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After a few days re-arranging our calendar, we made contact with Reverend Gary Holcombe and accepted his offer to come to Hawaii for three weeks and three days. Before our departure I had been contacted by my friend Glenn Landry, and he told me about a prison in Argentina where 3,000 prisoners would be forming a 24 hour prayer chain for us while we were ministering on the island of Oahu. I felt very special having that many people praying for us.

As the four of us stood at the curb with a ton of luggage a two door car pulled up. I was wondering how were going to get all our luggage and us in the car, but Reverend Holcombe showed all the faith in the world that it was not a problem, for he had brought some rope. Looking like a pack of Hawaii hillbillies, we headed for our new temporary home.

Each day for the next three weeks we ministered either in a church building, someone’s garage or on television. It did not take very long before we had hundreds of people hungering for a His Word. Reverend Holcombe had asked if I would minister live on his television program called Prayerline Hawaii, and prophesy to people who called in for prayer. It was then that we and the owners of the television station realized that delivering God’s prophetic word was a strong evangelistic gift. Out of curiosity the owners of the station contacted the telephone company to find out how many calls the station had received during the twenty minutes I prophesied to the callers. When they heard the count was 73 calls they were very excited; then the agent for the telephone company said, “Hold on there is more. Another 256 calls were unable to get through because the phone lines were jammed.” The owners opened the doors for me to return to Hawaii another 25 times and have our own television program that expanded into other states: Louisiana, Wisconsin, Colorado, Oklahoma, Indiana, Ohio and Hawaii. Dr. Lester Sumrall was the founder of LeSea Broadcasting, and a few years later he and his crew flew down from South Bend, Indiana to visit with me.

When it was time for Dr. Sumrall leave I drove him back to his private jet. As we sat in the car next to his plane I asked him if it were true that Smith Wigglesworth had laid his hands upon him and imparted the gift of faith into him and prophesied. He confirmed this to be true, and I asked if he would do the same for me, which he did. Then Dr. Sumrall asked me to seek God for him about an urgent matter in which he needed an answer from God…….

(To be continued next week)

I accredit the success of this ministry to the supernatural networking of God’s people and the prayers of the Saints of God. Gary Holcombe was my friend and we had many experiences ministering in Hawaii, Thailand and Television.

Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor

Comments and Testimonies

For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.       Rev. 19:10b

Prophecy is the testimony that Jesus is not dead but Alive and Speaking to you and I.

Kent Simpson
Prophetic Pastor


I like the quote that you have started posting on your newsletter: “A true Prophet of God will not tell you what to do, he will only tell you what to expect.”

That is such a good answer to the objection that I hear from misinformed people. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard otherwise spiritual people make the statement concerning prophetic words, “That a prophetic word will only confirm what you already are feeling the Lord leading you in. But never be directional.”

While I would agree with them that sometimes a word will contain in it a word of confirmation, as they say, but I also would argue that a prophetic word can and should give glimpses into their future of some of things that God has made available to them. Otherwise, why would it even be called a “prophetic” word?

It is wrong of them, I believe, to assume that a prophet is trying to control them somehow when he or she is delivering a prophetic word that points to the future.

Having been on the receiving end of prophetic words myself that opened a window into my destiny, I can attest to the blessedness that such a word can bring. Kent, you were one of the first of many mouthpieces that God did use for many such words in my life early on in my pursuit of the prophetic and spiritual gifts. And I can honestly say that not once in all of those many times did I ever feel anything but thankful, edified, and blessed; with a greater assurance of my place in God; with more clarity and certainty about those circumstances that were present in my life at the time.

(Now as I write this, I am painfully aware that there have been some instances where misuse or abuse of the gift of prophecy has happened in certain places at some points in time by a few would-be prophets. But that is the exception rather than the rule. But we should not throw out the baby with the wash.)

In my opinion, if a prophetic word does not, at least sometimes, have an element of a futuristic destiny awaiting the one or many who are receiving that word, then it should not be considered to be prophetic at all. That it does have futuristic ramifications is inherent in the very meaning of the word “prophetic.” What is prophetic about a word that is limited only to that which is already known, I ask? It would seem to me, that a word that is not prophetic in any way should rather be considered merely, at best, just perhaps “good advice,” or “opinion,” and at worst, a waste of time.

Thank God, though, that a true prophetic word is “proph-it-able” for all. (I Cor. 14)

Anyway, what started out to be merely a commendation to you, my brother, on the use of the aforementioned slogan has turned out to be a somewhat lengthy ranting of my heart. I love the gift of prophecy and the prophetic word, and all those who exercise it in the scriptural way.

I love you brother. Keep up the good work.

Dale West


Thank you for sharing this story.

You are such a blessing to so many. I love that you are all about sharing Father’s heart with His people. Yes, one word from God can change your life in ways you never imagined. Thank you for ministering those razor sharp words of encouragement in so many of those “end of my rope” situations.

May God bless you this day & always.

Liz Hickman

In HIS Service,
Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor

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