not in alignment with Jesus. She of course said she didn’t feel that anything she did was evil, that it only helped people. Sure. Anyway, I had been praying for some reason for the Lord to bind the spirits on her in the name of Jesus so she could hear, and now I may have a chance to speak to her.

This would be a first for me with someone of this background. I slept little on Sunday night as it was all quite disturbing. Do you have any insight on this. I know I need to enlist more prayer.

Thank you, and I must say, I was amazed how the trance experience fed into the real life experience so closely. The Lord is constantly preparing me in amazing connections for what happens next.

Thank you as always for listening and your help. I pray you are all well today!

Praise HIM,
to me

Tyane, have you read this story that is in the book of ACTs?


He quoted Acts 10, which of course makes a very convincing case for the legitimacy of trances in the Christian experience. It was on that day that the Lord had shown me firsthand how the New Age has openly perverted yet another means of what should be communication with our Father God. Kent also suggested in another email that this experience was the Lord’s way of showing me, as I was entering into another level of prophetic study, that I had nothing to fear from this type of practitioner. “Greater is HE who is in us…”

My head was spinning; I was tired and just about to turn off the computer, but as I was archiving Kent’s reply, another message popped up unexpectedly in my inbox.

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 6:26 PM, Servant Of The Creator wrote:

Hi Tyane,

How is it going?


This DJ certainly had quite the sense of timing. I explained what happened, and again, the man disappeared. Who was he, and why did he always email me out of nowhere at critical moments?

Another few weeks went by, and again a now not-so-unexpected email from this DJ:

On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 2:26 PM, Servant Of The Creator wrote:

How are you?



The whole email was a canvas of stars. Sorry I am unable to reproduce it here. The effect was truly like receiving a word spoken in eternity.

On Oct 5, 2009, at 4:35 PM, Tyane B Boye wrote:

Dear DJ,

In light of His Presence and all the promises of the Lord, am doing very well indeed!

It has been an intense time of prayer for me, and I believe He is teaching me much about turning over my soulish enthusiasm to Him. Something I needed to learn a long time ago, but He gets around to everything when we let Him and in His time.

I remember you and pray for you often! And pray for times of refreshing for you!

Love the stationery! and the One Who designed it!



to me

My friend,

I sense God is about to explode in your life. I see Him and he is about to ignite the explosives. I sense God is about to flush some things out of your soul. I believe this things took place in 1992. I hear royal flush. In order for the new to flourish the old must be washed away. You will even feel a natural cleansing in your bowels…many times what happens in the Spirit transpires as well in the natural realm.


We exchanged a few more emails, and then DJ told me He felt the Holy Spirit was asking him to work with me, to train me. He said we could exchange emails; he would send me names of his friends and family, and I would seek the Lord on their behalf, and write him back with what I heard. Dj proposed to confirm the words I would send, so I could stir the gift in this way on a daily basis, 5 days per week.

I felt, YES! Nothing to be scared of! Either I hear Him or I don’t. Finally, a way to practice with a live human being! Granted, I did not know much about him, age, location, except that he was a longtime family partner, in the Armed Forces, and liked to send emails. I imagined he might be curious about who I was, as well…

Finally curiosity got the better of both of us, and we sent each other our pictures. Yes, I sent a picture of myself in the studio, looking like a kindly middle-aged violin teacher. We discovered to our mutual amusement that we were demographically quite “diverse”. A bit of DJ’s photo is found above. His face was quite intense-like flint, as he described it. Looks like I cropped it down too far. (Sorry, DJ.) Will publish the full photo next week, Lord willing.

Anyway, I agreed to DJ’s program, and so entered “DJ’s Boot Camp.” DJ sent the first three names for me to pray over, and I scribbled them down on a notepad. Slumped over in my chair, I stared at the names, prayed and pondered with the Lord. Right away He showed me something…

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Thanks Ty.

These words have brought fresh insights into the things I need to call forth into their lives (right now they are both wandering in the wilderness with no direction, no hope and I have resigned to the fact that only prayer will make a difference) and also confirmed some of what I have already discerned. You have a very clear and concise way of expressing what you receive from the Lord, which I value. It is very frustrating to receive a word, then have to try to decipher what is being said. I have also enjoyed reading your weekly digests on your journey into the prophetic. The key takeaway for me is that He who begun a good work will be faithful to complete it. As long as we’re hungry and seeking, we will step into the things that He has prepared for us… He will guide.

Be blessed.


My Dear Sister Ty

WOW! Thank you so much. This was an amazing Word and it came exactly in the time that it was badly needed !!!

I Praise God for speaking through you as this was exactly what i was asking the Lord to show me what gifting He has placed in me (if any !). Yes i felt as if ive been ‘misunderstood’ and ‘misdiagnosed’.

Yes there has been infirmities and fears in the family line that i’ve escaped from by God’s grace and I often pray over my hands for a healing ministry.

I do have a loving mate who is a Prophet, Pastor and Teacher. I live in Kuwait and my home is blessed as it is a place of worship and service. Even Today we have church in our home.

At our service on Friday my husband called forward volunteers who would like to join worship and dance ministry. A prophet who came over last month said that he saw a Children’s ministry and another saw a women’s ministry when they prayed for me. This is now a wonderful confirmation from the Lord Praise God.


I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine making request for you with all joy, for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

Philippians 1:3-6
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