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The first question I ever asked when I wrote Prophet Kent Simpson was: “How can I pray for you?” That was where it all began. Then Kent and Debbie asked if I would like to be an Intercessor for the Ministry. That is where this all began. I said “Yes!”

Fast Forward…I have been a Prophetic Elder for PMT for several years. My main area has been one of prayer. When I pray for a Ministry something happens inside of me. I want to bless and not curse. I want to ask God what PMT needs me to do and what is necessary right now. It’s not about me. It’s about the Ministry and the needs of the leadership. I ask God how to pray. It is not always easy. We have to be willing to be corrected and accountable. Anger, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, ingratitude, revenge or blame are not the answer. Humility, love, honor, respect and communication are the answer. We need to look for solutions.

The Bible talks about Gideon. I believe God wants us to rise up and go and do what He wants – the way He wants it done. I’m not sure what is expected when we come to work with PMT. What is our agenda: is it what we can get out of it or what we can give so that more people will be grafted into the vine? John 15 talks about the vine and the branches. We are only tiny branches on that huge vine but we can help to bear fruit as a group/Ministry if we’re willing to be trained and willing to learn and help each other to be better people.

An unteachable spirit is a weapon that the enemy uses against the body of Christ. What would happen if we were willing to learn from those that have gone before us as ‘Pioneers’–who have traveled the dusty roads and come through hard times that want to teach us so that we don’t have to fall in the ditches along the trail too?

What does the word ‘Elder’ mean to people that come to PMT? To me it means submission to Jesus first because He is our head. And then I want to submit to the leadership of PMT. Submission means that I am free to say what I think, discuss what I believe, and say what I would like to see happen in the future of the Ministry. I have not been shut down and I am free to speak at any time. And I do. I contact them when I need to. They are busy and I don’t expect them to contact me continually.

It is important to submit to authority with leaders of any organization. The word Elder might require a great deal of responsibility. However, I see it as another word for servanthood and it has become such a blessing. The first time I saw an article by Prophet Kent Simpson on ‘The Elijah List’, I knew nothing about prophecy, but now I do and it has opened so many doors for me and my family – although that was not what I was expecting.

I was just wanting to know what the prophetic was all about and I learned so much when I signed up for the School of Prophetic Knowledge. That put a hunger in my heart for more. I became a Prophetic Minister, was anointed and given an impartation. I found out what I am called to do for God. I started writing for God’s PenPals and it gave me courage to send out articles that I had been writing.

Since then I have received the confidence to step out, and I have 5 books published (on and another one about prayer that is ready to be published. I am sending out a short devotional 5 days a week ( to a list of friends, (some that I’ve never met). And I’ve sent out prophecies to many people around the world over the last few years. Now it is my privilege to be an Intercessor for Businesses on where I pray for businesses to do well. I ask God to bless the owners of the companies and we have seen great results. New friendships have developed and more possibilities have come my way.

I continue to be an Intercessor for PMT, day or night. I have been given opportunities that I would have missed out on if I hadn’t written that first email to PMT several years ago, asking one simple question: “How can I pray for you?” All through the years, you have been included in those prayers. We would appreciate your prayers for everyone in this Ministry and all that God intends to do in the years ahead.

Judith Oldridge,
Prophetic Elder
Prophetic Ministries Today

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