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The Sunday TYM.E.S. (Meditations, Encouragement, and Sharpening in Him)

Dear Readers,

Ty Boye
Happy Mother’s Day to all my sisters in the Lord! And welcome, all! Thank you for the comments and prayers which arrive in my inbox daily. This series is nearing completion, and it has been a joy to tell it. Back issues are available!

Today I reach a place in the story where the Lord began to fit pieces of my personal puzzle together. The vision for our family’s immediate future at last became clear. Yes, there are some glorious days in which everything is clear, all of HIS purposes evident, and enough of the dots connected to take a big step into His plan for us. Does it feel that way for me every day?? Not hardly. Sometimes dots are hazy and the picture changes color. Or maybe I just forget to put my glasses on. In either case, for the “rest” of the time, we walk by faith and listen for HIS word!

“Connecting dots” for me signifies more than just putting together pieces of revelation about personal gifts and calling. For me, “connecting dots” signifies seeing how I fit with other “friends on a mission” who crossed my path in the Lord’s timing. People, with all their diversity of gifts and calling, are His dots. We His dots need connection. Many times in this journey I have been in awe of just how much we who serve Him need each other and each other’s prayers to “stand perfect and complete in all the will of God”.

“Epaphras, who is one of you, a bondservant of Christ, greets you, always laboring fervently for you in prayers, that you may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.”
Colossians 4:12

Praise HIM,
Sister TY

Chapter 16: Connecting the Dots

Last week I started to tell another story of how the prophetic began to operate openly in my daily life. There was an incident in which an agitated parent entered my studio and immediately asked for prayer. This was unusual in the sense that she was not yet a believer. However, her elderly mother with dementia was lost and wandering the streets of Singapore. The entire family was in a fearful panic. I said we had better pray right then. Her youngest child stood next to me. Somehow I knew the prayer would be answered quickly. A few hours after…she emailed me that her relatives had just called. The mom had just been found; she had fallen into a puddle in a busy street and passed away. She had been a Christian. The (students’) mom wrote:

Thanks, Tyane

Her death document registers 10:45am (our time, 6:45pm) as time of death. I’m assuming that’s the time she was found. We prayed at about 6:30pm.

The Lord used this synchronicity to spark our connection, and thereafter when she and the kids came for lessons, we discussed the Lord and the prophetic. The Lord used this incident to bring faith to life and deepen our relationship with Him and with each other. All glory to the Lord.

During this same time frame, much drama came down at my local church. I’ll call this mega-church body “ABC”. Perhaps some of you attend an “ABC”. For anyone who has ever suffered a church split, you know how the atmosphere gets charged with anxiety and emotion. ABC was a huge diverse body with fantastic community outreach, global missions, media ministry, and a gospel choir that would bring you to your knees. At the time of this incident, many unresolved issues bubbled just beneath the surface, as if awaiting some catalyst. In this “ABC” drama, the Lord demonstrated to me how the prophetic gift might operate in a corporate setting, even if only as a direction for intercession.

You recall how the Lord had orchestrated an interview situation in which I discovered that the prophetic was “off limits” at ABC. I prayed, and subsequent to that meeting, the Lord gave me words regarding the future of this body. No, I did not tack 95 prophetic words in the ABC church lobby. In fact, I did not share these words with anyone, not even my husband. The Lord said not to. (In the long haul, these were GOOD words, btw.)

Six weeks after receiving the “for my eyes only” words, I arrived one evening to a music rehearsal at the ABC sanctuary. I parked, and felt something almost like electricity surrounding the building. In fact, there was such tension in the air that I sat and waited in the car. Something was not right; I heard HIM say what it was…I called JR: “I am calling you to document this,” I said, “but I believe our senior pastor has resigned.” Then I went inside, played through the rehearsal, and at the end, the music pastor directed all of us to sit in the auditorium. He prayed and we sang a song a capella. This was a worshiping church. I felt the Lord and a poignant grief in this moment. Then the music pastor announced that our senior pastor had just resigned. Loud shrieking and angry emotion erupted from the choir. Grown men were sobbing. Our pastor was, and currently is, a much loved man of God. But his decision was a surprise to all, and it took many months for ABC to seek the Lord and process the change.

I just sat and stared in amazement, saddened, to be sure, but also in shock that I had “heard” this before the rehearsal, in the parking lot.

A few days later a very dear associate ABC pastor approached me as I was getting my violin ready for a service. I’ll never forget his words. “Well,” he said, “Didn’t that news about our pastor hit you like a sock in the stomach?” Another shock: the Lord had mentioned in my journals that this associate would one day approach me and discuss the prophetic…this was to be that opportunity! I replied that it wasn’t a total surprise because the Lord told me when I was sitting in my car out in the parking lot before the rehearsal. Then I briefly told him about the prophetic studies, etc.

At first he made no comment. Oh dear, I thought, I guess he just thinks I am trying to be a smart-aleck. But I had misjudged him. He looked away and mused: “You know, I need to spend more time in the spirit realm. I used to. But now I am so busy working in this huge ministry that it’s hard to find the time…” Someone interrupted us, and it was back to work.

We never spoke again.

Suffice it to say that two churches eventually formed out of ABC, and one big difference between them currently is the recognition of the operation of the gifts of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit saw it coming, of course, and used the ongoing situation to teach me how the Lord can use revelatory people to “see” into the underlying issues in church dynamics. The Lord led me to evaluate the timing of my coming into the prophetic in the context of ABC’s issue with the spiritual gifts. Much prayer went out for these folks. Though I never considered myself a “somebody” in the ABC organization, I learned that He can and does talk to whoever has an ear to hear about whatever He wants to. It is between us and HIM what to do with His words. Prayer and obedience are key.

Sandy and I continued to correspond by email about the Minnie book, and as our connection deepened, I offered to fly out to Fort Worth to meet her. On April 23, 2010 I left on one of the most exciting adventures of my life. (JR was detained in California.)

It was a late Friday afternoon arrival at DFW. Sandy picked me up at the curb, violin and all. Her hospitable demeanor put me at ease, and I began sharing my story such as I have shared with you- and more! We drove back to her apartment, and there I also met Sandy’s husband, Glenn. A truly gritty John Wayne type, he enjoyed tossing out small bits of information about himself, most of them purposely misleading. Did I say he was quirky in a Texan sort of way? Glenn has been known to ride his Harley while listening to Bach; he shoots unwary armadillos with a cross bow or a “Judge”, and not surprisingly, he has taken part in deliverance ministry. At least in casual conversations, Glenn likes to sit way back, chewing on a toothpick, silently plotting with the Holy Spirit, letting the wheels spin long before finally drawling something quite profound and pointed. He is a spiritual sniper for the Lord.

On Saturday we all hung out and talked over the book and many things. Kent arrived, and we drove the freeway to Dallas. In a silent moment, Glenn unexpectedly raised his voice to me in the back seat: “Tyane, I have a favor to ask you.”

“O-K,” I said, cautiously. What could this be? Was it some sort of test? Lord, help.

Glenn paused, still weighing his words. He turned to confer with Kent, next to him in the passenger seat. Kent urged him: “Go ahead and ask her.”

To be continued…

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Dear Ty

That word is so VERY accurate! Thank you for hearing the Lord and sending that! There were certain things you mentioned that only God could have known about. For one: the tribes. You see, I am Alaska-native…1/4 Eskimo, and attend some of the tribal meetings in this part of the state. I belong to the Chugach Region Alaska Native organization. In fact, the very day I recieved your word I had just come out of one such meeting, with others, to hear our CEO speak.

Also, I have occasionally donated to the Lakota Sioux Indian tribal school in Buffalo County, S.D. They are said to be the very poorest of the poor (in this country), with an average household income of just $5100 per year. A spirit of hopelessness and futility pervades the area, and alcoholism is rampant. Alcoholism is also very widespread among the native eskimo and indians here in Alaska. Abuse of family members is high. Our suicide rate is the highest in the nation. A nation, or people, suffers much that does not recognize and serve the Lord.

RE: The person with the “heavy-handed” approach to communication. Yes…(LOL) there were several, not just one. But it seemed to have started with one, and then spread. And I have forgiven them. Our relationships are now so much better if I do not respond in kind to harsh words, but only show love and respect…to keep a watch on my mouth.

RE: the old boots you saw. I had been actively searching for a new pair of wading boots , to use with my chest waders. The old boots hurt my feet because they didn’t fit well; they were too small. A small thing, perhaps, but God cared enough to mention them…I think that’s amazing! (that He should care even of the small things in our lives) Other things you mention appear to be future events that have not yet transpired. For example: the triangular driving route hasn’t happened yet, but that would not surprise me, as I would like to get actively involved in some sort of ministry promoting the Gospel. I am retired now (entering mid-60’s) so can devote more time to this.

Like you mentioned, I have at times in the past, operated in the prophetic, but to a very limited extent, but that can always change. It is really the MIRACLES I’ve seen and experienced that just totally amaze me! I have witnessed totally frozen water pipes (in my old trailer house…on a frigid -17F winter morning) thaw out INSTANTLY. And I do mean instantly! After finding out that morning that I had no running water at all, I had sat down at the kitchen table in self-pity and despair, opened the Bible, and read outloud Psalm 63:1:

“O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is”

As soon as I came to the words “where no water is” and had read them aloud, ALL of the water faucets in the entire house instantly gushed water out…at full force! (I had left them wide open, but not a drop came out) I was utterly astonished…and speechless! I KNEW it was the Lord! I was poor, no job, almost no money, in poverty, but the Lord was there! That was a long time ago…maybe 1970. I was only 2 yrs old in the Lord.

Another time (also in the ’70’s) I was riding a snowmachine down a mountain in a snowstorm, in pretty much white-out conditions. Depth perception was almost nill, because everywhere we looked was white. My uncle and cousin were following close behind. We were trying to get home, as darkness was falling. All of a sudden my machine INSTANTLY spun 90 degrees to the left, and stopped. Since I was now blocking the way my uncle and cousin also stopped. I stood up to see what had happened, and saw a very deep ravine (perhaps 300′ deep) about 12 feet in front of where my machine had stopped. The dropoff was near vertical…we had stopped just 12′ short of a terrible accident.

I began to shake violently from head to toe… I knew we had almost perished. We three were spaced so close together that I have no doubt all three of us would have died…my uncle and cousin could not have stopped in time, following me so closely. My uncle laughed and laughed when he saw the ravine, and said “hah, hah, hah, haaaaaa… it’s a good thing you saw that!” I said “no, I didn’t see that… I didn’t see anything… I don’t know why my machine stopped…” We searched the ground but could find no reason at all for the machine to spin or stop… no rocks, no brush, no jutting ice… only level snow. I trembled all over for at least another hour… it was such a frightening experience. I now believe an angel stopped my machine literally in it’s tracks. That is OUR God in action! He loves us!

Ok, I am rambling, but I get excited when I remember these things, what God has done. I just wanted you to know the word you gave me was VERY much appreciated! A personal prophecy is like a snapshot or glimpse of a very small portion of God’s mind… that portion which he knows pertaining to each of us…

You are such a very talented lady… blessed of God! Thank you, and God bless you!


“See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.”
Ephesians 5: 15-17

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