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Pray Without Ceasing

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You must first have God’s word in you. And I’m not talking about reading the scriptures. He may lead you to the scriptures to tell you what He wants you to do, but I’m saying you need a relationship with Him where you pray without ceasing, as we read in 1 Thessalonians chapter 5.

    Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

How do you pray without ceasing? Do we go to our knees with our heads bowed and hands clasped? No, He’s saying you keep your antenna pointed toward Him and spiritual dial tuned into Him at all times, whether you’re driving, you’re talking or walking; no matter whatever you’re doing. That takes time to learn how to do this. Once you spend a lot of time with Him you’ll find out how. You’ll get to the place where the only times you break down and pray like you use too is when you really need Him bad, like right now. All the other times you know He is with you.
You may be a plumber going through Home Depot and, all of a sudden, you stop and wonder “why am I looking at this piece of equipment? I don’t need that.” And you go on your way. You drive back 30 miles to where you came from, where the job is, and all of a sudden you realize you need that part. You should have picked it up! How many times has that happened to you? It’s the Holy Ghost telling you, Spirit to spirit. Get it! Those are the little things that add up to bigger blessings. Pray without ceasing.
Prayer is a place of being with God. It’s not a thing we do; it’s a thing that happens to us. Pray to ask God what He wants you to do; don’t pray to tell God what to do. Please! He’ll just mess up your life if He does what you say to do because He knows your needs better than you do. He knows our needs even before we ask (ref. Matthew 6:8), so maybe we need to start asking Him what He wants us to do, and how He wants us to do it.
A lot of times we’ll pray, “God, I need something.” Or “God, I need to get healed.” What you need to do is say, “God, how do I get this thing need taken care of?” Then let the revelation come to you. You need to walk under that pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day. Then you’re under His protection at all times. The grace of God is a good thing! But you’ve got to be willing to listen to Him. We’re saved by grace through faith, which is the gift of God (ref. Ephesian 2:8).
In other words, if you want to get saved from a certain situation today, you’d better have faith to hear what God has to say. Romans 10:17 says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
You won’t believe it unless you experience it yourself. The point is not just to tell you about this, not just to give you my stories and testimonies, but to reveal the knowledge so that you may be activated into this new way, God’s way, all the way. So, you receive all that God has for you. I am attempting to fan that spark inside of you that will give you the ability to know of things to come, to be able to look around the corner of tomorrow and be prepared for where you need to be, for what you need to say and what you need to do. It’s important!
I used to be a bank president. A lot of times I’d have customers that would come in that wouldn’t want to go to the teller. They’d want to come to me. One time this fellow had come in and started talking to me; he was one of our loyal customers. I kind of read between the lines of what he was wanting as he slid his checkbook across my desk. He said, “I need about $750. My wife wants to go skiing and we have never done that so we’re going to try it. So, we need to buy some skis and stuff.” Then he just started talking. I knew right then he couldn’t read or write, so I took his checkbook and started filling it out. Without saying a word, I just pushed it back and he made his little mark and sent it back to me. I pulled the check out and called the secretary in so she could go and cash it. We were talking and I said, “Now let me ask you a question. How did you get so much money?”
He said, “Well my dad just told me I was going to be a ditch-digger, so when I got out of school in the third grade I started digging ditches.”
I said, “Yeah, but now you’ve got all this heavy equipment and machinery that costs millions of dollars!”
“Yeah, yeah,” he said. “Well I just got this gut feeling one day that if I’d go out there and start digging these holes down these trenches and laying some line, that could work.” He had built a subdivision. Then that subdivision sold out really quickly, and he went and built another one, and another one, and another one. Then he started contracting for the government.
But we missed something real important there: He said, “I just had that gut feeling.” How many times has the Holy Spirit been called a “gut”? Really! “I just had that unction” or, “Oh, I just kind of knew that if I did it nobody would believe me. But when I stepped out and did it, it worked.” That’s not you; it’s the Holy Spirit.
We’ve got to be careful not to become rodomontade. “Look how big I am! Look how smart I am! Look what I’ve done!” All you did was obey the Holy Spirit and He commanded His angels to go make it all happen. That’s all you need to do to get ahead in this life, is to pray, hear and obey. He did all the forecasting, he did all the preparation. He did everything to make it fall into place just for you. You need His word working every day of your life!

Written by Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet

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