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The Sunday TYM.E.S. (Meditations, Encouragement, and Sharpening in Him)

Dear Readers,

Ty Boye

Greetings, again! If you are joining us for the first time, be aware that there has already been quite a bit of water under the whale’s belly. Back issues are available, or visit my page on FB and scroll backward 13 weeks!

Today’s article deals with how I received my first prophetic word -in training- on behalf of another.

You will see it was not an earth-toppling word to the nations. It was a homely word, for a child. You will see that the Lord graciously gave me some words of knowledge, and in so doing wonderfully gave me greater expectations that spurred me on. You will also see that I made mistakes. You will see how I interacted with my mentors, who pointed me constantly to the Holy Spirit! There was accountability, and much encouragement from my flint-faced but loyal friend, DJ. Reporting to Kent weekly brought the week’s prophetic boot camp into a succinct perspective, and I appreciate and honor him for the way he always answered my emails, despite all of the personal crises going on for him at that time of which I had no knowledge.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? Kent and others have said that many times those with an interest in the prophetic most likely have a revelatory gift themselves. You too can be trained and equipped by the Holy Spirit to hear in the way He has designed for you. Your training may not “look like” mine-or Kent’s. But know if you will pray, hear, and obey the Lord,He will give you the revelation you need, as His sheep do hear His voice. As a child in HIS house, you need only begin to ask, seek, and knock.

“Then He said to them, “Take heed what you hear. With the same measure you use, it will be measured to you; and to you who hear, more will be given. For whoever has, to him more will be given; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.”
Mark 4:24-25

Praise HIM,
Sister TY

Chapter 13: A Child in His House

Last week I concluded the narrative at the moment when I was receiving my first prophetic word for an individual. You may recall how the Lord led me to DJ through a free prophecy website, and as the Lord would have it, DJ was someone well-known to Kent. The Lord started him out early, with dreams and visions. At one point when he was about 18 years old, DJ had purchased all of Kent’s teaching materials. I had to admire a zeal like that, in a young person. But just how young was he? Before the picture arrived, DJ sent me an email:

“I just had a weird thought. Were you wondering how old I am? I am 30 years old.”

We exchanged photos and had a good laugh over our demographic differences. I learned this “whippersnapper”, as I called him, was born in Mississippi and was from a similar heritage as the lady about whom I’d started to write that book…remember that one in the attic?

Anyway, regarding the training: after receiving the first three names from DJ, I sat and stared for a while, prayed, and then began to see some images and hear some words. I scribbled them down quickly. After doing so, I thought, “This was too easy; there’s got to be more…” I decided to get up early and pray again, hoping to receive more revelation. The Lord’s hand got me up at 2:45, and off I went to the studio where I prayed and waited and scribbled again. In the end, I heard nothing essentially new from what I had heard the previous day. So I went to the computer and typed out the visions and words and sent an email to DJ. “Monica” was first name on the list. Here is that first training session, reprinted below:

Subject: Monica

Monica is a child in My House. She is a beloved daughter of Dj. She is laughter and fun, a bit of a tomboy, tumbling down hills, running and skinning her knee. This girl is a caretaker. She has an animal hospital and wants to be a doctor or nurse someday.

But I will call her to be a caretaker of My people. Surely in the dark times ahead she will speak words of light and My abundance to many.

Monica has not always had the most stellar academic career. Trips to the library or joining a book club will help in developing her ability. Find the topics she likes to read and watch what will happen. Never doubt that the impediment to learning can be fixed. For if I can speak through My people, then surely I am able to help them to read, provided they come in faith and ask in My name.

Monica will teach her family how to flow in an unbroken stream of energy, She will love in the same way, and at times will need parental help as she will be quite vulnerable emotionally.due to her openness.

But I say she is mine. Her parents must teach her to find quiet time. Read a simple story of me to her. Just read quietly and pray and watch what I will do.

“When I consider Your Heavens, the work of Your Fingers”
Ps. 8:3
(Read rest of Psalm)

This little child is a reminder to all to laugh and be free. For My good pleasure is to give My children the Kingdom.

This joy will follow her always.

Glory be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Does she have a slight speech impediment? It will be healed.

Anyway, that’s what I heard…


DJ wrote:

to me

Was this for Gabrielle? She is my daughter. It is so accurate. Monica is my spouse.

Whoops! Lesson #1: Don’t assume you know whom the Lord is speaking about! The repenting began immediately. But before I could respond, his email was swiftly followed by another:


to me

Confirmation: Kent gave Gab a prophecy before she was born. He said she would be a doctor more along the lines of a psychologist. She loves to read!!!! She does like for us to read to her. She does talk too fast and she stutters some. She is so intelligent!!!

Great job!!!!


Tyane B Boye: “He was so encouraging! And thank God there had been some actual words of knowledge. I was so excited, and judging by the exclamation marks, I think DJ was, too!”

to Dj

Dear Dj,

Thank you for taking the time… I know He wants me to learn from this and it is very strengthening to my faith to learn that there was truth in this, as I really did feel I was flowing in the Spirit. This is the first time for me.

Well, to retrace my steps, when I first read the three names, the Spirit said that one was a daughter.

I decided (first mistake) to start with the first one on the list. I see now I needed to ask more who it was for. AFTER I FINISHED, I remember I had a sense that Gabrielle was also a daughter.

I heard it fragmented-not always complete sentences, I cannot say for sure that I heard the name Monica repeated so many times or at all, as I filled in the fragments to make sentences. HMMMM. Yes… I tended to add in the pronouns and make complete sentences as I went along, danger there. I took it down on a notepad in scribbles and then typed it this morning.

SO, I think the lesson here is to listen and ask for sure who it was for. I think I should have asked who HE wanted to talk about first.

Wouldn’t you know it would be the child!

I will go on with the others in the next few days, Lord willing.

God bless you and Gabrielle and Monica-the real Monica!

Another email arrived shortly! Again, I was encouraged to go forward with this by the confirmations. DJ proved to be one who loves to process and catalog information.



to me


1. She is full of joy and laughter.
2. She plays soccer and is a tomboy.
3. She is a care giver. She cares like a mother for her sister.
4. She got a prophecy from Kent about being a doctor.
5. She is very emotional and open. A sensitive soul.
6. Loves to read!!!!!! She is only 7 but reads on a 4th grade level!!!!!

You did excellent!!!!! You have a strong word of knowledge. Normally that is the first gift God uses prophetic people in.

Sent from my iPhone


All right! I had learned a few new things with the first training. Slowing down would turn out to be a problem for me, but the Lord is patient, and He had sent me someone patient and encouraging to help me as well. I did not delay writing to Kent.

Tyane B Boye



There have been some developments today (actually starting at about 3 AM) which have been exciting for me and which I wanted to share with you.

Dj occasionally writes me; he has been given many true words from me over the few months I have known him.

Since Monday, he unexpectedly sent me some of his favorite links, some words, etc., and then offered to help me if I wanted to get some “practice” in giving words for people. He said he wouldn’t show them, but just let me know how I did.

He gave me a list of three names. I decided to start with the first one.The Lord woke me up about 2:45 and I spent about an hour, first praying, then scribbling phrases down. Even some scriptures. I typed it this morning, adding in some pronouns and rounding out the sentences so they agreed with the sense of it. He wrote back immediately and said “That is so accurate” but was I sure that was for Monica and not for Gabrielle, his daughter. For I was led to write about a little child. It was definitely a child I was hearing about.

So I think I have learned something from this.

1. I should let HIM decide who He wants to talk about first.
2. I need to be careful inserting pronouns and names.

But all in all, I was very amazed to be used in this way. The Lord has been dealing so much with the need for me to turn over the rest of the soul stuff that is clogging up my hearing.

I told HIM it has to be HIM doing this because I am helpless. And I believe He is starting.

DJ said he pestered you a lot over the years as he is still learning a lot and said he is your Elisha.

I told him I hope I am not Gehazi.



Kent wrote back:

This is good! I am glad DJ is including you in the prophetic training. You are ready and you will learn a lot about the thoughts and ways of God ministering to various people.

At the end of each week, the Lord had me report to Kent. I called the emails “DJ’S Boot Camp”. This went on for many weeks, but here was the first report:

Tyane B Boye


to PMTkent

Dear Prophet Simpson,

It has been quite a week for me. For the last three mornings I have been up at 2:30 or so and then for the next 1 1/2 to two hours had quite interesting times of prayer and hearing. I seriously have never done this on behalf of someone else before; just did the journals for the past year, almost exactly one year.

Dj said the words have been amazingly accurate.

I have learned a lot already…mostly about how I rush to assumption and still need to quiet the soul down, in fact I don’t even trust my soul to be quiet; it just has to get crushed for the Spirit to do its work. Any advice you have, I most humbly welcome.

It is so serious to get this right.I was always a straight A student all the way through college. (Bad for my soul, good for my desire for accuracy). The LORD is teaching me the need to go deeper and deeper in reliance on HIM.

Anyway, that was the week at Dj’s Boot Camp.

(How long does boot camp usually last?? Just kidding. I think I already know the answer to that one.)

Praise HIM,
to me

Hello Tyane,

Perfecting the gift of prophecy, word of knowledge and wisdom are a life long on the job training. I have said it many a time; “It is not enough to hear God’s voice for you must know what He means.”



Day after day, DJ sent me names and I sought words from the Lord for them. In DJ’s family were names like: “Top Dog”, “Junior Boy”, “Pinky”, and “Gingerbread” (or just “Bread” for short!). Of course these were not the actual names on their birth certificates. The Lord knows who they are! Early on in the training, I learned just how detailed DJ’s confirmations of the words would be.
Here is one example:



1. she smokes
2. she has a defense system. She is single and her defense system is efficient
3. she can be mean to others, very bossy
4. she is deeply wounded. Her parents were very strict. She went to a boarding school when she was younger. I sense she is very much neglected.
5. I tell her she needs God to come heal her wounded heart. She is resistant. One day I think I broke through telling her my testimony…she wanted to know how did this happen if God is in control.
6. She is nervous and edgy. She takes medicine for being hyper.
7. This one you speak of she needs to move on from is her ‘friend’. It seems he is using her. They are not a couple but they ‘see’ each other. She chases behind him like a little puppy.
8. I do see her as a kitten, she can be sweet and she is frail at times. If you say the wrong thing she will break down.
9. She is moving within the month…wow! She is actually measuring her apartment as we speak on her lunch break.
10. she is very short and little stocky but not too much

(Her parents are living but she did lose a brother in law that was very close to her. That was probably what you were picking up. She considered her brother in law a brother.) What you do is, if it is vague, say it in a question form. I have missed it like that. Sometimes, I will say, if it was vague, ‘I sense a lost of some type’ and let it opened ended.

You were so accurate and it was done in love. T, wow!!!! The Lord is really stirring your gifts up… I sense your hunger now. God will do that to you…

Things shall continue to move fast. It is like going from the 1st grade in the Spirit to the 12th grade in a very short time.

In His Service,


After a few weeks, I found myself spending more and more time on this training, and losing more and more sleep as I enjoyed seeking the Lord in the wee hours of the morning. DJ commented:


Payton, Darrick

The prophetic definitely has a price! Any prophet you meet, they ALL have a story of lack, frustration b/c God shares His glory with nobody! Prophets are some of the most broken, sensitive people. I think God has it that way…so we won’t get the BIG HEAD.

I like books of the NDE too!!!!! You are like my spiritual MOTHER…or OLDER SISTER…is that better LOL…I take everything with a grain of salt…some might be true others not sound doctrine



All in all, I was enjoying it immensely. Training was never a dull moment.

Boot Camp with Dj, Week 3


Tyane B Boye
to PMTkent

Dear Prophet Simpson!

What a week with your protege, Dj, in training. Does this guy have unlimited energy or what? O, to be 30 again! At least for the energy part!

Anyway, there have been more words and accuracy and some very interesting developments as the Lord showed me a few very specific things about him…

NOW Dj has asked me to pray and write out a word for him; this will be the first time. I am waiting a bit and fasting as I ask on this.

Please pray for HIS total clarity and what HE wants to say to this young man to come forth. Thank you, and for the discs.

Thank you so much, and Praise HIM,



Glad to hear that your being stretched and still standing. I will continue to pray or your ears to be turned only to the voice of God.


After seeking a word for DJ, and uncovering some interesting personal information, including that he was about to be a father again (the Lord knew!), I felt I knew DJ well enough to ask if he would be willing for me to send him the story from my attic of the lady I had befriended so many years before. She had flowed in a prophetic gift and had grown up in Louisiana.

He agreed to read the story. I sent him a picture of me and the lady. He was intrigued. So it was that in addition to the prophetic training, I daily opened up Microsoft Word and began typing out the chapters of a long forgotten manuscript in an old spiral notebook.

Where was all of this going? Only the Lord knew. One day, DJ wrote and informed me Kent’s wife Andrea was sick, very sick. I had not known! Prophet Kent had given so much of his time to me…and I had not known….It was shortly after that that we were notified that she had gone on to glory.

Within hours, DJ and I made the discovery that we both….
to be continued


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…I just want to say thank you! I appreciate your word. I do know that the prophetic giftings and a healing anointing are within me. Anyway, thank you. I can not say that enough!!!


“And it shall come to pass afterward
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Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.
Your old men shall dream dreams,
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And on My menservants and on My maidservants
I will pour out My Spirit in those days.”
Joel 2:28-29

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