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Manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are signs from God that He is alive and watching over us. We are to perfect these gifts by using them until we find out the measure of their power. What power does the ministering spirit have that is appointed to you?

To experience the accuracy of any gift, you must first find your calling. When you know your calling and begin following its course, then you can focus on your gift. Most people want to just move in their gift, but do not have a clue what their calling is. If you do not follow your calling, your angel is not obligated to minister for you, hence no manifestation of the gifts.

Your calling may be evangelism, teaching faith, hearing God, feeding the poor, helping orphanages or visiting prisoners. Whatever you are called of God to do, He is faithful to endorse it by signs and wonders following after you. However, if we are not willing to do what God has called us to do then He is not bound to send His Angels to minister for us. Once you have clarity in what your calling is, begin moving out on what you know.

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