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A Prophecy with Teeth

Prophetic Ministries · A Prophecy With Teeth

Prayer to Prophecy I Do Declare:

Many are unaware of the danger that threatens their Nation. “People are like sheep;” they say, as if they are easy to manipulate. What they do not know is The I AM is your Shepard, and you My Sheep hear My voice, and will tell you what to do.
Therefore, continue to Pray as if you are deaf to the sounds rising up from the Earth. In your quite place you will not give thought or care to the things of this World. As you pray, suddenly your prayers will turn into prophesies. As you speak what you hear from afar your Prophetic Words will be loosed on Earth and fulfill what has been bound and proclaimed in Heaven above.
Therefore, Pray, Hear & Obey and your words will be done on Earth as it has been declared from Heaven above.

We declare and decree that we sheep belong to our Shepard, the Lord Jesus Christ and we will not be manipulated by those who threaten our Nation. We hear His voice and He instructs us what to do. We will continue to pray amid the storms that arise in the earth being at peace as our focus stays on the Lord. And G3D will fill our prayers with prophesies to speak on Earth in agreement with what is spoken in Heaven. All these things we declare and decree in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

The Worms Squirm:

These Worms are small but deadly. They are children of the Snake, from which they have come. Worms like the dark places they call it their home. They do what they want, to whomever they so choose.
Worms believe My Sheep are too stupid to know how low they can really go. Blinded by their arrogance they cannot see that you really know what they are up too. So, when you pray give an ear to Me and I will tell you what to say.
Remember, your Prophecy will have TEETH. It’s time to protect what your kind believe. Take back what freedoms they plan to take from you. Each time you Pray, Prophecy and Declare over the Worms, they’ll helplessly try to squirm away; however, what you have done is plowed the ground where they play. Your words are My Words it’s time to unearth their secret place.
Nothing shall be hidden from you, who pray and give an ear My way. If you use what you hear, then I will give you more. The more you use My Prophetic Word, then more shall be given to you until, there is nothing more to say.

We declare and decree those who are working in darkness, trying to manipulate and control behind the scenes, who think no one is wise to their evil schemes, will suddenly be exposed to the light, their evil plans and hidden agendas will be laid bare for all the world to see. The enemies of our nation will not steal our freedoms, they will not gain the upper hand, all their attempts will fail and are rendered powerless and ineffective. This nation will be a nation for G3D and for freedom. All these things we declare and decree in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Have You Noticed that I AM Involved?

You do understand that Trump is My man, whom I have selected. You, who have a measure of spiritual intuitiveness have witnessed Me helping him behind the scenes. Exposing the Evil Doers as they falsely proclaim all he has supposedly done wrong.
Listen to what the Mad Media, Murders, Liars and Thieves continue to report. Telling without any truth crimes he has committed. What they are really doing is confessing their own foul deeds. They say; “Frame him guilty for the crimes we have committed before he blames us for the things we have done.” This is what they report without shame. Can you see now, no matter what they try to do I have continually exposed them. Over and over again with their own words they have condemn themselves.

We declare and decree that G3D has put President Trump in the White House to come against the plans of evil doers trying to come against our nation and steal our freedoms. All the lies being told about President Trump, package as truth, will be exposed for the lies they are, the truth will be revealed, and those telling these lies will be exposed for the evil doers they are and the agendas they are pushing behind the scenes. Every lie and every evil plan, G3D will cause to be exposed and they will be caught by their own words. All these things we declare and decree in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Now’s the Time for You to Chime In:

I’ll will take care of your Leader, but it’s time for you to Chime In, for you are very instrumental in My Prophetic Orchestra. Your voice will move Heaven and Earth to save the Church keeping your freedom from those who thirst for total power over you.
Now, step-up and receive this powerful anointing today, for today is the beginning of the end for those who want to put you in chains. Making you and your children’s, children slaves in their plan for domination over your Nation.
As I anointed the ones who changed the world in 1776. I now pour out from Heaven above a new fragrance of My knowledge that will empower you to speak boldly. Your prayers will turn into Prophesy. You will Prophesy things that are impossible to manifest. However, without doubt in your heart you will know the Prophetic Words that cross your lips will destroy Our enemies within your Nation.

We declare and decree that G3D is anointing us to come against those who seek to steel our freedom. He will teach us His knowledge that will empower us to speak boldly. He will fill our lips with prophetic words that will seem impossible to happen, but with G3D all things are possible and we will trust, not doubting, that the words we have spoken will destroy the enemies in our nation. All these things we declare and decree in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Foreign National & The Commander & Chief:

Pressing toward the 11th month, tensions will grow red hot in the U.S. of A.
After all attempts have been made, unsuccessfully to reverse the People’s Choice the Heathens & Evil Doers, who are many in number, will be told to use their final plan.
They will call out The Dark Shadow, a Foreign National who will hover over his marked man. Donald’s trigger has been called and death has been told.
I will allow their plan to unfold as it has been told; however, I will send a Bright Light to expose The Dark Shadow. At the very moment he pulls the trigger the Bright Light comes out from nowhere and blinds the Foreign National causing his mark to miss its target.
The Train will continue on track as if nothing ever happened. All the way it will travel until back into the House from which it came.
So Be It! Amen

We declare and decree that the enemy’s attempts to prevent President Donald Trump from being voted back into office will fail along with their plans to cause harm to the President of the United States. We declare divine protection over President Trump that no weapon formed against him shall prosper. All attempts to cause President Trump harm, though planned in secret, will be thwarted in G3D’s perfect timing; and President Trump will be back in the White House to serve for a second term as if nothing ever happened. All these things we declare and decree in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

We declare and decree that the truth behind the evil intentions of the corona virus will be exposed to all; and that those in our nation who conspired with others to cause harm to the United States using this virus, will also be exposed, and the truth of their evil intentions will be made known to all. All these things we declare and decree in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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