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Equipping God’s Generals


If you are searching for solid teaching on the Prophetic I would highly recommend the School of Prophetic Knowledge by Apostle Kent Simpson. When I took the Course, I learned a great deal in a very short time. I ordered the material which was on DVD’s and I would watch them over and over, gaining new insight each time. There was a workbook to write out what the Lord was telling me as I listened. Kent Simpson has a way of teaching without us knowing how much we’re learning! He gives us stories from his own life and that makes all the difference. It is the same way Jesus taught–through stories that people could relate to. That’s how we remember them! And each story can give us several lessons in how to live prophetically.


Now they are on a zip drive and can easily be transported! Allow the Holy Spirit to inspire and encourage you through the large arena of the prophetic. It continually expands in your life as you use it! Many are discovering the blessing it is to the body of Christ. I have learned how to encourage others in a few words as the Holy Spirit directs. It is so exciting to hear back from those that receive a word. It can change the atmosphere where they’re at or build them up, or bring healing to them.


My life has changed so drastically since I came to Prophetic Ministries Today. I knew very little about what the Prophetic could do to build up and help people when they need a word but PMT has changed all that. I have written books and have an email devotional that is sent out to let people know about how good our God is and encourage and strengthen them. It is so rewarding to know that our words have power to change the atmosphere in a room, a city or a nation. That’s the power of the prophetic.


Let me encourage you to take the Course (if you haven’t already signed up for it). Be informed in a very casual way. I went through it in a couple of weeks because I was starving to understand the prophetic! And I continue to learn from the stories of real life situations from Kent Simpson’s life.


God opens more doors as we willingly take steps to grow. I am an Elder with Prophetic Ministries Today and enjoy the fellowship of others that I work with. Apostle Kent Simpson equips and sends us out to do the work of the Lord. We each find the path that God is wanting to take us on–which is as different as each person that takes the Course.


Ask God if this is for you. If you are hungry to learn more about the prophetic this is a great place to come. Watch and see what God wants to do with your life. Our motto is Pray, Hear and Obey. I bless you with eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to understand what God has in mind for your life. His plans are much greater than we ever imagined.


Walking in Joy,
Judith Oldridge PMT Elder
Prophetic Ministries Today

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