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Prophetic Prayer-On the Solid Rock We Stand

Prophetic Ministries · On The Solic Rock We Stand

The year 2020, has felt, for many, to be one of the most turbulent time periods in their lives and their country. Before Egypt, the most powerful, wealthy, and successful nation in the world, was tormented with plague after plague, Moses was given a firsthand opportunity to see the stability that only G3D could offer.

While the story of the Burning Bush is universally known by nearly all Jews and Christians, there are subtle hints throughout the story pointing to G3D trying to teach Moses to no longer rely on or put faith in physical and material things, but to instead wholly rely on Him.

The first instruction that G3D gave Moses was for him to remove his shoes because the place he was standing was holy ground. While this was done as a way for Moses to begin following G3D’s Guidance, it also slowly peeled away the things in which Moses would have his confidence in. Living in a desert environment, especially one where he guided his flocks through rocky terrain, his shoes would have been one of his most important forms of protection against the elements and dangerous landscape. Moses would have instantly felt even more vulnerable standing in G3D’s Presence barefooted.

When Moses asks what to do if the Israelites do not believe him, G3D instructs Moses to throw his staff on the ground, after which it became a snake, and Moses ran away from it. As a shepherd working in a rugged and mountainous region, his staff would have been one of his most prized and important tools. When Prophet Zechariah is tasked with shepherding the doomed flocks of Israel, his two staves were even maned Favor and Union (Zechariah 11). Moses would have used his staff not only as a source of additional support when climbing through the jagged rocky province, but it would have also helped him with guiding and directing his flocks, as well as served as a weapon against wild animals. Taking something he relied on daily, in so many aspects of his work life, and making him fearful and doubtful of it, would have removed an additional level of support from Moses.

As G3D gave Moses signs to perform for the Israelite elders to prove that he had spoken with the G3D of their forefathers, G3D told Moses to place his hand under his shirt. When Moses pulled his hand back, it had become leprous as snow. The large splotches of discolored and diseased skin would have crushed Moses’ heart as some of the last things he could rely on, had been taken from him in an instant.

Though Moses was eighty years old, he was still strong enough to wander through the desert and mountains maintaining his father’s flocks. Now his health was in jeopardy. Leprosy was a multi-edged disease, which not only wasted away your flesh, but because it was so contagious, infection essentially made you a social outcast forced to live away from the rest of the community. His friends, family, and other social supports would no longer be there and everyone he could have counted on would view his leprous skin with disdain.

G3D did not do these things to be cruel to Moses. G3D allowed Moses to put back his sandals and in fact kept them in good condition for the forty years that the Israelites wandered through the Wilderness (Deuteronomy 29:5). Moses’ staff which he had relied on extensively during his time as a shepherd and which had turned into a snake, became one of his most important tools carrying out G3D’s Will and was the conduit for many of the miracles and plagues that Moses performed. Moses’ health never failed him and even though he lived an additional forty years, passing at one hundred and twenty, he never lost his vision nor any of his strength. And though the Israelites rose up against him multiple times, he was never actually abandoned by his tribes and as one of, if not the last person to die in the Wilderness, the young Israelites who were allowed to cross over into the Promised Land wept for thirty days after Moses was buried.

In our current trials and tribulations, G3D will take things away from us briefly to see what we love more, Him or the World. If we chose the shaky unstable foundation of sand that the physical world promises, we will lose everything. If we chose G3D, He will not only return what He asked in a new form, but multiplied greatly.

When Moses stripped off his shoes while standing on holy ground, they returned to his feet so perfectly crafted by G3D’s Hands that they did not wear out after forty years wandering in the Wilderness. When Moses’ career was unexpected changed and the tools he’d relied on for decades were no longer viable, his staff rejoined his hand imbued with even greater power and his years of leading large flocks in the deserts and mountains was used as he was promoted to leading hundreds of thousands of people now. When he feared that his health was failing and that he would be pushed aside by the community, he instead was given an additional forty years of radiant health and was mourned for deeply by the people he had lead for long.

As G3D slowly strips away the things we have relied on for years, decades, or even generations, we need to realize that it is a test to see where we will put our Faith. It may be scary at first, realizing so much of what you had counted on is leaving you, and all you are left of your home is the foundation. But if that underpinning is in G3D, He will rebuild what He took from you far better than what you had before if you abide in Him. As we enter this new stage in G3D’s Plan, we will clearly see where we have actually placed our Faith and how firm a foundation G3D is compared to the World.

Prepared by, Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet & Eric Sepulveda, PMT Administrator

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