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Today we will be talking about Apostolic Reform and how in the coming months and maybe years things will begin to change for God’s people.

How important is it for us to know who God really is? What kind of things is He wanting to do with His Church?

Provisions will be plentiful for those who are in His present day will and purpose. I say in this present day we will be moved into a new era that will make the world will stand in awe. Our Lord is saying, “Get right and My Spirit will manifest for all mankind to see. The world will either adore Me or hate Me. Those who blaspheme Me will have no forgiveness offered to them for they are dead to Me.

I have always wanted to be on the cutting edge of a great move of God. Like in the days when the Holy Spirit swept throughout the nations baptizing millions, if not billions of people in the baptism of Jesus. These were the days of Full Gospel Businessmen founded by Demos Shakarian.

Acts 19 teaches us that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is the baptism of Jesus. And the baptism of repentance is the baptism of John the baptism, which is the baptism of water. John, Jesus cousin, baptized those who believed that he was the forerunner of one who was to come, Jesus the Son of the Living God. Join me, let us discover where the Holy Spirit has for us this Sunday.

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