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God Has a Word for YOU!

My first prophetic sign from God came to me when I was 9 years old. Grandma Simpson who lived in West Texas had sent for my 2 year old sister and me to come and stay with her for 2 weeks during the hot dry month of June 1961. When time finally came for my parents to come and pick my Sister and I up, my parents would make the required 60 mile trip to get us. It was around 7:00 pm when the telephone rang. My Dad was calling to tell my Grandma they were coming to pick us up.

While Grandma was visiting with my Dad over the phone it began to rain and there was something very strange about the way it made me feel. Then all of a sudden a strong impression came into me and it was urgent message, I needed to talk to Dad. Grandma was still talking and I began begging her to let me talk to my Dad. She kept pushing me away then suddenly hung up the phone.

“Grandmother why did you not let me talk to him?” I asked. She responded, “They will be here in about hour.” With tears in my eyes I said, “No they wont, they’re going to have a wreck.”

Grandma did not take me seriously. She thought I just didn’t want to go home or I might be tired. But I knew that I knew in my knower that the wreck was going to leave me without parents. I began to pace around the house pleading with God not to let them die.

About twenty minutes later my Dad’s four brothers came walking in the house. They had very serious look on their faces and would not look at me. One of my Uncles called the hospital trying to find out where my parents were located. Reaching a receptionist, my Uncle, repeating so we all could hear, said “My Mother was killed and my Dad was in recovery.” From that point on, I searched to learn how I knew this in advance. It was not until years later, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit it was then the great teacher revealed to me that I would know of things to come.

Kent Simpson
However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.
John 16:13

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