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PMT Apostolic Mandate

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The PMT Campus has three ways for you to get involved:
1) PMT Impartation Center:
If you need direction for your life, and the impartation, equipping, and commissioning that comes along with it, PMT’s Campus will be a training center for you to know what Holy Spirit says you are to do. Led by staff gifted to hear God for the steps you should take, you will be trained to hear Him and have a safe place to practice moving in your destiny. Your calling may be in areas like business, education, home-making, signs and wonders, or new things yet discovered! God is the God of them all, and the Impartation Center is the location for you to learn about who you are supposed to be.
Uniting with fellow believers, you will begin your prophetic quest to discover answers through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Learn how to open and close the windows of Heaven with powers abiding in your spirit. Team up with the angelic host of God, who are ascending and descending from His throne, delivering the mysteries and powers only known to a few.
2) Short-term retreat:
If you long for spiritual rejuvenation before continuing the mission God has called you to, this campus is a place of fellowship, networking, impartations, healings, miracles, and more. Attend a weekend conference or stay for a week or two – either way you will leave encouraged and equipped to minister powerfully to the people in the life and location God has called you to full-time.
Offers secure living while you’re activated into a climate of spiritual knowledge, exercising the powers of the true believers under the oversight of the Holy Spirit, who rules His Kingdom within the spiritual realm.
3) Long-term homestead:
Have you ever asked God to lead you to a place where you can invest your entire life for Him? Do you want to live in a community of like-minded people, who desire to live out their days pleasing the Lord together? PMT’s Campus will also be a long-term homestead, where you can invest all that you have – finances, knowledge, energy, time, skills, etc. If you have a desire to serve, to teach, and to come alongside other generations to invest in the future, then consider this community as a long-term location for you and your family.
A place of refuge for those looking to separate themselves from the world and its lawlessness. In PMT’s community, you’ll learn how to access the powerful but little-known areas of your inner being that Jesus promised.
We are building a community of believers! If you desire to live on PMT’s Campus full-time, there are three options to choose from:
Our Texas-sized property will be centered around the Tabernacle, which will be a place we can come together and worship our Lord. You have the opportunity to build your own spacious home, or even a cozy cottage for two. Need an established weekend getaway you can come to for refreshing? A tiny home or even a place for an RV may be what you want. Choose your location, bring your building plans, and plan to stay and create a life alongside other followers of Jesus Christ.
The following prices (below) are monthly partnership pledges and vary by the size of your homestead. (Soon as the land is purchased and a plat layout is approved by the city we will make the map available. Then on a first come, first serve order, you will pick your space by the selected lot number. A certificate of Partnership Occupancy will be issued indicating which lot number is yours to build your Home, Cottage or RV).
(Sample Styles of Housing)

Estate Space (Approx. 50’x80′)
Estate Partners Pledge $575 – per mo.
(Sample Styles of Housing)

Rancher’s Plat (Approx. 40’x80′)
Ranch Partners Pledge $450 – per mo.
(Sample Styles of Housing)

Cottage Lot (Approx. 30’x80′)
Cottage Partners Pledge $325 – per mo.
A new Disclosure Statement will be posted shortly
Where will the PMT Campus be located?
How much will the property taxes be each year for my house or RV?
When will the land be ready to build the Tabernacle and my Home?
Will pets and children be allowed to live on Campus?
What percentage of my Partnership Pledge goes toward the development cost and construction of the Tabernacle and Campus?
Please send your questions to:

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