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Prophetic Prayer-
Understanding the Lord’s Prayer

While it is typically used as a standard format to teach young Christians how to pray, the Lord’s Prayer has deep prophetic implications. Too often mechanically rehearsed, this basic prayer teaches us how to ensure He hears us, but more importantly, how to prepare to hear our Father’s Voice.

Abba, Father, Jehovah, Hallowed by Your Name.
Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done. On Earth, as it is in Heaven.
Give us today our Daily Bread.
Forgive us of our debts as we forgive all our debtors.
And bring us not into trials but deliver us from temptation.

Though scholars still debate the colloquial interpretation that Abba means something similar to “Papa” or “Daddy”, this wasn’t the first time that Christ implies that only those who have an cherished and close relationship with Him would truly know G3D (ref. John 1:18). At the same time, the opening stanza, which started with a gentle intimacy, is juxtaposed by an open declaration that His Name should be respected, honored, and revered. At first glance it seems contradictory, yet it perfectly matches the expectations of a healthy relationship that one would have with their earthly father, one of familial love while also displaying admiration. Christ’s relationship with His Father is a prophetic precursor to the one we now are able to have with Him.

While several of the next stanzas are requests concerning our own needs and affairs, Christ teaches us that our focus should first be on His Kingdom and His Will. By addressing G3D with the adoration and admiration that He deserves, we can recognize that by concentrating on pursuing things that advance His Kingdom first, He is faithful to provide for all our anxieties which are inconsequential by comparison.

It is here that we discover our purpose.

We are to be stewards of the time, talents, and treasures that he has entrusted to us to accomplish the Sacred Directives that He has for His People. By first seeking to understand His Will, we can direct our lives to match His Resolutions. Thanks to the aid of modern day prophets, we can receive truly personalized direction in our lives to know what it is that G3D wants us to do regarding our careers, finances, and personal lives. But we must be willing to live our lives with His Will as our ultimate focus.

And if we are faithful, He will provide.

Though we tend to think of our daily bread in regards to our nutritional and financial needs at first glance, we often forget to be grateful for the ways He continually blesses us. When our finances and fridges are well stocked, it is not simply by our effort, knowledge, and hard work, but by His Grace. Those who are currently experiencing the effects that CVD-19 has had on our economy and the supply chain have a better understanding that we can do everything right according to the financial experts and still have struggles providing for our physiological needs. Outside of financial assistance, He also gives us the necessary resources to impact those around us in a way that is glorifying to Him. Whether it is additional patience, understanding, kindness or any other gifts from Heaven we pray for in our times of need.

But even with His overwhelming assistance, we will fail.

The majority of Old Testament Prophecy related to how Israel would be punished for their turning away from G3D or predicting the Final Sacrifice that would pay for all the sins of Mankind. While Christ has payed the Ultimate Cost, we must be aware that we have traded our lives for Eternal Salvation in an uneven exchange. Just as He continually forgave Israel, and permanently forgive His Followers, we must forgive the petty debts and trespasses others have leveled against us.

Despite being Forgiven, it does not mean life is without consequences.

Many of the issues in our lives are the result of our poor choices, but sometimes to accomplish His Will we will be placed in uncomfortable or even crushing circumstances that will test our Trust and Faith in Him. This is an opportunity for the gifts of prophecy and discernment to help you distinguish between trials that are meant to help you grow and develop your spiritual gifts and penalties stemming from walking outside of the pathway that you know He desires for you.

If we want Him to hear our prayers, we must first draw close to Him, making ourselves spiritually vulnerable and open while also showing admiration for His Greatness beyond comprehension. We need to arrange our thoughts to focus on fulfilling His Will and act accordingly, asking from our generous Father for anything that we might need to accomplish our roles. We will still make mistakes, but by His Unending Love we will be forgiven and should remember the unearned grace that has been extended towards us when dealing with other flawed humans. This does not absolve us of the retributions from living outside of His Divine Will, but by hearing His Voice we can recognize the difference between a challenge that will strengthen our connection and glorify Him, and a difficult situation He never wished for us to endure.

The Lord’s Prayer perfectly encapsulates PMT’s constant message that we should Pray, Hear, & Obey. By seeking first the Kingdom of G3D through prayer, listening to His Voice, & implementing His Will we will have our needs taken care of, but more importantly, we will grow closer to the One who created us and who has grand plans He wants to flow for our lives. We will better know our Father above, when kneel in prayer and make ourselves low.

Prepared by, Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet & Eric Sepulveda, PMT Administrator

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