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The Sunday TYM.E.S.(Meditations, Encouragement, and Sharpening in Him)

Dear Readers,

Ty Boye

Welcome to Chapter 15, entitled “Timing is Everything”. The setting: end of one year, beginning of the next. I was jogging on a treadmill, waiting for the right time to jump off. Longingly, I cried, “When, Lord?” I was strained and stretched, working a heavy teaching load, doing daily prophetic training, and slugging through an old college manuscript preserved from the late ’70’s. I felt I was ready to move out of this strange land, but “where to”?

I scoured for any crumb the Lord might drop to mark the trail out of the woods. The destination, I thought, was more prophetic work, hopefully in a “live” format with real-time interaction on a personal level. Would I need to be ordained with laying on of hands? How would that happen? And, when?

Turns out I was hungry for answers that the Lord was not yet ready to give. As I waited on Him, what He did give was much more than a “crumb”! It was a new direction and focus that proved to be crucial. Turns out it was His time to answer some very old prayers I’d once shared with a lady friend of mine who currently resides in heaven. I had been so busy obsessing over climbing to the next prophetic level that I almost missed what the Lord was doing. The Lord was slowly unveiling a new destination for my life, a new “mission.” When I finally “saw” it, my adrenaline shot up quite a few notches, and I jumped off the treadmill and knew where I was going. It was finally time for a 30-year-old “hope deferred”! And I didn’t have to make it happen; still don’t. He revealed it, and will reveal it, in HIS perfect time.
“They said therefore, “What is this that HE says, “A little while?” We do not know what He is saying.”
John 16:18

A column was started in this letter last week by my dear trainer and Bro., DJ Payton. In His time, he will appear again.

Praise HIM,
Sister TY

Chapter 15: Timing is Everything

Last week, you will recall I had received a word in my daily training for a man named Uncle Ray. He was not a bio uncle, but he was a Reverend. It had been a flashy word that seemed too good to be true. But within 24 hours, my trainer had confirmed an unusual fulfillment:

I just received a call from my mom… he died. Rev Ray McIntyre was reading his bible and started to shake and then died…strange the timing between his death and the prophecy request… eerie. I am not sad… Ray is talking with Elijah right now I bet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A bit shaken, I responded swiftly.


Praise the Lord. He is in a good place. It is eerie, though. Well, he is definitely getting that “additional training in his field.” Wonder about the “change of house and car in the coming year”… if this isn’t a partial fulfillment of that… Ray has changed house for sure and has a new means of getting around.


So this word of great changes for the better was for a man who was unexpectedly taken to his heavenly home the next day. I do believe the departed saints are active in Heaven! I thought of my friend Minnie and a few others I knew to be “employed” there as well… I felt a renewed awe of the timing of the Lord. HE has a word for us, up to the end and beyond!

A change of seasons was in the air. Two of my last official acts of ’09 were: 1.) accidentally brushing my teeth with a tube of athlete’s foot cream (Mark 16:18)(PTL I survived), and 2.) operating prophetically to help find some missing music while at a NYE gig. By now I had learned that the Lord marked time with unusual events as a way to speak to me. He seemed to be saying, “You are going to be safe, and real words for real people are coming.” Now, I enjoyed training, but yearned to get out and be used by the Lord to do “real” words for people. Was I ready? Did I need to be ordained? How would that work, since my local church did not recognize the gifts? I was seeking the next step and looking to find or hear or see signs of HIS timing at work. I wrote to Kent:

Dear Prophet Simpson,

I hope this finds you well and rested. Prayer for you continues! …By His Grace, 40 written prophecies by my count are done as of today…This week I was set to begin an over the phone prophetic course (spoken word) through Brother Q, but oddly my registration got messed up and I couldn’t start, so I prayed and then decided to just let it go for now. Many times during this process, if the Lord didn’t want me to send something or the timing wasn’t right, the computer froze. I thank Him for protecting me from mistakes or bad timings, except for the ones I’m ready to learn from…QUESTION

I just got home to find an email in which Mr. X has asked me to join him as part of his (prophetic) team on an online prophecy website…I told him I would pray about it and also ask you what you hear concerning this. Thanks.

Praise HIM,

PS. I always thought one needed to be ordained for something like this; certainly there is no one here locally I can relate to concerning this…

Kent wrote back, not quite answering everything… Sometimes the things he did not mention spoke louder than the things he did. After prayer, I was feeling that the online prophetic team was not where I was supposed to be yet, anyway.

The practice is good and helps you strengthen the gift God has given you. As for ordination, well, did you not go through our course School of Prophetic Knowledge? This correspondence course comes with ministerial papers.

I never joined the online free prophecy team, but the daily practice continued and the papers arrived with a PMT logo and a gold seal. Around that same time, I felt the inspiration to tell Kent about the unfinished book project.

Dear Prophet Simpson,

It has been another great week. I think the list of 100 is almost half done. I am finding it easier to go for longer periods of time. One project that I have undertaken is to write the life story of the prophetess I met in 1976, Minnie Johnson. She was originally from a town in Louisiana– Heflin.

Minnie… used to give me little prophecies and big ones as I visited her over many years, taking down her life story. I am almost done with the transcription. I am up to where Jim Jones… I am now realizing, as I transcribe her story, that there are many prophetic lessons in it… Someday, when I polish it up, I would like to make it more accessible to others, as the Lord leads. If you would like to see it, in its current form, I think you would enjoy it and I would be happy to send it to you.

Praise Him,


I imagined someone like Kent probably had a lot of people tell him about books they were writing or intended to…someday. It delighted me to receive this response:

YES! I would be very interested in reading the story about Minnie Johnson.


Kent connected me to Sandy Landry, a partner in this ministry who currently writes for his newsletter. It thrilled me to receive her assessment of the manuscript in its infancy.

Tyane B Boye


to slandry, emailhisword

Dear Sandy,

Thanks for your interest in Minnie’s story! …As told at the end, I put the notes together many years ago while in college, but for obvious reasons it has always felt like a “divine appointment” to do something with it. Off and on over many years I have prayed about how and when to write it, but until now I had never shared it with anyone but my Afro-American Studies professor…..

I had only sent the script to Kent because… I was amazed to see that there was so much of the prophetic in it, start to finish. As a young person, I had not understood her life in the way I do now that I am more involved with prophetic ministry. Reviewing the old notes was like getting to know her all over again.

Another delay has been that I am a “foreigner” to the South. Some of the dialect went right past me; still does! Surely I would need help from someone who knew how to make this sound authentic. Where I could, I did try to slow Minnie down and get the exact words. But even she had to “translate” for me, sometimes!

I hear you are a writer! I would greatly welcome your thoughts. Thank you so much!

Praise Him,
Tyane Boye


It was wonderful to receive Sandy’s enthusiastic reply.

Sandy Landry to me


Dear Tyane,

I was taken with the language and could just hear her talking. And, of course, with the determination of the prophet, her black and white mindset, and the way she could see what was happening.

I am a Southerner. I grew up in Miss. and La. and am very familiar with the culture. I am an English major and have always liked to write. Last year, a California ministry (Plumbline; Arthur Burk) published my book which was stories about redemptive gifts: the seven spiritual gifts in I Cor. 13 and Romans 13. I am working on a novel at the moment.

You do possess a treasure. It grabbed me and I couldn’t put it down.

I think it should be written from Minnie’s point of view, like it is as either a first person account of her life or her telling it to a grandaughter, or even you, just as it happened.

The value I see in the book is she had no training as a prophet, and yet she was one from the time she was a little girl. She brought conviction to people, even as a child, just by being. That is profound.

I know that I could help you with “authentic” dialect. I would like to search out a few books that are sort of similar to what I am thinking and I will let you know what I find.

Thanks for getting back to me. I will be in touch.
Sandy Landry

The pieces were falling into place. I paced around the house, my mind darting all different directions. The next day, I wrote to Kent. I saw the Lord’s timing all over this “Minnie book” and tried to explain how, basically, I had been waiting 30 years for a “Sandy”…

Tyane B Boye



Thanks, Kent,

I do feel already (Sandy) is one I could trust to help with or act in whatever capacity the Lord leads in this.

I always knew it could not be written until I found:

–A Christian writer (and) A dialect specialist;…

But what I DID NOT know till NOW is that I also needed someone with a sympathy and understanding for prophetic ministry-maybe even another prophetess, who would not be too religiously or politically correct to tell the truth in this. Minnie would not tolerate me writing myself out of the story, she wouldn’t tolerate a made-for-tv version, or an over-religious version. She prayed a lot, but most of it was in secret, lots of time all night. So sometimes she would just know things and act. Some Christians might say, she didn’t pray in the instant, or overtly. But now I understand there were things about her circumstance and people in her path she already knew from the many hours she spent alone with Him.

Minnie definitely would not allow an angel to just be a “passer-by” in the script. or a “voice” she heard to just be her “imagination”. She knew and differentiated the Spirits that talked to her, good and bad. It would have to be her way or not at all. There was no compromise with this person! I found out once it was a sin for women to wear pants, and would not dare appear before her in anything but a dress!

So I am excited about this connection, for it seems Sandy fills all the needs. But with Sandy in the midst of writing a novel and me in the midst of another strange life-scenario, we both will have time to pray on it and meditate before taking any further action until He says go with it.

Praise Him,

Kent wrote back in a timely way:

Your wisdom and timing amazes me Tyane. I’m very blessed to know you. Sandy will do justice to you and Minnie’ story and respect your wishes.


The strange prophetic experiences continued as I continued to take the time to seek HIS timing. The prayer session described below was my first “live” prophetic encounter, and it turned out that His timing was critically apparent.

Tyane B Boye



to emailhisword

Dear Prophet Simpson,

Am just slowing down to one practice a day on these last 14 training exercises and taking extra time to seek Him on what is next. Some of His answer to me has arrived already, I believe.

I had an experience on Friday where a parent asked me at her kids’ lesson to pray for her elderly mother with dementia who was lost and wandering the streets of Singapore for a few days last week. I said we had better pray right then. Somehow I knew it would be answered quickly.

A few hours after her son’s lesson, she emailed me that her relatives had just called…to be continued.

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Woman of God!

Thank you so much for this profound and in depth prophetic word. Everything was so on point and it ministered to me tremendously and was 100% accurate.

I praise the Father for this wonderful ministry and will be sowing a much deserved seed very soon!

Bless you!
Pam, Georgia

Hi Ty,

Just thought I would update you on what has been happening for me since I received your prophecy last month. Here’s a bit of background.

I had wanted to study ultrasound and I had contacted over 100 clinics in the area trying to get a traineeship, but after 5 months I still had no success (it is very hard to find a paid traineeship in sonography at the moment and the profession is in crisis in Australia).

So I decided to take a new nursing job because I really need to stop doing night shifts. Anyway, I went through rigorous interviews and got offered a great job in an IVF clinic, happy to have a new challenge and a day job, it looked like a great blessing because it was tough competition! I was meant to start in two weeks, but then I got a prophecy from you, saying God would provide that which I had given up on, ultrasound, by the end of the year.

I had friends telling me it wasn’t God and I should just start having babies, as you addressed in the prophecy.

Two days later I received an email from the very first X-ray clinic I had contacted five months earlier. It was the one I had most wanted to work in. They said they may have a trainee position, and would I do a trial for a month, one day per week? Well I was so excited at how quickly God worked and had I not received your prophecy I would have hesitated giving up my new IVF role, especially for a one day per week trial, but I was confident in His word that this was it!

And a month later I was just offered a full time traineeship and half my course fees paid ($15000). I am super super blessed (I did tell you I was spoilt) and I am very thankful for your obedience and the timeliness of your prophecy.

I just feel like I should reiterate that for you, the timing was so very important or I would have missed that wonderful window of opportunity…

So thank you again Ty, just thought I would send you a little background info and an update so you are blessed by all that you send out, that it may be multiplied back to you.

“Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming. But know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into.”
Matthew 24:42

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