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Old Time Religion

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In the Days of the Prophetic

Many times, throughout history, we’ve had to gaze into the past to find out what is ahead of us. Most prophetic people spend most of their days looking ahead of themselves in search of what’s around the corner of Tomorrow. Yet there are times where even prophetic people need to investigate the past to find out what is coming.
In this month’s videos we will be looking at some old-line ministers. I say old-line ministers because they are people who have had to minister to long lines of people. As hundreds of people would line up to receive prayer for healing or receive a word from God they would find themselves inundated for hours on end ministering one after another. In this digital age we have discovered that the prophetic people find it more appropriate being able to minister whenever God calls them to not when they’re demand to.
In the olden days, when ministers were ministering, offerings were taken up and money was actually found in the offering plate. Even today it seems that we have it easier than they did in those days of old but we have a lot more villains to deal with than they did in their time. With Internet hackers and all kinds of problems with people stealing credit cards and attempting to try to receive something for nothing becomes the norm. I’m not complaining about the way things are today for it’s much easier if you know how to minister in the digital world. We no longer have lines of people standing right in front of us ready to be ministered to and we don’t have to go to great exuberance building a tent and bringing people in the way they did back in the old days; they did not even have air conditioning!
I feel very fortunate that I have a loyal group of people who support me in whatever our Lord leads me to during various seasons.
We are now journeying into a new area of ministry. Something from the past being introduced to things of the new. Those of you who don’t known about the old-time ministers, let me tell you- it is an eye opener for me. God has me going back into a spiritual time warp. This is what I’m talking about: God has me going to a Baptist Church, a Southern Baptist Church. The only reason I’m there is because they are hungry for God and want to experience Him in a greater way.
One of PMT’s ministers who lives here in Gainesville has been a part of this church for some time now. Many times, he has come to me talking about this young pastor that is at this Baptist Church. Our PMT graduate would come to me with stories about breaking out in tongues in the middle of the service. He said it was if he had fallen into a trance and couldn’t stop his tongue from wagging as the people were stunned and staring at him when he was done. To his chagrin he was surprised when one of the old timers came up to him and said; “Oh I pray that myself when I run out of words to say.” This was his first clue that these people were okay with the Spirit of God moving in them. Each time this minister prophesied or gave a word of knowledge their response dictated the fact that these people were spirit filled and did not know it; or at least they were wanting to be spirit filled.
This all made me so curious; I had to go check it out.
God kept pushing me to ask this minister if he would approach the pastor and see if he would allow me to come to the congregation. It did not take very long before the pastor came back replying that they were open for me to come and minister at their Baptist Church. So, the following Sunday morning we packed up the whole family and went and found ourselves sitting in a Baptist Church. It was like was if I was thrown back into the past, singing-along from the old hymnal songs, sitting quietly while listening to the sermon, then closing our Bibles and going home. I knew I was in for a real challenge telling these people about how to be baptized in the name of Jesus. You know they already think they are baptized in the name of Jesus. There were probably a few in there who really were but didn’t know it.
Starting the 19th of July, 2018, I’ll be ministering every Thursday night for the next 12 weeks at Grace Friendship Baptist Church. We have an ¼ page announcement running every week in the local newspaper, which you can see in a reduced size in the headline of this article.
I asked God what I am supposed to teach them, & as usual there was a long pause. Then I began to sense His unction, He began to lead me back to the old manual of The School of Prophetic Knowledge and then I knew what I was to teach them. So, this week we start with the first lesson on the School of Prophetic Knowledge with not only a group of Baptist people, good Baptist believing people, but also a lot of new people will show up. Hopefully this church will grow from this experience and maybe we’ll have something to start with that goes even farther, like Angels.
There is nothing more satisfying than to see a bunch of ‘Bapticostal people’ meaning Pentecostal Baptists come into the fullness of Christ Jesus.

Written by, Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet


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