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It is not all together clear to me how this all works. However, what I have seen is that there will soon come a time when out-sourcing of American businesses will open a huge door for networking with Christians in other countries. As America’s economy continues to take a downward turn, we will see other countries begin to excel. Not all countries will have great success, but those that do will become a large source of revenue for this new Christian networking group.

American land and businesses are being sold to foreign interests in astounding numbers. It will not take many more years before we will find the great U.S.A. under new management. This will force many in the U.S. to seek other countries for secondary citizenship. This global economy makes for a global residence. In this we will find the connections we need to start networking and creating this grassroots foundation. The effort is to build global Christian communities that work together for the Church of the New Millennium. Many Christian families will work within the structure that creates jobs for those who cannot find suitable positions in the secular work place. The Apostles of today, like Joseph of old, will become rulers over these global Christian communities. They will have the ability to build this international network of followers. These pioneering Apostles will become the new Shepherds over God’s people, seeing that they work together, stay together, and pray together.

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