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What Went Wrong?

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This past Sunday we began the arduous journey of gaining understanding. Isn’t that what we understand the Prophetic Quest was all about?

We are learning new things on this journey and to abandon the process now would be equal to denying the Oath we all made Sunday November 4, 2018.

There are so many different views about what prophecy is and its purpose for the Body of Christ. The title alone screams of an injustice that is far too harsh. The problem is more about the lack of understanding of what prophecy is for, and how prophecy is to be used.

Allow me to use a few personal phrases that I have shared over the years to those who are wanting to either operate in the gift of prophecy or walk in the office of a prophet.


It’s not enough to hear God,
you must understand what He means.

This one phrase, in my humble opinion separates the true gifted prophetic people and the wannabe prophets. It takes years to master the interpretation of God’s personally encrypted messages, which are uniquely coded for each individual minister.

To say one word fits only one meaning for everyone is wrong. What God gives you to speak is not as clear as you might think. There is a process of interpretation that is drastically needed in order to craft the true meaning of the prophetic word from God.

In the Bible, even the Disciples of Jesus said; “Speak plainly, for we do not understand You.” It would appear that it would be much easier to understand our Lord if we were hearing Him with our natural ears. How much more difficult is it to understand what He means when He is speaking to us Spirit to spirit? So, if the disciples had problems, how much more challenging is it for us today?


The only difference between a Brand Name Prophet and an Unknown Prophet is one can afford a Marketing Manager, Publicist and access to loads of money.

Branding of a prophet or prophetic minister is key to obtaining a successful platform, giving them power to be heard by multitudes. Once that minister is in the spotlight, they are expected to continue performing on a regular basis, in order to keep their elevated status. Thus, they become more of an entertainer than a true prophet of God. This error leads to many presumptuous words that are like dark clouds, but have no rain.

It is interesting to see how many Doomsday Prophets keep declaring that current events are actually the prophetic signs found in the Book of Revelations; however, their predictions never appear to manifest. These types of prophetic ministers obtain a foothold that grants them special privileges in the Body of Christ, they are 100% incorrect, yet still draw the crowds, sell books, recordings and get richer by the day; go figure!


Prophetic people need a Prophetic Protocol with a Code of Ethics that guides those who are giving prophetic words, as well a balance of Expectations for those who are receiving prophetic words.

I have learned many things over the years about today’s Prophetic Movement. The one major problem I see is that the Body of Christ has turned the Prophetic Movement into an entertainment event.

Many people have no business seeking after a prophetic word unless they know what the true purpose of the word is for. The problems we are experiencing these days do not all come from the prophets or those who prophesy.

The vast majority of people who receive a word expect all kinds of things to happen according to their own private interpretation. There is very little, if any instruction given by the prophetic ministers before giving a prophetic word from God. Here again, the correct interpretation by the prophetic minister before delivering the prophetic word and the recipient having a proper expectation of what that word truly means is paramount for today.

I have much more to write, but little time to do so. These are just a few things I debate over with other prophets. You see, we, the prophetic community, are far from being anywhere close to a unified position.

Therefore, without a proper measuring rod, we cannot find the correct point of center, where all can be measured.


Written by, Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet


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