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Prophetic Prayer-Prayer for Understanding

Prophet Kent Simpson often says “It’s not enough to Hear G3D; you gotta know what He means”. Spiritually, whether that is speaking in tongues, or receiving prophecy, knowledge without understanding, doesn’t make any sense.

In Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians, he tells them that they should desire spiritual gifts and should actively use them for the strengthening of the Church. Since each gift contributed a necessary aspect to the Body, they would all be needed for the group to function properly.

But one of the issues that he brings up is the use of spiritual gifts that, when used without their compliment, would only benefit the user, without bringing blessings to the Church.

Paul singles out Speaking in Tongues, since it was originally meant to serve as a sign to those who do not believe. If a group of believers gathered together and an unbelieving outsider saw them all speaking in different languages, none of which the speakers nor those watching understood, the outsiders would think the group to be insane (1 Corinthians 14:22-23).

Paul compounds that “unless I understand the meaning of what someone says to me, we will be like foreigners to each other” (v.11) and that speaking in unknown tongues when no one can translate would be like an instrument like a flute or harp that was not making clear musical notes, muddying the potentially beautiful music (v.7). You could be Praising G3D or thanking Him for His Blessings, but because what is said is not understood, other people in the community cannot be helped (v.16-17).

If you are already blessed with being able to speak in different languages already (especially unknown tongues), Paul instructs that we should pray for the gift of interpretation so that we may understand what is spoken. In this way, your Spirit and Mind (one of the aspects of our Soul) can join in unison and praise G3D fully. By speaking and interpreting tongues, you will pray and sing in the Spirit and Mind and those around you will be able to be blessed and helped since they will understand (v. 13-17).

Paul performs what a modern reader would call a humble brag, when he thanks G3D that he speaks in more tongues than any other within the Church. But he follows up that rather than speaking a thousand words in another language no one is able to translate, it is better that he speaks only five words that he can interpret and understand, since that gives him the opportunity to teach others (v. 18-19).

Because it must be understood by others for their strengthening, encouragement, and comfort, Paul encourages the Church members to actively pray for the gift of Prophecy (v.5) as it is one of the gifts that help the Church grow stronger (v.12). Though of course, prophecy is not limited to positively affecting people’s lives and emotions.

Though Prophecy is a sign for people who believe, if the whole congregation gathered together and all began to prophecy, and outsiders witnessed this, they would be convicted by their sin and judged by the wait of the words that fell on their ears. The secrets that they thought had been hidden in their hearts would be known and they would bow down in wonder and awe and worship G3D, declaring that “Truly G3D is with you” (v22-25).

While Prophecy should be desired as a spiritual gift, since those giving the message will speak with greater understanding, since it should be in a shared language, speaking in other tongues should not be discouraged, especially if those with the gift of interpretation are present. As Paul writes regarding the ideal Church meeting, one speaks in a different language, and another person interprets that language, each supporting the other with their spiritual gifts. But if there is no interpreter, they should still speak secret things in their Spirit to G3D (v.2, 28).

Though this speaking through the Spirit is uplifting to your personal relationship with G3D, it is essentially a half-blessing as you miss out on understanding what your Spirit is crying out and your spiritual community is denied this as well. Because our gifts all work for the purpose of building up an strengthening the Body, it is so important that those who speak in tongues pray that they also have the gift to interpret them or that G3D provides them with a member of the Body to aid with their gift to understand what has been said.

Likewise regarding prophecy, especially scriptural that was meant for a previous generation, it is important that we understand what was said so that we can see how it was fulfilled. Modern prophecy also must be expressed in a way that the receiver can understand and can use G3D’s Message to change their lifestyles, prepare for the future, or be comforted by His Presence.

If you weren’t already aware, PMT has partnered with Charisma Podcasting Network to host our School of Prophetic Knowledge show. Prophet Kent Simpson’s new series teaches listeners to Pray, Hear, & Obey; while Prophetess Savannah & PMT Administrator Eric Sepulveda are laying down the basics of Prophetic Principles, Properties, & Performances.

While the greater gift is not only being able to speak in tongues, but also to interpret what is being said, which is only superseded by prophecy, we hope these new resources are a great blessing to you during this time of great uncertainty & increase your understanding. By not only knowing how to hear G3D, but also being able to comprehend what He is means, we will be able to fulfill His Will on Earth.

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Prepared by, Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet & Eric Sepulveda, PMT Administrator

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