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And I Will Send One Who Will Defend You

In the summer of 1989 I was asked to join The Southwest Conference of Apostles and Prophets to be held in Dallas, Texas. I was new to the ministry and felt so honored to be a part of such a distinguished group of senior ministers. I had received a formal invitation in the mail about a month before the conference was to meet and it seemed to take forever for the days to go by.

Finally, the day arrived and I was headed to Dallas, wearing my finest suit and tie for the big event. As I drove happily, I was not really thinking of anything in particular when God said, “Keep your tongue to roof of your mouth and I will send one to defend you.” I had no idea what He was talking about or when this commandment was to be initiated, so I kept driving not giving too much thought to what our Father meant. I wondered if maybe He just did not want me to talk too much at the conference.

The meeting was held at the Double Tree Hotel north of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. After everyone had located their assigned seating, the meeting began. The meeting was composed of about 40 well-known ministers. It did not take too long before I noticed a number of the men looking my direction, as they leaned over appearing to ask the person next to them who I was. I felt no discomfort, for I was still riding high on the fact that I was in the presence of these powerful men of God.

It did not take long before I began to figure it out that this was a business meeting of sorts. A discussion began about what action might be needed to be taken in regards to a certain minister. I, along with a few other men around me began looking around wondering who they were talking about. Then a few clues began to surface as questions were asked about this minister.

I recall one minister from the Boston area stood up in defense of the minister in question. He stated that he knew of a prophet who offered pieces of his t-shirt that he had worn while in prayer to God for an offering. He went on to say that if the churches would put these prophets on their payroll they would not have to do such things in order to keep their ministries alive. Then a prophet from Oklahoma stood up announcing that this prophet that was the center of this controversy was sending out prophesies without the oversight of an apostle. Right behind him stood an apostle who began to demand action against this prophet in question because he was prophesying outside of the church. I and many other ministers still did not know who they were talking about, although the realization that I could be this unknown prophet began to settle in.

The morning session flew by and then we all moved to a large ball room to have lunch and hear a message from John Hagee from San Antonio, Texas. There were about 500 ministers from around the world. Only invited ministers were allowed to attend any of the meetings, and after hearing the message from Dr. Hagee I could understand why, for he railed upon the ministers by name who he considered to be a disgrace to God and the church saying things that were not for the ears of the milk-fed Christians.

After we broke up the lunch meeting and heard the message from Dr. Hagee, we returned back to the meeting room where we started earlier that morning. To my surprise the men on both sides of me had moved their seating to another table. It was strange, but I thought maybe they just wanted to sit by people they knew. However, right before the meeting got started one of the ministers came over to my table with tears in his eyes and gave me a scripture that was intended to comfort me. I thought that was rather odd, because I was feeling just fine and could see no reason to be concerned. As the head minister at the table began to open the meeting up for new business, a man stepped into the room that was not present during the morning meeting. Immediately this man was acknowledged and many stood up in honor of his presence. As he made his way to the table he must have noticed that there were not many chairs available for him to sit.

Seeing me with two empty chairs one on each side of me, he started making his way toward me. As other ministers tried to give him their chair, he would quickly thank them and continue walking my way until he finally was sitting right beside me. After everything settled down the head table started the meeting back up right where they had left off. It did not take long for everyone in the room except the minister who had just sat down next to me to know that I was the prophet whose integrity was being questioned. I found it odd, however, that no one ever addressed me directly. After hearing the lists of allegations that were formed against me, many opinions were openly presented for the ministers to consider.

I have to say that normally I would have stood up and given these men a piece of my mind, but I was under such a wonderful covering of God’s grace I just kept smiling at everyone remembering what He had said to me as I drove to the meeting. “Keep your tongue to the roof of your mouth and I will send one who will defend you.” As the list was read and the meeting opened for more discussion, I noticed that the minister who had sat down next to me stood up. The head table recognized him, and when he opened his mouth it was like a roaring fire was coming out of him. He began to point out that he had been practicing all of my alleged wrongdoings, and doing so without the oversight of an apostle. He responded as though they might have been talking about him. The men at the head table immediately went into spin mode as they began to back down from the allegations, assuring him that they were not accusing him. Then the man still steaming said, “I don’t know who you are talking about here today, but I would advise you not go with what you are planning or you will find yourself coming against me and every prophet that is doing the will of God.” Immediately, the meeting moved on to another topic as the man of God leaned over and shook my hand and left the meeting. I was in awe of what had just happened. The man of God was the late Leonard Fox, who was on the forefront of the Later-Day Rain prophetic movement of the early days. Prophet Leonard Fox ministered alongside of the likes of William Branham, A.A. Allen, Jack Cole Sr. and many others who have gone on to be with our Master. Needless to say, I was never again harassed by any of these ministers.

Leonard Fox

Leonard Fox

Leonard Fox was a rare gift to the Body of Christ, an excellent expository preacher, a man with a vision for missions and church planting, and a prophetic ministry that touched thousands of lives. We will all miss him profoundly! He was my first spiritual father and pastor over my life. Brother Fox was my foundation builder while mentoring me as a young preacher and helping me find my way. I know hundreds of preachers would have the same testimony. We honor him as a true father in the faith and rejoice with heaven in receiving him.

Leonard Fox passed away on April 7, 2012. The Celebration service for Pastor Leonard Fox is at Amistad Cristiana Church, located at 863 N. Mt. View in San Bernardino, California

Comments and Testimonies

For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.      ~ Rev. 19:10b

Prophecy is the testimony that Jesus is not dead but Alive and Speaking to you and I.
Kent Simpson,
Prophetic Pastor


Dear Pastor Kent,

I’m looking forward to this training with great anticipation, great hopes, and great thanks for being able to take part. Several have told me, “He is calling you”, and I have felt the urging of the Holy Spirit but had no idea of how to begin. What a blessing!! I have spoken into others lives, but I know there is much more to learn and understand. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. I pray to be a worthy vessel.

God bless you and all you touch in Jesus name,


Dear Pastor Kent,

Thank you for this encouraging words of the Lord. I have been in a season of decision to inquire from the Lord His intention of sending me here to the Philippines. I run through many conflict/rejection from the church in my fellowship. They perceive that I was acting when the Holy Spirit touches me or when the Holy Spirit whisper in my ears to call out healing for certain physical ailment in the body of Christ. I see them doubting it. I continue to ignore it and ask the Lord to touch them and pray healing over them.

After hearing this words of the Lord received yesterday. I know I will persevere to run the race in serving the Lord even I am being rejected/envied/looked as weird by the member of the church I will walk in love, mercy, grace and continues to pray for God to renewed their mind and visit them in dreams and vision to know Him!

I would love to study under your ministry when the Lord brings me back to California for vacation I would love to order your teaching CD. If only I can get them through digital download through Internet would be great! I believe and appreciate your teaching of the prophetic prayer which I have chance to listen over the Internet which you have send recently.

God bless you, your family and ministry! I am praying for your ministry to prosper for god’s kingdom.

Best regards,
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In HIS Service,
Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor

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