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Angels Watching Our Children

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One beautiful summer day in July, 1976 something happened that started me on a quest to find out how this supernatural event took place. My first born was 3 years old. We had just arrived home from work after my wife and I had picked up our daughter from the home of the lady who watched over her each day. The first thing I would do when I gone home each day would be get out of my suit and tie and put on my work jeans and old shirt. Get into my old pickup truck and ride out to the pasture, work on the fence and check on the cattle. We did not have many neighbors but recently a new family from California moved into a large home across the highway from our little ranch house. They had just finished having a new swimming pool put in behind their house. Wanting to be good neighbors they invited my family to come swim and we did so the previous weekend.

As I was jumping into my jeans I heard our cattle dog barking. Well, he never barked unless someone was coming up the drive to our house. I worked my way over to the bedroom window and looked out but couldn’t see any vehicles; although, Boots was aggressively warning us something was wrong. He would bark looking across the road and then turn barking back at toward the house. That is when I caught a glimpse of top of my little girl’s head running across the highway toward the new neighbor’s home. Scared and feeling rushed I hollered out to my wife, “The baby is running across the road.” Her mother was in the hall restroom, when I screamed out the danger she jumped out into the middle of the hallway, pulled up her jeans and sprinted out the door and up the drive toward the neighbors. Standing outside dressed and waiting for their return. Then I saw her mother walking over the highway fussing as the baby girl was crying. Soon as we were close enough to talk she angerly reported that our daughter was standing at the edge of the swimming pool when she found her. Now, we realized that if she had jumped into the swimming pool without us knowing she would have definitely drowned before being found. Thanks to our dog, Boots, we had been spared a great deal of guilt and despair. I was amazed that the dog knew she was not suppose to go over that way without us; but how did he know to vigorously alarm us?

Years later when my daughter was 13 I really began to understood that God had His angels watching over our children. You know how teenagers can get! She wanted to go on a date. I told her; “Well, I’m not having any boy come pick you up and take you on a date. I’ll take you to the movies I want to meet this guy. Then I’ll pick you up.” I made her promise me she would not get in his car or go with him anywhere else. She had to stay in the movie until I came to get her. She replied; “Oh, I’ll do what you asked Daddy, I’ll do it.”

I go and meet the boy, and I don’t feel too sure about him, but I’m trusting God. Couple of hours later while home watching T.V. God suddenly says, “You know, parents always run late picking their kids up.” I thought about that a minute. I knew it was not enough to hear God; we’ve got to know what He means, and that takes years. He was basically saying “Go pick her up early.”

I get there early. The entire mall is locked up except the exit doors to the movies so I watch everybody come out, and I’m parked at the curb right in front of the doors so I could see everyone coming out but I didn’t see my daughter. All of a sudden, she comes running up to the side of the car. She jumps in the car crying, saying this boy dropped her off on the side of the road. I said, “Wait a minute. You told me you wouldn’t leave here.”

She said, “I know Daddy, but-.” I said, “But nothing. I want his parents to know and I’m going to call them. No boy is going to do that to my daughter.”

As we’re driving home, we passed our house. She said, “We just passed the house.” I said, “I know, we’re going up to the church because we’re going to call his parents.” I was the pastor of the church back then.

She said, “But you can’t do that Daddy. You don’t know his number.”

She was feeling really confident, thinking I was lost and not going to call his parents. She never gave me the number. I go in my little office and pick up the trashcan and put it on the desk. I start digging through it. And she’s getting a little haughty, you know. She’s thinking she’s got me over a barrel. I picked out this piece of paper and turn it around to show it to her.

“Look, is that his number?” She turned white! I mean like chalk. I said, “You have one more chance. You tell me the truth about everything that happened. Everything you’ve done, or I’m calling them.” She broke, confessed to everything.

After we had a heart to heart talk I found out what the problem was. The reason why she got so rebellious, was because her baby sister was close to being delivered and she was afraid she was going to lose her daddy to this new baby. Of course, we know that wasn’t going to happen. I was barely able hold our new born because my oldest daughter was holding her all the time!

My point is that you as a parent need to know what’s going on with your children all the time because you can know! God will tell you. He will let you know what you need to do. We’ve just got to be in tune with His voice. Our mind needs to be focused on His thoughts. There’s a place within each and every one of us who are spirit-filled where we can find the mind of Christ. You can be in both places – in the natural realm and in the spirit realm at same time and still hear Him. Now, there are times you’re going to be almost all in the natural because of things you’re dealing with, but there are times you can move all the way into the spirit realm. There you will see all kinds of things that will help you in the natural.

We’re going into places that will teach you what you were created to do in this life. We can even get to the place where we will understand what is happening in our time right now, and what God is getting ready to do.

But if you feel like you need more of God, and let me assure you that you do, then keep seeking Him. Pull upon Him with your prayers and He will give you what you need to know. You’ll experience Him on a level that you have not ever experienced before. 

Written by Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet

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