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The Works of Jennifer Ryan:

Over the years Governments, as well as Christian leaders, have changed the original text of the Bible in order to forge the people into a society that is more politically correct with the times. In order to understand what is about to happen with our Bible today. You need to see how over the years many have been motivated to relinquish their beliefs in order to become part of the world’s system.

Every few weeks you will be receiving a newsletter from PMT enlightening you to what has happened in the past with our Bible. While you are learning about the history of our Bible and the Churches beliefs pay close attention to how they began to change.

Also, listen closely for the change in the messages you hear today coming from various pulpits. The change will be slow but if you are looking for it, it will be easy to see.

Below is the beginning of various teaching from our staff member and partner, Jennifer Ryan who host a Facebook page where you can keep up with the latest postings. You can go to her Facebook page by clicking the title: Revelation Through History

Before the time of Jesus and the Romans, Greece dominated the known world thanks to Alexander the Great. Alexander was a great military leader, and his strategy was for Greece to dominate the world by conforming it to Greek thinking. He knew that he couldn’t just conquer using the sword – he also had to conquer their language. Because if you can change a people’s language, you’ll change their view of life. In the first century, Jesus came and changed everything the Jews knew about their God. He re-wrote the covenant through His death, giving His people new terms and publicly confirming it through tongues of fire. Holy Spirit sent them out with His strategy to dominate the world during a time of spiritual and natural chaos.

Over 2,000 years have passed since the initiation of our new covenant with God. Many copies of our scriptures have been made, sometimes with impure motives guiding the writers, while sometimes misunderstandings of ancient cultures caused small changes that were probably harmless. Along the way, histories of wars and supernaturalsigns were forgotten and doctrines were formed out of fear or anger. The language was changing whether we meant it to or not.

Psalm 78:5-6 tells us that God “established a testimony in Jacob… which He commanded our fathers, that they should make them known to their children. That the generation to come might know them.” The story of Jesus as The Sacrificial Lamb has been passed down to us intact because God will not allow the price He and His Son paid for us to go unnoticed. But the story of Jesus as the Righteous Judge and Destroyer of His Enemies has been put on a shelf, so to speak. Man didn’t understand all that God did because we assumed the new reign would look a certain way. We made excuses for God because we didn’t see prophecies fulfilled according to our interpretation. We were too blind to see the fulfillments, and in our blindness we created a future God never intended for His people.

In doing that, we have robbed Jesus of His glory! And for a long time now God has overlooked it, but that time is coming to a close. God desires all the honor that Jesus deserves to be given back to Him. The story of the fullness of His power needs to be told and memorized and proven in order to be passed down to our children and future generations. All the prophecies about Jesus coming in His Judgment have been fulfilled in His generation – just like He said they would. It is there for us to see, if we would just invest our time in learning that truth! The language of what Jesus did never changed – we just interpreted it wrong.

Jesus Christ is more than just the price paid for our sins and our way to Heaven. He has defeated our enemies more than we realize, and our not knowing the fullness of it has kept us from moving forward. My mission is to be one who turns the light on for people to realize Jesus did way more than we think He did. I hope to see my generation give back to Jesus what other generations through the centuries have unintentionally OR intentionally robbed Him of.

There is a showdown coming, and we think we know how it will look. Only when we know ALL that Jesus has done for us will we be able to be part of how God is going to shake this world up.

Works of Jennifer Ryan, PMT Staff & Partner

Decree and Declare from the Lord’s Prayer

QUESTION: Why is it God doesn’t punish my brother or sister like He has chastened me? They seem to dodge God ‘s wrath after they have done wrongful things according to His commandments.

ANSWER: The closer you walk with God will determine the faster you will be chastened when stepping out of His will. Know that it is a good thing when you are chasten by our Lord.

“Some men’s sins are clearly evident, preceding them to judgment, but those of some men follow later.”(1 Timothy 5:24 NKJV)

“My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, nor be discouraged when you are rebuked by Him; for whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives.” (Hebrews 12: 5-6 NKJV)

I have received my parcel (Apostolic Decree on CD). Wooh, that’s HUGE. Never heard such personal detail before. The Lord is good ALL the time.

May the Lord keep you and continually use you to unlock the body of believers.

Bro Joel, from Indiana

Pastor Kent,

RE: God’s Revelation Knowledge vs. Human Reasoning

I receive this very good word from the Lord. For some years, there was a strong desire from my husband and I to get out of debt even our mortgage debt. We worked hard to restructure our budget and with God’s leading and direction, we finally was out of debt towards the end of last year. What a huge relief and peace that was! I have a knowing that God will take care of His very own, His remnant. Thank you so much for being our covering in our ministry. Blessings to you and Debbie richly is our prayer.

Chuchi, (PMT Minister in California)

Dear Kent

(RE: After Receiving My Apostolic Decree)

I swear to you an Angel just placed itself somehow between me and another car our cars physically touched and I had an accident but there was absolutely no damage on either one.

Everyone fine, & hugs & otw.

Cindy from St. Louis, Missouri

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