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Prophetic Ministries · Prayer of Intercession

Show Notes-The Prayer of Intercession

‘The place for learning to hear the voice of G3D’

Lesson #1 of Series #23 “Pray, Hear & Obey

The Prayer of Intercession is the act of standing in the Gap between G3D and another who is in need to know G3D’s Will or who may not know how to pray or hear for themselves.

What is the Difference between prayer and The Prayer of Intercession? G3D is always moved when you put others’ needs before your own. To intercede for another is an act of giving on the highest of levels of prayer. When you are locked into The Prayer of Intercession, you find yourself drifting in and out of the realm of the Spirit, seeing people and places you’ve never seen before. As you pray in your heavenly language be sure to ask G3D to make your mind fruitful of the things you do not understand. Then He will reveal to you what you do not understand. He wants you to see and know in the natural what you have seen and heard in the spirit. (checkout; First Corinthians 14:9, 13 & 15)

Pray, Hear & Obey is a new series of prophetic teaching that will stretch your faith and implode your spirit. There are various ways the Bible teaches us how to pray and they are a must for every Christian to know. In lesson #1, Prayer of Intercession we’ll expand your spiritual knowledge and birth in you the ability to hear G3D’s voice. Lesson #2, Make Your Petition Known is totally a different manner of prayer. Better known as the breakthrough prayer. Lesson #3 Prayer of Supplication, the act of prayer casting your troubles over to G3D praying until you know, that you know, in your knower He has heard you.

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