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Prophetic Prayer-Cost of Disobedience

Prophetic Ministries · Cost Of Disobedience

Modern television and cinema have given us different versions of the prophetic truth that those who are closer to G3D typically have a greater weight thrust upon their shoulders. Despite all the blessings associated with serving Him, there comes a heavy price for disobedience.

When Christ was telling the First Century Christians to be alert and ready for His Return, He compared their personal anticipation to that of a servant waiting for their master’s arrival after a wedding. There is a twist in fate when the master arrived and found the servants who were faithful and ready to attend to him, since he would instead dress himself to serve them, and those servants would be greatly blessed for the eagerness and preparation.

Apostle Peter wondered if the parable was meant specifically for himself and his fellow apostles, or if it applied to everyone who heard the message.

In typical rabbinic manner, Christ responded to Peter’s question with a rhetorical question, asking who the master would put in charge of the other household servants and all the master’s possessions. Of course, positions would be allocated based on whom the master found diligently waiting and working when he returned.

In anticipation of modern eschatological theories, Christ warned of the foolish servants who say in their hearts that the master would be a long time coming and use that as an excuse to be abusive to their fellow servants and enjoy the pursuits of the world such as gorging on food and drink to the point of intoxication. The master’s return would be a mystery and the foolish and abusive servants would miss his arrival and be punished severely for their actions, and assigned a place amongst the unbelievers.

Likewise, servants who knew the master’s will and did not prepare themselves or do their master’s will would be brutally punished. G3D’s Justice would extend to those who did not know, but still did things worthy of punishment, would still be corrected but not nearly to the same intensity of those who knew their master’s will.

While Christ was trying to prepare the First Century Christians for the future besiegement and destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and how to anticipate this history shaking event, these principles still ring true even in today’s modern era.

Christ concluded his parable with a phrase often copied by modern super hero movies: “Much will be required of everyone who has been given much. And even more will be expected of the one who has been entrusted with more” (ref. Luke 12:35-48).

The gifts that we have received from our Father in Heaven, our time, talents, and treasures have been given in unequal measure because those who have been blessed greatly will be responsible for more and more will be expected of them. This is not limited to just our physical and financial gifts, but especially extends to the spiritual gifts that you received once you were baptized by fire by the Holy Spirit.

Those who have been given a single spiritual gift should not envy their Brother in Christ who has multiple, since that brother will be responsible for far more because he has been endowed with more power and position. Likewise, that brother will be held to a much higher standard and have more expected of him due to his overflow of gifts and blessings.

This is especially true regarding prophecy.

Those who have heard G3D’s Voice directly or have received a Word through a Prophet, have received more knowledge of their Master’s Will and the weight of this will crush them if they chose to instead ignore it. Prophet Kent Simpson often says that those who are closer to G3D are the first to be corrected by Him. This is a great blessing since it allows us to quickly modify our actions and paths to better match His Will.

Though the parable was meant to prepare the early Church for the destruction of Jerusalem during Tisha B’Av, it still applies to modern Christians.

If we are faithful and prepare ourselves for service to Him, we will be surprised to find that He will send His Angels to serve us. For our faithfulness, we will be rewarded with greater positions and responsibilities, but those same blessings and gifts must continually be used to fulfill His Will as those who have received much will have much expected of them.

Even moreso those who hear His Voice or received a Prophetic Word, must be diligent in obeying the message G3D has revealed. Those who know His Will and consciously chose to ignore and disobey Him will be punished more harshly than one who is ignorant.

While G3D desires to shower us overwhelmingly with constant and greater blessings, we must remember that these rights and rewards carry new and heavier responsibilities as well. Whether new knowledge, greater gifts, higher positions or power, it must all be used for His Glory and Honor. Doing so will continue a virtuous cycle of even more Grace from Heaven. Failure to do so, will result in a loving Father’s Discipline.


Prepared by, Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet & Eric Sepulveda, PMT Administrator

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