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Obedience Delivers Rewards

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Show Notes-Obedience Delivers Rewards

When you hear the word, obedience does your flesh immediately want to rebel? When your mind (soul) has been renewed to trust the Holy Scriptures then you will see the benefits in obeying His Word.
It is one thing to read the scriptures and do what they say. However, when you begin to experience the advantages, you’ll agree obedience delivers rewards that are out of this world.
We are so used to just taking Scripture and doing what it says. But what if we really dug deeper to find out why we should obey a certain command? It’s good to do the right thing, but what if we discovered the blessings of that command? It’s called an incentive. God enjoys giving us incentives.
Think about the 10 commandments. People can memorize them (some at least), but how often do they look beyond those commandments to see the reward that comes for obeying them?
Apostle Kent Simpson says that God rewards obedience. If we could see the results of obedience, it might be easier to follow what God says.
For example: Jesus was talking to an expert in the law, in Luke 10:27. When he was asked; “what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus replied, ‘LOVE the Lord your God with all you heart, and with all your soul and with all your strength, and with all your mind, and LOVE your neighbor as yourself.’ Then Jesus gave the man the reward that would come to him if he obeyed that command. “Do this and you will live.” (Luke 10:27-28) That meant the man would live eternally! That would be his reward for his obedience!
Maybe we don’t see the rewards of our obedience at first glance, but they will come to us in the long run.
The same LOVE that Jesus was talking about in this verse has the power to change the atmosphere around us today! People can sense when we are sending a message of LOVE, or ANGER or BITTERNESS, etc. Anyone standing near us can feel it. So, can those watching us from a distance. The reward that comes from loving others will be opportunities and open doors that would be closed by a bitter attitude.
Yes, God does reward our obedience. He finds ways to bless us when we LOVE Him, and those around us, and ourselves. Often, we find that God gives us more love for more people, which leads to Him enlarging our territory, or our business etc. Or He sends us surprises along the way, often when we least expect them!
So, when you see a verse that requires obedience, take it to heart, and then look beyond it and watch for God’s rewards. They’ll be coming your way!

‘Obedience is the Key to G3D’s Heart’

Judith Oldridge

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