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An account of the miracles God performed in our midst.

Over the weekend a dear friend of mine, Adrian Carrier, who lived in Grapevine, Texas, now residing in Georgia contacted me by email, which I will share with you. Adrian and nine others I was training under our ministry in the prophetic gifts traveled with me for a while to various cities in Texas. Looking back at the days during the summer in 1992 and the experiences we encountered, I noticed that PMT has come full circle. Being we have recently started the training sessions again, we are now able to offer prophetic training for everyone no matter where they live; thanks to the internet.

My dear friend Adrian and the ministry team were the very first of many who have trained under this ministry. Adrian’s email stirred my memory, taking me back to events that I had long forgotten. Hopefully, you will find these email transmissions of ours helpful, and may they inspire you to be led by the Holy Spirit to join us and begin your own prophetic journey.

Hi Kent,

Hope all is well with you and yours. Quick question (2 part really)

Are you still going to share the second half of your newsletters’ concerning Nacogdoches trip? (One of the most memorable experiences of my life.) and… After reading your book again and again and again (and again)…

Why don’t you share it in your newsletter? (Unless I missed it and you mentioned it earlier)

It’s done a world of good for me and given me much needed balance. I think it “would do the world some good” to know your book is out there. Those are just my thoughts.

Take care, my friend,



THANKS ADRIAN! I was just wondering what I would write about this week. You got it; the Nacogdoches trip was very exciting. FYI we are scheduled to go back to Nacogdoches the 28, 29 & 30 of this month to minister; you guessed it, another training session activating the select of the elect.

Anything you can remember is most helpful. I do recall glimpses of what you wrote. I would love to have all our old friends together again and reminisce about the old times.

Kent Simpson


From Adrian:

Sure man, but you’re gonna have to answer some of my questions about your book sometime, lol. Can’t dodge me forever.

From my eyes, before the event, I walked into the hotel room to share with Marcus Williams only to find him praying for the team before the service and before our team prayer got started. I joined him in prayer. After we all had our team prayer we joined the service at the Senior Center I believe it was or the Civic Center. It wasn’t a church, I know that. We had P&W, a message from the host and then the team took the floor.

I remember it being the scariest and most excited I’ve ever been. (And remember I’ve had to stand in front of 150,000 to perform a few times) Although, this meeting at first was more nerve-wracking than that, why I don’t know.

After you had been delivering prophetic messages on tapes for about an hour or so there was an old guy that came up for a word and had a demon of alcohol or addiction or something bad like that. You had a word to deliver to him and that he shouldn’t drink before church anymore or he will be ill.

When you said those words you almost fainted or got weak in the knees and the man was delivered. I kind of freaked a little because I saw my bro (you) almost hit the floor. Andrea had explained (over and over) that the addiction went from him to you and then departed. She said it had to go somewhere and that you were weak a bit from all of the ministering and it attacked you before leaving. You were fine a bit later and didn’t seem to be phased at all. Unfortunately, I know there must have been others that were spiritually chained to their chairs because of whatever bondage they suffered. But they knew they were in good company and received anyway. I remember a really old lady who got wobbly the closer she got to you in some sort of fear and oppression. I don’t remember the word she received because we all had our hands full, so to speak. But you laid hands on her and she broke into tears. You could just see the freedom in her after that. You had a really, really big smile after ministering to her, one I’ll never forget; as to say, you were satisfied. I remember that you had to explain to me and Marcus what the words that we spoke over others meant as well. A lady I gave a word to, which I completely missed, was that you said she had an abortion and was living in un-forgiveness. And that she in fact was forgiven. I saw it as a vision of fox eating rabbit. Try explaining that lol.

It was the first time I had experienced the “expression of the church” as a unit, smile. Everyone seemed a bit negative before the service, but afterward you could just tell by everyone’s face that they received, especially the old drunk guy, because he looked a heck of a lot more sober afterwards than before he showed up.

To this day out of all the Benny Hinn, and Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis and other big guns, I have yet to see anyone take on what you did in that town. That was real warfare; most people just do not seem to understand or want to get involved in it. The most respectable part was that you were happy to be used, allowing yourself to be attacked for another so they could be set free. I’ll bet you that man died sober because of that night, years later of course.

If anymore comes to light before deadline and print of next newsletter, I will get it to you.

Now, about that book?


Hey Adrian,

Do you remember the lady who came up for prayer? She told us that she only had seven days to pay off the loan on her home or she was going to lose it. After a short prayer, God began telling me what to tell her. He said that when she goes to the bank to sign the deed on the house back to the bank that He (God) would send an angel to destroy the legal documents and she would never have to leave her home.

Well, after a few months, we were back in Nacogdoches ministering again. As I started to open up the meeting, the same woman started walking toward me as I was addressing the crowd. Without hesitation, she reached out and took the microphone out my hand and turned toward the congregation. She proceeded to remind everyone about the prophecy she had received the last time we were in Nacogdoches. Then she said that on the seventh day, the day she was to sign her house back to the bank, that she walked into the banker’s office and he said he had to go get the paperwork and that he would be right back. She waited for a long time and then he came back and sat behind his desk looking very disgusted. Struggling with his words, he explained that she would have to come back later that they would call her when they had the paperwork. Frustrated and stressed, out the lady wanted to know why the papers were not ready for her signature. She had been painfully waiting for this dreadful day long enough and now they were going to make her wait longer; she demanded to know what was going on. Sheepishly, the banker explained that they could not find her file and if they are not able to find the records on her house they cannot take her house back.

Suddenly the congregation stood up with a roaring praise to our God. His word had come to pass just as He had said; the angel must have destroyed the paperwork. Seven years later I was back in Nacogdoches and the lady reported that she still lived in the same house. The best part was she never had to make another payment because the bank never found the file with her records and they never will.

Kent Simpson,



I do remember that. I had trouble believing it myself. What a great report.

Your friend,


Kelly Rutherford

Web Designer and More

Kelly Rutherford

I would like to take this space to introduce our web designer Kelly Rutherford. Kelly has truly impressed us with her God given talents and gifting for taking the raw clay within a blank page and turn into a life force that reaches out and draws in today’s internet surfers.

Soon you will witness for yourself how cutting edge she really is when you re-visit our web sites. We will let you know when the web sites are ready for your viewing. As part of our mission to help you build your ministry we have partnered with Kelly Rutherford making her services available to you as part of the Internet Church Network.

Prophetic Ministers
Internet Pastors
Home Church Leaders

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As a small design studio, Kelly Rutherford Creative pays attention to every detail to keep your message consistent across all channels. Our clients feel that working one-on-one with us helps to un-complicate the complicated so they can focus on selling their services.

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Sandy Landry

Sally Landry
Author & Teacher

Sandy Landry has been a friend of mine for many years. She has helped me more than she will ever know, in ministry and in times of crisis. I cannot recall all the times Sandy has dropped everything to come help when called upon.

As an advisor for PMT and other ministries she remains humble and is not interested in receiving any grandstand promotions. Her heart’s desire is for everyone to experience the truth about our God and His abundant love, for all mankind. She is a wonderful Wordsmith authoring priceless works of exocentric material. With great craft she can take the past and parallel you into the present day biblical methodology proving that Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forevermore.

— Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor

Our Lives Tell a Story

By Sandy Landry,

Our lives tell a story and if we are believers, it is His Story of Redemption and Destiny. There are times when the plot thickens and we watch the main character in peril. Even though we firmly believe he is not going down, or over the cliff, the action is tense and the hero is tested. But that is the part of the story that really gets interesting, the part where the secret avenger comes to our rescue and fights the villain, or where the main character discovers his abilities and tests his courage. The book is not over until the end and the movie is not over until the credits. There are times we must remind ourselves that the action scene we are in at the moment, will not last forever. It is a high point, a place of drama. But there will come other scenes that are times for pondering our victories or our defeats, and thankfulness for peace and rest, and for a lull in the action. No matter where the hero is at this moment, the scene will eventually change, and with the changes, the story twists and turns and the character changes from glory to glory.

Jenny Little

Jenny Little
Prophetic Minister in Training

Jenny Little is one of my newest friends who has joined PMT and is receiving prophetic training in our latest mission.

I am amazed at how God has ignited Jenny into a fire ball, branding new found revelation from my old teachings. I consider Jenny as one sent to bear witness with what God has been revealing to me for the past 20+ years. As to say; through two or more witnesses every word will be established.

I have been used as God’s plow to break the hard ground preparing for Jenny and others to sow the seed of my controversial teachings. She will be one of many preaching and teaching these messages and reaping a great harvest from His Word for the times are ripe.

— Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor

The Call of God

My Personal Testimony of How I found my calling

In the innermost chambers of my heart dwells the question… God, what have you called me to do? For the majority of my life this question was always present, whether I was soaring on the mountain top or in the deepest valley of despair. As I reflect on the chapters of my life thus far what I remember most is being in the valley more than the mountain top. I have few memories of the true joy of living each day without some emotional pain and adversity so ever present. So, consequently I would ask the question… God, why am I here? In hindsight, I know that the adversity was allowed by God, as He was calling me to come up higher in Him, to soar like an eagle above the pain and look solely unto Him for all my needs.

To make a long story short, five years ago God led me to a man via the internet who is a prophet of God. I thought this man was supposed to help and mentor me with my walk in God and direct me in such a way that I would ultimately reach the place where I could recognize what my gifts in the spirit are so that I could do what I am called to do. This person chose not to accept that assignment. When I would ask him questions, his reply was “seek God and find the answer for yourself.” Even though this prophet did not accept that particular assignment, I did, however, learned some very deep truths from him through his writings online and the many of his non-published books, therefore, I am grateful for the time that he did spend with me.

Another prophet by the name of Kent Simpson did choose to accept that assignment from God and help me through this process. He has helped me not only find out what my spiritual gifts are, but is giving me an opportunity to post my articles of testimony on his website. Kent Simpson has a ministry like none I have ever seen. He is exercising his gifts of the prophetic and making himself available to me as if I were part of his own personal family. This is truly a man who walks what he teaches.

His gifts of prophetic knowledge, prayer, wisdom, insight, and counseling have been such an encouragement to me and has helped position me wherein I can hear the Lord for myself… and that is ultimately what God wants for us all.

In 2006 I wrote to Kent requesting a personal prophecy tape. The accuracy of that word was amazing. I knew at that point I was dealing with a real prophet of God. Again in 2012 I wrote for another personal prophecy. That prophecy was also accurate. It was then that I made a decision to seek out Kent’s counseling about issues in my life. In a few short months I have gone from not knowing what direction I needed to go, to knowing what my calling and spiritual gifts are. God told Kent the following about me:

‘You have found your “nitch” with God. One day you will be preaching these messages, and signs and wonders will follow you.”

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to know that God is going to use me in such a way. He knew my heart.

Right now I am feeling led to say this… God is getting ready to do a mighty thing with His people. It is imperative that we all find out what our spiritual gifts and calling is NOW. This process is so precious to God and is at the very forefront of His desire for His church. His perfect will for each of us is to give us every good and wonderful gift that he has laid up for us from the beginning.

This is not an easy process, for you will feel like you are having the chambers of your heart exposed and cut away. You will be shown the very recesses and blackness that lies there. IF it is your desire to dwell in the inner courts with the Lord and sit at His feet, you will have to allow the Holy Spirit to remove anything that separates you from God.

There will be many times of discouragement during this process but the Lord says…
I began the good work in you and I will finish it.
Philippians 1:6

That is the promise I got in my email recently one morning as I cried with discouragement. I was discouraged, because I knew that I have a long way to go. It’s worth it, however, to know that God will reveal Himself to me in ways that I know not of and He is already starting to do just that.

Let me say this… We cannot be used by God in our calling without death; we must die from our love of the things of this world. We must love God more than the world. We must be a separate and holy people. We must allow God to expose and cut away all the filth that lies deep in the recesses of our hearts. Let Him reveal to you everything He wants to remove so that in you He can create a clean and contrite heart. This is what God wants from all of His children.

The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, A broken and contrite heart-These, O God, You will not despise. Psalms 51:17

God is looking for those who are willing to pay the price so that they can enter into the Holy Courts of God and do what He has called them to do. God is saying to you….seek my face so that I can set you on your course in finding Me. Not just knowing about Me, but knowing Me.

For the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.
Romans 11:29

We will all be held accountable for what we did or did not do with our appointed gifts. If we were to find out when it’s all over that we had not done what we are called and created to do would be a very sad day.

We don’t want to sail through this life without ever achieving our calling in God. We want to be able to stand before Him and hear the words…

Well done, good an faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord.
Matthew 25:21

Paul said; THEREFORE, the prisoner of the Lord, I beseech you to have a walk worthy of the CALLING with which you were called, with all lowliness an gentleness, with long suffering, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:1,2

So be it. Amen

Jill Thrift

Jill Thrift

Jill Thrift has been a Prophetic Partner with us since 1994. Recently, she has teamed up with PMT as one of our Prophetic Wordsmiths.

Jill has a very special gifting for writing and her method depicts a new form of Mass Counseling. Through her journaling she shares eloquently her struggles as well has the counseling she has received directly from the Master via the Holy Spirit.

I personally have been blessed by receiving from her writing. I believe you will find a tranquil impartation of healing through her words.

— Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor

Jill’s Journal

Lord, let me hear what to do for my son!

Part 2 of 3 from journal entry of September 20, 1998

So as I’ve prayed, I’ve looked for these two things to grow as evidence of developing intimacy:
(1) Growing in my hearing God, and
(2) an increasing sense of His presence during worship and prayer.

It’s seems a contradiction that while I deeply desire intimacy with the Lord, I struggle with fear of intimacy with Him. I believe this is really the fear of pain in close relationships with people that I have projected onto God. Divorce can do that, and so can childhood experiences with parents or others who had authority over us. I have an irrational fear of rejection, that the Lord will distance Himself from me when I disappoint Him or miss the mark. I also struggle with fear in situations of crisis, that if I can’t hear the Lord, He will not be there for me when I really need Him. John Paul Jackson (a Prophet) said something this summer at Amherst that has stuck with me. I can’t remember his words, but the thought that stayed with me is this: The Lord will not deliver us from our fears, but He will deliver us from ourselves by taking us right into our worst fears.

My worse fear is not material poverty, loosing my home or finances. It’s not the loss of health (which I have already experienced), or the lack of friendship, or loneliness. My worst earthly fear is either loosing a relationship with my son or failing him as a mother because I haven’t heard God on important issues. This year the Lord has allowed me to live face to face with my worse fear.

I have felt willing to do entirely as the Lord would direct me; however, at critical junctures I felt I couldn’t hear Him, nor see how He wanted me to help my son Kyle. For years Kyle has been angry that his father is uninterested. His father and I were divorced when he was three. Now at fifteen it’s time for him to go through the rites of passage to manhood, but he is in the worst crisis of his young life, and has decided to go it on his own. Lord, let me hear what to do!

The Bible says that there is wisdom in the counsel of many. This is true, but it can also be confusing when the issue is grave and the counsel ranges from one extreme to the other. I felt abandoned by God in the midst of my worst fear. I know He has not abandoned me. I’m just saying that I feel that way because I have not been successful in learning to hear His voice. And the counsel of others has been too diverse to act upon. When choices had to be made, I was never sure what to do or say. Sometimes I would change my mind 180 degrees within the same day. A double-minded man is unstable in all His ways. (James 1:8) That was really scary. At times I have felt totally out of control. No hearing of God, and no sense of His presence.

Tyane Boye

Sister Ty Boye

Sister Tyane Boye has inspired many to hunger with an unyielding desire to hear the voice of our Father. She has shown a quality that is rare in these times. With great discipline she has taken the time to document her long prophetic journey.

From her journals she has spurred hearts with great expectations that they too may experience some of the same experiences she has encountered. Over the past few years she has come to the place where I pray all our Prophetic Ministers eventually find themselves. Sister Tyane now produces her own e-Newsletter and receives offerings through the covering of Prophetic Ministries Tabernacle’s Tax-exempted, non-profit corporation. Under my oversight I have witnessed our God using her as His Prophetess/Prophet and have graduated her to the proven title as one who stands in the Office of a Prophet. 1 Corinthians 12:28

— Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor

Comments and Testimonies

For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.      ~ Rev. 19:10b

Prophecy is the testimony that Jesus is not dead but Alive and Speaking to you and I.
Kent Simpson,
Prophetic Pastor


Dear Kent

I feel like crying I am so happy to receive such feedback. What a blessing your are to me. For years I have cried and prayed that God would send me a mentor and teacher, someone I could ask questions to and learn from. Thank you Kent. You have helped me in the right direction. I have been floundering in the desert for soooo long.

Your bff,

Jenny, (Prophetic Minister in Training) North Carolina


Wow! God has spoken! Kent, this has given me the reinforcement to move forward… For awhile now I have actually began to decree just what I heard but then I would start vacillating, doubting, listening to yea hath God said, become double minded & draw back only to find myself in this struggling & wrestling place again! Time to get out of that revolving door!

You have paid a price for the place you stand in with Him..Thank you for taking the time to hear for me.. My family & I have received many prophecies from you which have been words in due season imparting strength for this journey. As I stand in the gap for my family the words give me much to hold onto in fighting this good fight.

I am halfway through ‘The school of prophetic knowledge” DVD’S & so much enjoying learning from you. So many nuggets of wisdom. I plan to go through them at least twice.

Thank you Kent, Lord bless you with pleasant surprises & “sudden” & enjoy a fruitful time of fellowship with your friends.. One of PMT’s Prophetic Ministers in Training
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In HIS Service,
Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor

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