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Sandy Landry, Author/Teacher

One of the biggest struggles in our lives is over the issue of legitimacy. In the society we live, we are made to feel we can buy legitimacy by wearing a certain label on our clothes, driving a certain car, attending a certain school, and so on the list goes. The things we identify with can be substitutes or cover ups for our own feelings about our lack of legitimacy. We often don’t feel chosen, sent, qualified, or accepted. Where does real legitimacy come from-the kind that doesn’t just make us feel like we belong, but makes us so secure that others feel like they belong just from being around us. What did Jesus have that enabled a sinful woman who had no credentials to recommend her to be so comfortable in his presence that she was able to enter a room of Pharisees and completely ignore their loud whispers and repulsion and set about washing Jesus’ feet with her hair? Was it that He knew who He was, what His mission was, and how much His father loved Him? And how do we find that place where we too know who we are, what our own mission is, and how much we are loved? That is our quest.

This woman who came to Him had witnessed something about Jesus that enabled her to risk everything to anoint His feet. She could push past all her own fear of religious men, town gossip, and systems of decorum and polite society, because she knew that He would accept her. She was an outcast in society, but the person who was going to accept her and her gift was so powerful that His acceptance was all she needed. She could lose herself in His acceptance and the rejection of every other person would not penetrate her spirit. That is powerful, and it is real, available to every believer. He welcomes your dash toward His protection and your faith that He is able to encompass you in love that cannot falter. He can give you a sense of belonging that no one can take away. And from that place of acceptance, you can pour out your gift and love.

Sandy Landry,

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