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Don’t Let Their Silence Fool You!

Your Apostolic & Prophetic Mandate
October 14, 2018


Prophetic Proclamation

Our Lord is saying: “Do not let their silence give you the impression they have stopped the fight, for they have not! Stay awake, wide awake for your enemies have hatched a plan that will shock you to the core. Do not say; ‘They cannot go any lower.’ For soon you will be proven wrong, very wrong. Their silence is a trap to make you think you can rest your heads in peace.”

“Watchman on the wall, keep your ears turned toward heaven and your bare feet planted to the ground. For you are about to hear a loud sound shaking the ground where you stand. Lift up your dignitaries by name in My house of worship for they’re in great need of your prayers; says our Lord Host.”
Mandate Scriptures:
Psalm 83:1-5 New King James Version (NKJV)

    “Do not keep silent, O God!
    Do not hold Your peace,
    And do not be still, O God!
    For behold, Your enemies make a [a]tumult;
    And those who hate You have [b]lifted up their head.
    They have taken crafty counsel against Your people,
    And consulted together against Your sheltered ones.
    They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be remembered no more.”
    For they have consulted together with one
    [c]consent; they [d]form a confederacy against You:

    a. Psalm 83:2 uproar
    b. Psalm 83:2 Exalted themselves
    c. Psalm 83:5 Lit. heart
    d. Psalm 83:5 Lit. cut a covenant

This Week’s Holy Mandate

Soon the heavens will open and you’ll hear what our Lord has to share. When chaos breaks out you will have the words to speak. After the sinful sisters are silenced for a short time, Chaos and Calamity will come out screaming with a shocking display of raw unnerving attacks against God, Country and the Believers.

They will do their best to move you deep into your emotions. Do NOT allow yourself to go there or you will fall into your enemy’s hands. Keep you mind clear holding fast to My Word!

Our Lord says:
“Tell yourself not to become unhinged for this storm shall soon pass. Their acts of terror will not last; however, if you fall into their trap they will slam the door cutting off all opportunity for the Big Win this coming midterm.”

“I the Lord your God, give you power and with your obedience unto My Word you can turn your enemy’s efforts into sour grapes. Declare on Earth what has been Declared in Heaven and your enemies will be silenced and their storm will lose its force.”

“In Twenty-Eight (28) days, if we continue to prophesy and declare the Mandates of our Lord, We His People will have victory; says our Lord and Savior.”

“The Reprobate Blasphemer’s schemes are powerless for My People says the Spirit of God, you shall not fight this battle, surrender unto Me; says the Lord of Heaven and Earth. My Angelic Host will do battle as you release My Word.”

“My People trust Me and for this reason they shall have what they ask. I have examined their hearts and I see a mirror of Myself within them. I know they are born of My Spirit for they carry My love.”

Apostolic Decree

Decree and declare in the name of our Father, His Son and Holy Spirit; We deploy all the appointed angels to go into the secret places of those who defile the name and nation of God. Look into the plans of the spoilers of peace. Unveil and make know to those who seek peace that they may be prepared to offset the divisive acts of the depraved.

“Angelic Host of God, go to all of God’s people and reveal to them the needs that are before this nation and the people of God. Do not let a day go by that you have not caused their ears or eyes to see what is before them if they do not prepare to do their small part for the Kingdom of God.

Celestial beings, cast down all the plans of those who desire to disrupt the lives of those who have committed to the cause of this nation. Make detours for their safety of our dignitaries and do not allow the plans of antifa to know their whereabouts.

As the Prophetic Word has been declared in Heaven, so shall it be decreed and declared on Earth, in the Mighty Name of our God; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit; and His name is Christ Jesus our Lord. So be it, Amen!

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