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Spirit of God

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The Prophet’s eyes have seen around the corner of tomorrow for each one of you, knowing that when I pass on to glory you will be in charge of picking up where I have left off.
You are the chosen ones of God and bearers of the Vision of the Tabernacle; you will operate under a double portion of His Spirit wherever you go.
Many of you will see deeper into the realm of the spirit than I and receive greater revelation. You will turn the massive rudder that guides the Church into the wind of God’s Spirit, making way for greater things to come.
Our children’s children will experience a life of signs and wonders, and it will be commonplace for generations to come.
You are the prophetical people who will push back the enemies of the Church. At the same time, you will learn from the Holy Spirit how to draw down heaven to earth with a great sound that has never been heard by the ears of mankind. You are the trumpets of God’s voice to all people, prophesying around the world the same message simultaneously. Time after time the trumpets of God will sound in harmony, ushering in the full manifestation of the Holy Spirit for all to see.
Woe unto those who do not believe, who defile this great and holy event. Those who blaspheme the Spirit of God shall not see daylight again, for the tormenters will drag them down into the burning pit. With gnashing teeth and whips of fire, they will be tortured day and night with no end.
Time is at hand to take a stand. Now, cast all your cares over to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and surrender unto His calling. If you will give Him all your life and possessions he will reward you with eternal life in His Kingdom and bless you in this life, meeting all of your needs. As you follow Him and obey His commandments He will take you into a deeper realm of His Spirit showing you things Angels yearn to see.

Written by, Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet

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