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The Sunday TYM.E.S. (Meditations, Encouragement, and Sharpening in Him)

Dear Readers,

Ty Boye
Welcome to Chapter 17, “Prophesy to the Max”, the story of the first two prophetic words I recorded concerning business deals. I received both of these words within the space of a week.

Today’s article is also an interesting study in the dynamics of hearing a word for a virtual stranger versus hearing for oneself or one’s own family. The word for Glenn was received in a long, unruffled prayer session. Later I would understand and sympathize with the barrage of emotions Glenn felt over this sale. But on that day in April, I was a newcomer to his world, distant and objective with regard to the words and their potential impact on him.

By contrast, the word for my husband’s business deal was received in the midst of an anguished drive across town in which I was spending much time shouting,praying, and repenting. We both knew the proper protocol and contractual arrangements had not been followed in setting up this deal. As some might view it, JR and his associate were getting what they deserved for not conducting business in a 21st century business-like manner. It was only when I shut my mouth for a few minutes that I was able to hear the still small voice of the One who always has our best interests in His loving heart. He already had a plan. He gives us what we do not deserve-all the time-by grace through faith, to HIS glory.

Yes, HIS GRACE is greater than all our sin. And by now I knew enough to listen for the Holy Spirit, and follow His plan, however crazy it seemed on the surface. Did it work? Or, better said, did the Lord come through? Most of you probably know the answer to that already, but you may still want to tune in again next week to find out how. Until then,

Praise HIM,
Sister TY

“and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.”
I Kings 19:12

Chapter 17: Prophesy to the Max

Last week’s installment ended as I took a gulp in anticipation of hearing what mysterious favor Glenn needed from me. Hardly to my surprise, Glenn wanted me to seek the Lord on his behalf. As we drove home that evening, he related some serious business dilemmas. I knew nothing about his line of work, and insofar as understanding the scenario might only serve to cloud my hearing, it was better that way. So the question for the Lord was whether or not Glenn and his business partner should sell their company.

No pressure here, he assured me, though for some reason I felt a bit “on the spot.” To be honest, I couldn’t tell if this request was a test or a trap. I had known Glenn barely 24 hours. He had just treated us to dinner. Visions of Micaiah, Ahab’s hapless prophet of gloom and doom, silently taunted me. I heard myself agreeing to pray over the matter after my return to California.

As the conversation took a different turn, I inwardly pondered why he wanted a word from little old me when surely Kent was all over it. But by the spirit I knew this was the real deal. Glenn sincerely wanted a word from the Lord via my email account. My soul continued to mull it over for the rest of the evening. So was this word supposed to be some kind of confirmation, or tie-breaker? In either case, I felt a different sort of responsibility as this was the first time I had ever been asked to pray for a word on a business decision.

Early that next week, I set aside one morning and just prayed and meditated. The word received and finally sent was quite short, but it must have confirmed what Glenn was already “knowing”, because I later heard from Sandy that he had set in motion the sale of his business that same day. In retrospect, the sale worked out well for him. Thanks be to God!

Later that same week, in the midst of the euphoria over the upcoming book project with Sandy, I noticed my husband JR looking quite downtrodden. While I was busy seeking the Lord on a business decision for Glenn, disaster had occurred on our own financial front. JR and an associate ran a British auto restoration shop that catered to collectors and vintage enthusiasts. (JR had been in the MG repair business ever since our first MGA died on the road to our honeymoon.) Back to the story: JR had recently been lavishing attention on a fancy MG, beautifully restoring it to mint condition. The owner was a wealthy client who pampered this car and even called it by name: “MAX”. When Max was nearly done with his full salon makeover, the owner suddenly complained over the terms of his agreement with the shop, and the client (and Max) stormed out angry, refusing to pay the remaining $11,000 owed for parts and labor. Right after tax time, this fiasco hit hard.

I asked JR if he was sure there was no way to resolve the matter. No, he said. The parting words between JR’s associate and Max’s owner had been bitter and final. The shop had trusted this client who had already paid many thousands of $ to baby Max the MG. As was sometimes the case for big-time collectors, the contract for this work had been verbal only, sealed by a handshake. There was no legal recourse. JR was resigned to the loss. His partner was likewise “done” with dealing with this eccentric owner.

In a typical wifely way, I was angry over the injustice. How dare this arrogant fellow walk, or in this case, “drive” on this huge bill? I went out for errands during my lunch hour that Saturday, trying to calm down and pray for a solution. The Holy Spirit said there was something I could do, and later I heard what it was. When I returned home, JR phoned his associate and they both gave me the ok to contact the owner of Max the MG. With a few minutes left before my next music lesson, I typed a letter to this man, at his home email address. I stared at the finished product and smiled. I had heard what to do, and obeyed. Yes, it was an email addressed to a car owned by someone I’d never met. Yes, it seemed crazy…but there was no way I could have devised this letter in under 15 minutes.

A few days later, I wrote to Kent.

Dear Kent,

Praise Him, I have had an interesting prophetic experience this week! You can just read this on a rainy day if you don’t have time right now, but I find what happened really exciting and different!

There is a very wealthy man whose sports car JR has been restoring for some weeks. It’s a beautiful MGA that the owner has given a name, MAX. After the original verbal estimate for the work and parts, and a deal based on a handshake, the relationship suddenly fell apart for a number of reasons. I see some of it as male pride, if there is such a thing.

The man refused to pay fully what he owed JR, and left the shop on Friday owing $11K and leaving JR with the sinking feeling that he had been robbed of roughly 3 weeks’ work.

JR woke up quite depressed over it yesterday. After my morning teaching, I stood in the kitchen and rehashed the problem with JR. Then I said suddenly, “I really would like to write that man a letter!”…I just didn’t know what God would give me to say.

I took off for a drive and mulled it over and began to release very many angry things I felt as I prayed at the same time. Almost got into an accident at one point. Best not to drive angry.

Then I heard: “Write to the car.”

Then the Lord hit me with what to do. (He also quoted a couple of scriptures, which I looked up and which confirmed the message.)I came home and went to the computer and wrote in a matter of 10 minutes or so the following letter, which I sent to the owner of MAX:

Dear Max the MG,

Hi, this is Tyane Boye, wife of JR, you know, JR, that nice little guy who lovingly worked on you for so long. I have heard so much about you in the past few weeks, about how beautiful you are. You were one lucky guy to have one of the best MG mechanics in the country taking care of you!

We’re a “family” business, Max, two guys working in the back of a big garage, with little overhead, no fancy lawyers or fine-print contracts, no corporate office, no HR, and very little PR! JR comes home filthy every day but his wife knows that the smell of musty old cars means at least that work is getting done! And of course, we care about one another and trust each other, and so I know all about you and the good work JR has done fixing you up.

JR came home so sad yesterday. Since you’re a car, I’ll have to explain it. Sometimes in the course of human relations, Max, we fall out of trust and people are treated unfairly. You know and I know the work JR spent on you, and JR was not properly paid for that work. So I have had to ask him not to work on you ever again, because I cannot bear to have him mistreated. You know the parts alone were not cheap, Max.

Please do not take this personally, Max. Because fact is, JR loves what he does and this work he has done for so many years is almost like an art form to him. He would gladly welcome you back, but there are some financial matters which were not handled properly. And that’s something the humans ought to work out, in a perfect world. We humans are not all as beautiful as you, Max. We all of us have our faults, too.

Best wishes to you,
Tyane Boye

Apparently “Max” read the letter to his owner, because in short order I received an email back with this man’s home and cell numbers….He wanted me to call him as soon as possible. Once again I paced the house, praying over what to say, what to do. Was I about to be raked over the coals? What would JR’s business associate think? Or had the Lord given me favor? To be continued.

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Dear Tyane

Thank you so very much for Your E-Mail. As I read Your E-Mail Joy over took Me! I can only Thank You for Your Faithfulness.

2 Weeks ago I felt the Lord saying to Me : Be still , don’t give up ! You will return to SA. And the same words He spoke to You , He spoke to Me. That I will return with a rod AND HE SAID I TRAINED YOU UP TO BRING CORRECTION WITH LOVE AND NOT WITH JUDGEMENT ! I WILL NOT JUST RESTORE BUT I WILL EXTEND YOUR TERRITORY.

As I read Your Prayer WITH GREAT JOY i went on My knees and Prayed for Forgiveness! I gave the whole situation with My Family , Congregation MY LIFE back in to His capable Hands.

I always Preach that FORGIVENESS is the one of many great signs of Love from Our Heavenly Father !!

It drives the devil CRAZY when we use this amazing treasure of Forgiveness !! We don’t have to explain why we did what we did , We don’t have to defend Our wrong actions.


As I told My team 2 weeks ago THAT I WILL RETURN BECAUSE THE LORD SAID SO AND I CHOOSE TO OBEY. I did this by FAITH but also with DOUBTS. Wondering if I had truly heard form Him or was this just my Imagination?

Again THANK YOU !!

Yesterday afternoon My Father surprised Me by announcing that He felt He wants to MOVE WITH ME TO S A!!!

There are so many things I would Love to share with You if You are OK with that?

But For Now Dear Sister, may the Lord Bless You and keep You safely under His Wings.

I Pray that even a greater out pouring of the Holy Spirit with true Prophetic Word and Word of Knowledge will be granted to You. For His Glory and the Kingdom of God… Amen

Your Sister in Christ

“Again He said to me, “Prophesy to these bones, and say to them: ‘O dry bones, hear the word of the Lord!'”
Ezekiel 37:4

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