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Prophetic Prayer-The Many Methods G3D Messages Us

Prophetic Ministries · The Many Methods G3D Messages Us

As more and more denominations have become aware of the power of prophecy, there are greater questions about the ways the G3D speaks to His People in the modern era. Mirroring our current moment of national crisis and oppression by foreign governments trying to devastate the nation, G3D sent Israel a Champion and spoke to him in a variety of creative ways.

After years of refusing to follow G3D’s ways, the Israelites were severely oppressed by the neighboring Midianites. Their presence was so crushing that their agrarian economies began to collapse en masse due to the violent outbursts of the Midianite plunderers, which destroyed their fields after stripping them of any valuable produce or domesticated animals. They would descend on the Israelites like a horde of locusts, and violently strip and ravage the Israelites of their food and work, leading to hyper-inflation in their communities.

When the Israelites cried out to G3D, he sent them a prophet who spread this message: “The Lord, the G3D of Israel says: I brought you up out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. I rescued you from the hand of the Egyptians. And I delivered you from the hand of all your oppressors; I drove them out before you and gave you their land. I said to you, ‘I am the Lord your G3D; do not worship the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you live.’ But you have not listened to me”.

G3D sent His Angel to Gideon who was hiding in a wine press, threshing grain to keep it from the occupying Midianite forces. While the angel was lounging under an oak tree, it playfully taunted Gideon, telling him that “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior”.

Gideon, whose name meant mighty warrior, was not acting like a mighty warrior hiding from the plunderers in his nation, and felt that because he came from one of the smallest tribes, was of the weakest clans within Tribe Manasseh, and was the least prominent in his family, that he definitely was no warrior and questioned how the Lord could be with him when G3D had allowed the country to be overrun by such evil and callous people.

Gideon doubted the words of the angel of the Lord and asked for a sign. After Gideon brought out an offering of unleavened bread, meat from a young goat, and its broth in a pot, the Angel of the Lord caused the offering to be instantly consumed by fire.

As the destruction of the country became more intense, the occupying Midianites joined with other foreign nations to more intensely suppress G3D’s People and camped together in the Valley of Jezreel.

Gideon called forces together and built a militia from volunteers of the smallest tribes: Manasseh, Asher, Zebulun, and Naphtali. Before heading to battle against their oppressors, Gideon asked G3D for a sign that He would deliver their enemies into their hands. The first night he asked that dew only collect on a wool fleece and after he wrung out a bowl full of water the next morning from the fleece that lay on dry ground, he asked again for another sign that the fleece would remain dry while the ground would be covered with dew. After receiving his second confirmation, Gideon set about preparing his counter-forces.

To prevent Israel from boasting that they saved themselves for their oppressors, G3D progressively dwindled the volunteer forces. First, those who were afraid of battle, were allowed to leave, with 22,000 men heading home, with a remaining 10,000. This group was reduced further down to 300 based on how they drank water from a stream.

The night before the planned attack, the Lord spoke to Gideon, telling him to go near the Midian camp with his lieutenant Purah, and listen to the chatter amongst the enemy forces. One of the opposing soldiers told his friend a dream that a round loaf of barley bread, which represented the people of Israel, came tumbling into the Midianite camp striking their military headquarters so intensely that it overturned and collapsed. His friend recognized the meaning of the dream, saying that G3D had given the whole camp unto the hands of Gideon.

Gideon took his 300 soldiers and decimated the ranks of the Midianites, forcing the few remaining survivors to flee toward the Jordan River where they were intercepted by area locals who were ready to retaliate against the violent foreigners who had looted their fields and homes.

Israel’s suppression by the Midianites came from years of turning away from G3D’s Voice. When they cried out to Him, He answered in a variety of different ways. First He sent a prophet to deliver His Message, but even Gideon the Judge criticized what G3D’s Prophet said asking where all the miracles and wonders his ancestors had experienced were today. When the Angel of the Lord was sent directly to Gideon, he doubted his message till he saw the sacrificial meal miraculously consumed by fire. Even after all these confirmations, before preparing his militia to counter the raiders, Gideon asked for two back to back signs with the dew and lambs fleece to confirm that G3D was with his forces.

In order to confirm that the right men were going to battle, G3D told Gideon to allow the fearful to go home, and only bring with him those who drank from the stream where they camped a specific way. Just before the battle, G3D once again gave Gideon a sign through the enemy’s dreams to let him know that he would be victorious.

Though G3D sent His Prophet to tell the Israelites how to relieve themselves from their trials and tribulations, they chose not to listen. Regarding Judge Gideon, he sent an angel, who then performed a miraculous sign for him. Gideon asked that Nature bend to G3D’s Will as additional signs. When deciding who to choose, G3D used the men’s own emotions and habits as markers of who should join the battle. Even before the fighting began, G3D used the enemy’s own dreams to confirm the Israelite’s coming victory.

When we question why we are experiencing our current national downturn, we have to wonder why G3D has allowed us to fall into these dire circumstances. One of G3D’s Prophets, Kent Simpson, warned about the Corona virus back in October 2019 and outlined why the country would be affected by the plague. But few listened and now G3D must speak new to us in new ways. We pray that G3D’s People are receptive to any future message He sends, no matter what manner He chooses.


Prepared by, Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet & Eric Sepulveda, PMT Administrator

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