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Heather W. Collins

The first time I ever experienced the manifest presence of the Lord was back in 2004, sometime after the holidays of that year or the beginning of 2005. My birth mother, who had been living with me for a time decided to move out because of some interpersonal issues that had arisen between us. It was really hard for me to understand why she was making some of the decisions that she was making and as she took the last vestiges of her belongings, the apartment felt bare! I went into my room and with a fair amount of despair, I sat on the bed. My Bible was there and I opened it. At that moment, I felt a presence walk into my room. The presence, I would later be able to identify as the Holy Spirit. If I remember correctly, my bedroom door was closed but I knew that instant that the atmosphere changed. I looked down at my Bible to see that I had opened up to John chapter 14 and read through chapter 18. I cannot explain what happened to me better than to say that the scales came off of my eyes at that moment and I was able to understand with a whole new enlightenment, what for years I had been reading. I soaked in the reading with vim and vigor. I had a renewed sense of commitment to the Lord. I began to pursue God and His truth and His ways. Since then, the Lord has worked with me in even more amazing ways, which I will relate another time.

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