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The Sunday TYM.E.S. (Meditations, Encouragement, and Sharpening in Him)

Dear Readers,

Ty Boye

Greetings and welcome to CHAPTER 14 of the series “Getting Started Hearing His Voice”.

Please feel free to email me for back issues if you have missed one here or there! This week I recount more of the strange incidents which marked my experience as the Lord led me through an unprecedented time in my life. As you are trained in the prophetic, know that you too will land in uncharted territory. Your mind, will, and emotions will be tried and tested in ways you could not dream. But also know that there are others who have been there before you, and the Lord has a way of steering us to those who can help, as we rely totally on HIM. I have been particularly thankful for Kent’s help, as I know DJ has, too. This week you will learn more reasons why.

So today’s story surrounds how the Holy Spirit used strange experiences to intensify the training in DJ’s Boot Camp. As the scripture says, the Spirit searches the deep things of God. Strange occurrences became the norm, though in retrospect the Lord had spoken and prepared me for many of them into my journals ahead of time. There was a warning and then a whirlwind tour to my future home city in Texas. Then, back in California, the Lord set me up for a strange meeting with a local pastor in which “I inadvertently stumbled on” (translated: “the Lord showed me”) the reason why the prophetic was held back in our church. Next there was an emotionally devastating incident with a condemnatory “Mr. E” prophet. And as my training with DJ deepened, in December ’09, He gave a strange prophetic word with an even stranger outcome than most.

But I get ahead of myself. Today’s TYMES is pleased to introduce a special column from DJ Payton. As the Lord leads, DJ will begin sharing his testimony and insights in this newsletter. He is currently a very busy guy, but again, as the Lord leads, and in HIS time, Kent’s intention is to phase DJ into work here. If you would like to contact DJ, please write to: I will forward your email to DJ, introducing you. I know he will reply as time permits.
“And she bore him a son. He called his name Gershom, for he said, “I have been a stranger in a strange land.”
Exodus 2:22

Praise HIM,
Sister TY

Chapter 14: Stranger in a Strange Land

Last week we left off just as DJ and I were about to make the discovery that we both intended to attend the memorial service for Kent’s Andrea, in Texas. Warned in my journals ahead of time, I knew I would be traveling that weekend, but had not known the circumstances. DJ was driving in from Florida; I was flying in from the San Francisco Bay Area. We hurriedly made travel arrangements and texted our whereabouts. We met up on the day of the service, and I quickly found out that seers don’t necessarily have a sense of geographic direction in the natural. Let’s just say we “toured” Dallas for 2 hours a little–lost. On a serious note, it was strange to meet both DJ and Kent in person for the first time in this way. We spoke to Kent briefly, just wanting him to know our love and respect. Before our departure, DJ and I had some time to compare notes on the prophetic, discuss our diverse pasts, and speculate over the prospects for the book project I was sending him to read, in email attachments, chapter by chapter. We marveled at the strange way the Lord had crossed our paths for purposes not yet revealed.

On my return to California, I was more convinced than ever that my days in the Golden State were numbered. Since 2008, the Lord had used my journals to point this California girl to the strange State of Texas; I just didn’t know when, how, or why. So many currents of activity swirled around me in those days. It was an exciting yet exhausting time, as I trained, worked my full-time teaching job, wrote up chapters of my manuscript, and just responded to all the strange new places the Lord was showing me.

The Lord led me through some strange experiences with opposition from the church world, first from my own church. Remember I had never belonged to a church which recognized the gifts. But I had reached the lesson in John Paul Jackson’s “Art of Hearing God” course in which I was assigned to interview my local church pastor. A pastor/elder agreed to meet with me. I was armed with a list of questions to ask, the goal being to find out what the church’s view on the prophetic was and why. The pastor explained quite candidly why, but then suddenly seemed flustered, and said he regretted telling me these things and asked me not to tell anyone why. So I won’t tell you why, readers. But know that this strange interview yielded the answers I had been half-expecting. Suffice it to say, the “D” and “P” words were not politically correct in this body and were not on the horizon in the foreseeable future. The Lord had given me to know my days at this fellowship were numbered, too, and I wrote to<

Kent expressing my dismay. I record his sound answer below.


to me

I would wait as long as you possibly can before leaving your fellowship or exposing your hand. The Lord still has something there for you to do; you will know when it is completed.

As for the downtrodden friend; I can say that God will tell you things to say from time to time that do not come to pass (read the book of Jonah again).You will see that God sometimes uses us as fish bait. It keeps us humble and serves HIS purpose; He really doesn’t care about our reputation, just getting the job done even if we do not understand it.


This was SO right on; I thank the Lord for Kent’s absolutely solid word of prophetic counsel. I followed it and ended up staying another year. The LORD gave me much to do. More on some of that later.

Another strange experience occurred when I requested a prophetic word from someone to whom I was led during my training with DJ. We will call this mystery prophet “Mr. E”. MR. E gave me words filled with accusation and even condemnation. I am not generally a weepy person, but I was devastated. Mr. E’s word challenged and condemned everything I had experienced in the supernatural. I wrote to this Mr. E and tried to explain what I had gone through in the Lord, but it was as if he did not believe me. This Mr. E word was a serious attack, but the Lord was faithful to see me through it. Thank the Lord once again for Kent. Here are the emails we exchanged. I record this to comfort anyone who has received an over-the-top condemnatory word which left a bitter and hopeless taste in the spirit. Here is what I wrote, and Kent’s reply. Thank the Lord for Spirit-led, internet ministry.

Tyane B Boye


to emailhisword

Dear Kent,

I guess I forgot to check in with this! Well, last week was more of the usual ho-hum exciting prophetic words with Dj. I am still working on his vast family.

But all this Mr. E… stuff cast a dark shadow over my Thanksgiving, though I know in my heart I am free. Mr. E… followed up our conversation and threw the book at me, spiritually, making all kinds of inferences. The Lord warned me not to answer the phone, that I was no verbal match for him. Thank God I didn’t have to! Ends up he wrote to me, anyway, and I see what the Lord meant.

The first letter recommended me to seek deliverance, as I “may” have, in his view “residue of demonic incursion.”

I wrote back and said, in a nutshell, that I know I am clean in Him, to Him be the glory, etc.

His second letter felt highly charged with emotion. It was filled with his discernment of all kinds of demonic activity he has sensed on me… My head was reeling from reading it. I would forward it to you, but it is just upsetting to see so much accusation unleashed. If you want to see it, I would be (un)happy to send it.

Bottom line for Mr. E… is that the Lord would never operate the way I described He has in my life, so it must be a demon, or as I just related, in his view, many of them.

I have now understood how you must feel as I am sure you have experienced these kinds of accusations from noble sounding, but I believe misguided Christians. The letter felt really ugly, dirty, and frankly I sensed a great deal of emotion in his second letter to me, warning that my blood was not on his hands.

I am so thankful for you, Kent. I am thankful He was faithful to send me to someone with the discernment and prophetic gifts you have. The scariest place to be is to accuse the work of the Holy Spirit to be something other than of God. I am thankful the Lord protected me from this type until I was strong enough to handle it in Him.

Praise HIM,

Tyane, I am sorry you are being bullied by this fellow. If I were you, I would not open any more of his mail and just forget it. I sure don’t care to read his rhetoric. I think I have already heard it all a thousand times or more.

Chin up Girl. “In Christ Jesus there is NO condemnation.”



E-nough said!

Now, I only joked that the training with DJ was “ho-hum”. In fact, it was never boring. In late December ’09, right before Christmas, the Lord gave our strangest word yet for DJ’s Uncle Ray. While receiving the word, it seemed too good to be true, “pie in the sky”. I remember distinctly being amazed at the Lord telling me that Ray was so extremely blessed, that he was going to get a new house and car in the coming year, that it was all for the better. It felt as if this Ray fellow had won the lottery. I shorten the full prophecy and condense our correspondence as I reprint it below. Can’t remember why I called DJ “Mad Dog” that day, but the date was 12/22/09, and DJ had sent the name “RAY” for training.


Dear “Mad Dog” DJ,

Finished early, just in time! Will check for comments later…!




Ray’s faith has the power and strength of a simple declarative statement. For all the Lord’s children are given faith in some measure, but Ray’s is the gift of faith…

Ray is the kind of father who naturally hangs with the kids, who adore him. Indeed, Ray is the kind of person who makes everyone feel comfortable, such is his gift of hospitality. He is a spiritual stress reliever. Some would say, that’s just his personality, but in fact that personality is the fruit of a solid unshakable faith. And he has witnessed supernatural healings and prophetic utterance and this has left him no room for questioning the ultimate realities…

There is a relative he is helping financially. This will soon cease to be a necessity.

He will be rewarded with a number of financial and circumstantial blessings in the coming year.

I do hear house and car will be changed. This will all be for the best.

Ray, get outside in the sun and move about as much as possible. Heard you should walk your dogs, whatever that means! Seek additional training in your field. Make time for this. It is ok to take this time, I hear.

I was soon to find out that Uncle Ray was actually Reverend Ray, a well-loved pastor. Within 24 hours, on 12/23/09 I received this strange confirmation from DJ:

I just received a call from my mom… Rev Ray was reading his Bible and started to shake and then….

To be continued.


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Wow… I am weeping… Thank you and bless you! This word is extremely timely and sheds light on my situation and gives Hope that it is all for a reason and bigger purpose. I have held on to that but it is always helpful to have confirmation and deeper understanding. So so encouraging and gives me more to hope in and encouragement to keep pressing in and pressing on. It’s been a long 49 years, good but hard, and the last few I have been fighting for my very life. Bless you for the work you are doing! What an amazing gift! “I wish that you all would prophesy”! Thank you for your obedience.


Dear Sister Tyane,

Thank you so much for spending time with the Lord for delivering these encouraging words to me that are very true. You are right on everything that you said. It is true I have three important things that i put before the Lord, the very important and first one being getting a job. I haven’t found the job yet but I will trust his word, i.e. it will be a deduction soon. You were right about the other two issues too, about me sneaking to peek on them everyday, that is very true but now I know that he deliberately hides them from me. It is amazing what you said about my prophetic gifting. I receive prophetic messages in dreams. Like you said everything is not to tell and there is timing for it too, these i am beginning to learn. I’ve tried to confront some of my families from what i received and some of the response is not good, so i am on training and learning. I am blessed by your words that are uplifing and I would like to say thank you again.

God Bless you

“Looking into the eyes of the Creator”

by DJ Payton
Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.
Matthew 5:8

Chapter 1- Background and Introduction into the Prophetic

Greetings in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

My name is DJ and I am glad to be a part of PMT as I have been for many years as a partner. Now, Prophet Kent Simpson is a true prophet and a true friend. He reminds me of Prophet Amos…if I had to paint a picture of the character of Amos it would be Kent. Prophet Kent is a humble man and one who carries Heaven to Earth many times.

I am honored to bring Heaven to Earth with PMT by His grace. I will paint a picture of my prophetic journey and tell you about being disciplined (know a lot about that), misinterpreting Him (know a lot about that), hearing Him, what He loves, feeling things in the Spirit, journaling, how to rely a message, dreams, visions, angels, third Heaven visits, etc. A journey is the best word to describe learning to receive communications from the Holy Spirit because He is so patient and there will be good and bad days and up’s and down’s but through it all He will be there.

Before I begin telling my journey into the prophetic, let’s have an icebreaker. I am married to a wonderful and beautiful woman, Monica who is quite the prophetess by His grace. My children are: Gabrielle (10), Ovyel (4) and Sorayah (2). I love sports, cruising the oceans with my beautiful wife, Monica (addicted to big blue ocean), vacationing with the family, addicted to reading about the supernatural in church history, reading about the Desert Fathers and suspense movies. I am from Ocean Springs, Mississippi….about 5 minutes from Biloxi, yeah we don’t like folks named Katrina from where I’m from. It’s a nice place, down home kind of feel, sno’ cones (coconut is the best flavor) in the summer and homemade meals (fried chicken, fried catfish and shrimp, red beans, etc) with all the fixings. I hear your stomachs.

My childhood was the best, nothing beats the country! We rode bikes up and down hills, played with our guns in the woods, played all kinds of sports until we about passed out, fire cracker wars, high school football and basketball games and then there was church. Well, going to church was not an option, I was a prisoner in that regards. The warden, my grandmother came every morning to ensure I was clean and ready to report as ordered. I was at Sunday School every Sunday with 11:00 worship following. The church I went to was Freewill Missionary Baptist church. It was a typical southern black church with hells fire and brimstone preaching and getting folks saved was the only business. One time in church Rev B. asked whoever was saved stand up and I did not stand up. I feel like an outcast and it was not that I did not love God but the God they projected I wanted no part of. I sat there alone and the only one who did not stand up and I felt like the loneliest person in the universe. I was terrified of God!

This went on for years the church was a small building but eventually something supernatural happened. Rev B. was the pastor and the Lord has him draw a new church building sort of like Noah with the ark and Moses with the tabernacle. Rev B.’s background was Church of God in Christ so speaking on tongues was normal for him but he had to slowly incorporate that into the Baptist setting at Freewill.

Now the background before Rev B. was the church was ran by religious spirits. We had all kinds of board meetings and a board meeting in the South could mean deacons carrying pistols if things don’t go right…yeah that ain’t no typo I am from the DEEP south. Yes, it happened and Rev B. was confronted by a pistol for trying to change the church into some “holy roller” church. Now, that is a little background on Freewill. Let’s fast forward to my teenager years and encountering the prophetic.

Now in the South, revivals are common so one time there was a prophet coming to Freewill???? Night fell on a cool Mississippi summer night and my cousin Chris and I walked down to the church. I did not tell you the church was like 5 minutes away, I could never dodge the deacons and skip out. It was standing room only and this was before we moved into the new building Rev B. got in a vision and to my surprise a white guy came out in a colorful suit and he was CRAZY in my opinion. As usual, “people damned for hell” sits in the back of the revival…so my cousin Chris and I sat on the last row. I have never seen a prophet but this guy looked like a charlatan if I knew what that word meant back as a teenager. The service was in high spirits and people was falling out…and I was like why is this guy pushing people down, how rude. Anyway, the service went on and as I was daydreaming and thinking about playing basketball tomorrow, he pointed me out and said…tune in next week.
But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the ages for our glory, which none of the rulers of this age knew; for had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love HIM.” But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.”
I Corinthians 2: 7-10

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