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Righteous Tithes

In the churches affiliated with PMT, all tithes that come in are not spent. Not one dime is incurred for expenses, salaries, anything. The tithes are strictly for investments-to sow, to make money. Why? So, there will be enough there for you when you are in need. There will be enough there for you when it comes to your day of retirement. There will be someone there to take care of you. There are going to be provisions which will multiply.
Malachi 3:10 (NKJV)

“Bring all the tithes into the STOREHOUSE, that there may be food in My house,
And try Me now in this, Says the Lord of hosts, If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.”

Think about this: If you are at your job and you start telling everyone about the new credit card you received from your church, and it has the church’s name on it and you never had to pay any interest what do you think they will say? I can just see it now; looking at the church’s bank card I see a logo on the card that says “theMaster’sCard?” Only the saints within that congregation had the 0% interest on their “theMaster’sCard.” Think about the evangelistic aspects of this. You will be bragging about your 0% interest “theMaster’sCard.” How many people would want a credit card that charges 0% interest “theMaster’sCard?” You are going to pay the money back, of course, because you will be borrowing it from the “STOREHOUSE” (see scripture above Malachi 3:10), but you pay 0% interest, and it NEVER charges you interest or fees.
The Bible makes it clear; we do not place usury upon the people of God. Usury is interest.

One of the things I have learned over the years is that when I listen to history, a lot of times God teaches me things about the past. From the past, we can know patterns for the future.

The Bible makes it clear; we do not place usury upon the people of God. Usury is by definition interest on money borrowed. Interest is for the wicked to pay not for us. Somewhere in history it was reversed. How many mortgages are on church buildings across the land today?

How many preachers are preaching for one reason: because they must obtain the money to meet the budget this week. I went to churches where the budget of $150,000 had to be met every Sunday morning. $150,000! And do you know where that church is today? It’s in bankruptcy. Fifteen million dollar building that has cobwebs growing in the corners. Why? Because the principle was not in wisdom; it was in self-motivation of men and humanistic, worldly way of doing things.

Now, what do you do with all this money that comes in for the church? This is where the elders come in to place. They had to be wise. They had to be hearing God! They had to know what God is going to do with these finances. Now, immediately, I began to seek God. Lord, what are we going to do? I have fifteen years of banking; I know a little bit about the financial markets, but what does God want to do? I cannot rely on the knowledge I have or what education or what experience I have in the financial market place. It is still going to take God. I am NOT going to listen to Warren Buffett for advice when I can hear the Spirit of the Lord. No. He doesn’t know what tomorrow holds. Only one knows what is around the corner of tomorrow!

God will show us what to buy and what to sell. He will prosper the church if we do things according to His will. So, pastors wonder, how will I be supported? That is what offerings are about. It is the offering which we should operate from, not the tithe! The tithes belong to God. The tithes are there for God. And what is God interested in? He wants it for His people. His expenditure for His people is limitless! He gave us His only begotten son, the Lord Jesus Christ. So why would you think He wants this money, the tithes? The tithe is placed in the “STOREHOUSE” for His ministers to take care of God’s people not to take care of the pastor’s Leer jet, mansion and collection of toys. It is not to make the pastor to be fancied or look high and mighty so that everybody will want to be like him. Hey, we are supposed to exalt only ONE, and that is the Godhead; He and only He should the head of the church. Take note, anything with more than one head is a freak!

What does God want to do with the money? In the beginning, He showed me this practicality by the demonstrations of the Jews who came into America around the time of World War II. A lot of them came in World War I because there were persecutions even then. But when they came to America, they had very, very little, like most immigrants coming to America. So, what did these men and women do?

They had little time to make anything for themselves. But they knew this Proverb: A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s, children. And they were going to live by this principle. They were ready to sacrifice themselves for the next generation. Are people following this principle today? I don’t think so.

If you see a huge RV going up and down the road, it might seem humorous, but it could be sad. A lot of them have license plates that say, “We are spending our children’s inheritance,” as if boasting blasphemies against God’s principle. We provide for our children’s children. We must provide for the church of the next generation.

A lot of people are saying there is not going to be another generation. I am here to tell you that is a bold-faced lie from the pits of Hell. It is the major discussion of the new millennium. Everybody has prepared for raptured, but I tell you these teaching is scaring the young people out of the church. That message has destroyed so many people, and it will destroy the whole church if we continue with it. The rapture message is not the gospel message that Jesus purchased with His blood; the gospel message is there is life after death for those who believe He is the long-awaited Messiah.

God is going to preserve His people, as He promised in Genesis. He said that He will never destroy mankind again. That is the promise of the rainbow. People try to water it down by saying that God meant He will not destroy us by a flood, but rather He is going to kill us all with fire. That is not what He said!

He said He will never destroy mankind again. There is a whole different teaching on this subject which we will not get into now. But we have a commission of God to prepare for future generations. The way we have been doing things in the church has made it less and less powerful, less and less critical and fewer and fewer people are interested in being on a ship with holes in it and going down quickly. They want to be part of something that is living, part of something that is gaining, something that has a voice.

If a church has $1,800,000 in the bank, people are going to listen to them. They will pay attention to those people when they come and say we want this in our government. One church in one year can collect $1,800,000 in tithes. What if we did it with all the churches across the United States? If every one of them stored the tithes, how long would it take to have most the finances and who will the world listen to? It would not take very long if every church began holding the tithes and not spending them. How long would it take before the church at large controlled the major portion of the world’s funds?

Now, I am going back to the Jews. What did they do? When they came to America, they had nothing. They had to do something so what they did was this: They found whatever jobs they could do, but with every dime they could get a hold of over and above the essential cost of living they bought life insurance and made their children the beneficiary. They knew this one thing: it was guaranteed that they were going to die. That was a sure thing. And if they had the policy, the children would have something to start out with because they had nothing. Now, what has happened because of that?

Some of the wealthiest people in this nation are Jewish people because the forefathers were wise and lived up the scriptures that said a good man leaves his inheritance to his children’s children. It is a guaranteed practice every one of us is accountable to die at some point in time.

So, what should we do? One investment the church can make with its policy is to insure its people. Why? To make the church the beneficiary. Why do this? So, it can leave something for the next generation of children.

The church is supposed to be one big body, one big family. I am not saying give all your properties. Some Christian TV programs say they will take all your properties, work out your trust and will and deed it all to the church. Well, I am not interested in that. I am interested mainly in taking in some investment that we know will work so that the church can prosper. Think about this: How many people will pass away? Some unfortunately die because of an accident. Some unfortunately die because of a sickness or disease.

The fact of the matter is that we live in a world where those things happen. So, the money goes to the church, is the money spent? No. It is there to take care of the next generation and the present elderly generation’s needs.

We have people all over the place who need finances. We have people who need being able to build a company if they had just a little bit to start out with, they could make it. Where can they get it? They can get it from the STOREHOUSE. It is there, ready and available, to give to suitable causes. There should be accountability to the elders to make sure it is invested properly. We do not want to lose it therefore we need prophetic insight.

People will say, how will we know that you are going to use the tithes like you say that you are not going to spend the tithes? Every year there will be an outside professional audit done on that account. Every penny accounted for, where it went, how it was invested. Everyone receives a statement showing how much they tithed in that year.

Some of the wealthiest people in this nation are Jewish people because the forefathers were wise and lived up the scriptures that said a good man left his inheritance to his children’s children.
We had to come to a place where we must live up to the principles that God is showing us. Now you think about it. You put in over a period of years, ten, fifteen, twenty maybe over a hundred thousand dollars in tithes. You think you are going to just walk out of that church and go to another church over some silly thing that hurt their feelings? I don’t think so. We need to stop running away from issues in our life and learn to face them by changing our selfish ways. If it takes the tithes you have stored up to make you deal with your people problems, then so be it.

It is not that you can come in and say you want our $100,000 worth of tithes and we want to go to the next church. It is not going to happen. We are not going to let you take God’s money and go put it in the “SpendHouse.” It belongs in the STOREHOUSE!
How many churches would love to be able to have a position to do this for their people? Most of them can’t, because they are already locked in debt so tight they cannot wiggle.

Pastors are going to be screaming all over the land because they are going to say, “My God, those people are crazy; they are going to kill us. We can’t give up the tithes. We have got to pay the bank its money back with usury (interest). We have got to pay the salaries. We have got to pay the coffee machines. We have got to pay all these other things. We cannot give up the tithes.” They are not going to do it. They will preach against what we are preaching. But let me tell you something; if you are giving a check over every Sunday knowing that it is going to be spent back into the world, what good does it do?

What if it was stored for you, your family and other families? It is not the case that just because you put in $10,000 last year in tithes that you can take out $10,000 next month. This is not the way it works. The tithes must be used for the investment purposes as well as being a provision for people. It is not to be used frivolously. It needs to be invested back into the body of Christ so that the people of God can prosper. Elders of the church, seasoned business men and women will be at your disposal to give you advice. All the churches within the PMT Network will post all its member’s products and services and encourage their people to use their services and goods.

When we go on TV and start making this known to people, the house of God is going to be full quickly. We are talking about reaching people who can understand what the church is all about, and they are working towards something that will be there to take care of them. This is what everybody wants. They want to be taken care of, but that is not what the church has been doing. The church has been just been taking and this has got to stop. We had to come to a place where we must live up to the principles God is showing us.

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